Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 4

Ashley P.O.V

“Hey, Good morning” I turn to saw Maria stood there at the kitchen entrance eyeing me.

“Hey, how are you feeling now?” I asked Maria as I saw her approaching me in the kitchen.

“I am quite feeling better since yesterday. Now let me make you some breakfast then we can go for visit their” She said suggestively.

“No way old lady. You are not supposed to leave bed without doctor permission or alone doing any work. You just take rest and I’ll prepare some breakfast for both of us.“I said and start making breakfast.

“No way, dear. I am completely fine. Let me do make breakfast” She said making pout.

“Will you go take rest now or I am gonna leave you here and not take you with me there?” I said sternly with both my hands on my hips.

She gasps. “You can’t do that to me”

“Yes I can, “I said in a challenging tone.

“Okay, “She storms her feet like a little child and sat on the stool making me roll my eyes.

“that’s quite great to watch your little arguments.” a low voice said with a slight chuckle.

I turn and saw Melissa. She is Maria granddaughter. She is sixteen years old but quite mature for her age. She shares the same eyes colour as Maria has with her long blond hair. She is approx. 5′6" with honey colour skin. She lives with her parents in North Dakota but right now she stays with us due to her school vacation.

“Did I miss something?“She grinned and hugged Maria.

“I want to cook but this young lady blackmails me, “Maria said pointing towards me while whining making both of us laugh out loud.

She glared at us.

“Um... let back to work.“I said trying to change the subject.

“Can I help you in making breakfast?” she asked sweetly.

“Yeah sure. you can make omelettes and I’ll make some pancakes then,” I explained to her. She just nodded.

After preparing breakfast we placed them in each of the plates and start digging in our food.

“You cook amazing Ms William. It tastes the same as she used to cook” Maria gasped when she realized what she just said.

“Um... I am sorry Ms William. I don’t mean to say that...I-I”I cut her off by showing my left hand to stop her talking furthermore.

I gave her a small smile and she getting relax. I devour some pancakes in my mouth. And yes it tastes amazing like she used to make for me.

After eating, I placed my dirty dishes in the sink and walk towards my room to get ready for my visit in N.G.O which delayed as I should be there yesterday but due to some events, I visit there today.

After searching through my entire closet I finally found a perfect outfit. I decide to wear a pink chiffon blouse with black skinny pants with light pink heels and accessories. I tossed it into bed & start stripping myself and change into my outfit. After I change into my outfit, I combed my hair and tie up into a messy bun. For my makeup, I used some mascara and nude lipstick. I didn’t bother to use much makeup. I like my natural look more. After taking at last glimpse in the mirror I take my bag, cell phone and my car keys I shuffle them into my bag and walk out of my room. As I descendants the stairs I saw Maria waiting impatiently for me. When she saw me she smiles brightly making me smile as well.

“Ms William the things you order are here.” Jade, one of my housekeeping staff said.

“Place them in my car,” I said dismissively

She nodded and left.

“Shall we go, ma’am??“Maria asked politely.

I just nodded.

Maria goes with Michael and Mia as they both want to join us. I drove my own car not bother to take Jake, my driver, with me.

As I drove past town I saw a candy shop so I parked my car and went to buy some candy and cakes for the children’s. Hey everyone one loves sweets especially children.

After buying plenty of sweets, I came out of the shop and walk towards my car but never reached my car because someone bumped into me making me stumble a bit.

“Hey... watch where are you going?. Can’t you see anything?” I said angrily.

****Brandon P.O.V*****

Oh gosh! This headache can get any worse. I think I need coffee. I thought to myself and drove my car towards Starbucks.

This headache can even get worse more. I never gonna drink again I mentally note to myself. It makes me feel dizzy. After reaching Starbucks I got out of my car only to bump into someone and this someone not gonna be a good one.

“Hey, watch where you are going? Can’t you see anything?” A feminine voice said.

I take a step back only to make eye contact with the owner of the voice. We both stare at each other as no one utters a word.

“Are you deaf” She snapped her fingers making me get back out of my thoughts.

“Woah... Woah. Miss.. calm down. You gonna have a heart attack if you not control your anger” I said with a smirk.

She narrowed her eyes at me.

“You... Don’t you have manners? First, you bump into me and then instead of saying sorry you are arguing with me. What a pathetic self you are...” she said annoyingly.

" Oh calm down women or you gonna explode like a volcano. By the way, do you have some psychological problem???” I asked making her glare at me.

If looks could kill I am gonna ten feet under the cave.

“You...′ she tries to say but trailed of words.

“what happen to you? Cat got your tongue” I said with sarcasm in my voice.

“just shut up and get lost will you” she spat angrily.

“okay. okay, I am going”I placed my hand up in the air in surrender mocking her.

She walked past me not before pushing my shoulder and walk away.

“Typical men. I am gonna kick his ass soon,” she said in a mere whisper but I listen to it.

Feisty I like it.

“Good morning Mr Knight,” my dad secretary said. I just nodded and enter my dad office.

“Hey dad,” I said.

“Hey, son. How have you been???” he asked while hugging me. I hugged him back.

" I am good, dad. How are you and mom?” I asked.

“We are good but missed you so much,” he said with a small smile making me chuckled.

“Dad. I meet you every day, also I am not live to far from you. You anytime came to my place.” I said suggestively.

“I know son. I just want to ask you something” He said subtly.

I just gave him nod to continue his talk.

“I know Brandon you have so many projects to handle but I just want you to handle our new hotel project,” he said hopefully.

“But dad I thought you wanna do that by yourself,” I said with humour.

“yes, I was but now I want you to take this project in your hand. And for the interior, I would like to approach Ms William. We have a meeting day after tomorrow with her. So be prepared ” he said confidently with his choice.

“Okay, dad. Your wish my command.” I said with a genuine smile.

He chuckled and smiled at me.

**Ashley P.O.V**

“Oh God! he is so annoying. Who the hell is he think of his self?”I thought to myself.

Next time if I meet him I am gonna teach him a good lesson which he never forgets his entire life.

Finally, I reached there. I get out of the car and walk towards the building. Before I enter the N.G.O building someone bumped into me making me stumbled backwards. After recovering my balance I glared at the person who dared to do this and scold him.

“Watch where are you going?“I told him sternly.

“s-so-sorry ma’am. I-It will not happen again.“He shuttered.

“What’s the hurry, Jones? Will you enlighten me?” I asked pointed my index finger towards him.

“Ma’am this is about the new girl. She is getting worse every time passed. She locked herself in her room and not even let us inside. I am just if she does something bad with herself.“Jones said worriedly.

I nod in understanding.

“Lead the path, Jones. Show me where is She now.” I said with no emotions.

“Ma’am it’s dangerous for you to go there. She even harmed one of our staff members who try to sneak into the room and...”

"TYLER PATRICK JONES...You forget my rules, don’t you? Don’t make myself repeat.“I shouted at top of my lung making his eyes going wide.

Yeah, my rules. each and every member who works for me knows about it.

Ø Don’t talk back with me.

Ø Don’t defy me

Ø Never interrupt when I am talking.

Ø If they do break the rules so there will be a consequence... no one messes up with me.

“S-Sorry...Ma’am. P-please comes this way” He said apologetically.

We entered the building hurriedly. While we move past there I saw one of my staff members worried faces even children’s are about to cry. After they saw me they gave me small smile. I smile back.

We walked past several rooms in the corridor and came in front of the last one.

“She is in this room."He said lowly. I took a deep breath before open the door and.

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