Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 37

Sometimes, we don’t understand what we want in life? Everything seems like a jigsaw puzzle; difficult to solve and hard to leave behind and move on.

The thing which once gives us happiness becomes the cause of our grief. But what we can say? This is life after all.

It is difficult to answer, what is more painful? Seeing your loved ones in someone’s arms, whom you don’t even know and think of them as your competitors or having them in your arms unconscious looking like almost dead. In both the situations, we are the only one to get hurt.

I never thought I would feel both things simultaneously.

Looking at her serene face with pain stricken on my own, she was looking almost dead. Her breathing was slow, almost like a whisper, make it feel like she was not even breathing.

My stomach churned at the thought of her dying. If this shock was not enough for me then the crimson liquid all over my hand made it crystal clear.

She was in pain and bleeding heavily. I look at her blankly not knowing what to do? It’s like time had stopped around me.

“Ashley?"I called her cupping her face with my right palm while the other one holding her possessively.

“Open your eyes love?” my voice came out muffled as I tried to suppress the sob.

Everything was a blur around me except her.

“What happens to her?”I ask him finally, I was losing myself.
He looks at me blankly, his face void of any emotions. His stiff body shows no sign of acknowledge making me furious.

“Answer me dammit”I shouted breaking his trance.

“She meets with an accident on her way. She refuses to let anybody treat her wound because it will take time and she wasn’t having any as she wants to reach here as soon as possible.”He answered gloomily before fished out his phone and called someone.

I look at her with glossy eyes.

How can someone be so good? How can they care about someone without any hope of gaining something in return?

I do not know about anyone else but this girl, lying unconscious in my arms, have a heart of gold. She is special in her own way. She does things beyond limits, she cares for Mel more than I ever could. She is a blessing in disguise.

Why are you so caring and loving Ash? No one can stop themselves from falling for your charm…

“We need to get her inside. The Doctor will be here any minute.”Derek's voice breaks my chain of thought.

“Why? We need to take her to the hospital, so they could treat her properly.”I said.

“I know Mr Knight, but she won’t like it if she wakes up in the hospital. She will kill me” Derek said agitatedly.

Why Ashley doesn't want to go to the hospital? I felt it odd but I chose to ignore it.

I pick her up in my arms and went inside from the back door as I don’t want my family, especially Mel to startled seeing her in this state.

I gently lie her down and change her clothing as all her dress was covered in blood and it will be difficult for the doctor to treat her wound.

I was busily looking at her ignoring my surrounding. The door open and shut after some time but I didn’t move my gaze from her.

The doctor came in following by Derek and look at her worriedly. he placed his bag on the side table and take out his instrument before starting to check up on her.

She gave her an injection and stitched her wound. His gloved clad white hand was turned into crimson.

After he done with the checkup, he removes his mask and looks at me blankly.

“What happen, doctor?”I ask slowly, my voice came out hoarse due to crying.

“My knight, it just. I don’t know how to say but..”He hesitates but one look from me making him gulp hard.

“But what?”I asked sternly.

“She lost so much of her and the previous injury doesn’t do any better. Her body went into shock due to loss of blood. Her body sent her into a comatose state. I am afraid to say that I don’t know when she will wake up…”His words broke the last hope in me, I collapsed on the floor near her as a tear started to flow down my cheeks.

‘My love is in a coma. No…’

I don’t know what was going around me? What is this Derek guy saying? I just choose to shut out the world at the moment.

I want nothing more than to saw her beautiful ocean blue eyes filled with warmth and love. I need to her smiling and playing a prank with Mel.

She is my solace. I want her to slap me hard, fight with me, shout at me. It doesn’t matter whatever emotions she show me; all I want is her. I want her in my life.

“You can’t leave me, Ashley”I said shaking her.

“You can’t. open your eyes love.”I said helplessly.

“What are you doing? leave me you bastard” I seethed when someone tried to pull her away from my hold.

Two men wearing paramedics jacket grab hold me back as their co-worker took her bleeding self away from me.

I tried to pull back but they won’t let me. I curse under my breath before started to kick them in their guts and weak point before running towards my love.

I push all of them away and hold her in my arms. I was not in my rational state, my primitive instinct was kicking in. everyone was a threat to me.

“Brandon, she is already in pain, don’t make her suffer more”Derek say almost pleading, but I refuse to give in.

“No..” I seethe.

“They will harm her. she is mine. they will take her away from me” I said not willing to giving in.

I was shaking with anger and rage but everything turned black when I felt a poking around my neck. Someone stabbed me with a tranquillizer. I tried to fight it but everything started to rotate. Before I could think, I passed out with a speed of light.

I woke up in my room alone as soon as the effect of sedation ended. My head was pounded due to passing out.

I groaned cupping my forehead painfully to calm my throbbing head. I was still in a daze but the fog of haze leave my mind as the face of Ashley came into my mind.

Every thought left my mind except her.

I started to get panicked after not seeing her in my room. I remember clearly taking her into my room.

I jump out of my bed before running out of the room in search of her. The servants look at me in terror and scooted away when I passed the corridor.

“Where is she?"I ask Maria, one of our made.

She pointed towards the west wing specially restricted for the guest.

I hurriedly went there and bang open the door once I reached there.

The doctor looks at me startled. I walk towards him slowly like a lion approach his prey, in a slow and deadly way.

“How dare you sedate me? Do you know who am I?” I said grabbing the doctor by his collar, who was shaking in fear.

“Mr Knight. I-m s-sorry” He stammered.

“Shut up.“I shouted making him coward back in fear.

Out of rage, I punched the doctor square in face. He fell down cupping his brusied cheek. I look towards the other who were scoting away in horror.

Before I could do any more harm to other a fist collided with my face one after the other until my body gave up.

“Derek”I said warningly.

“don’t Derek me you idiot. Calm down your horses or you will hurt her”Derek scolded me. I nodded my head like a obedient child and went towards her slowly.

I held her soft small hand in my calloused one and brought it to my lips. I kissed her hand before placing them on my cheeks.

'Please God, give her back to me. I won’t mind if she made me sleep on the couch or kick me out of the room. I just want her in my life. I need her, I love her.'


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