Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 39

Opening my eyes with so much difficulty, I came face to face with the person I am dreading to meet since for long. the person who loves me crazily. The person who loves me unconditionally.

His eyes were puffy and red due to all crying.

I move my hand forward to run my hand through his hair but winced as the i.V. needle in my hand pulled making me groaned and him to get panicked.

He looks at me alarmed with his eyes wide open like he saw a miracle.

“Ashley..”My name rolled out of his mouth smoothly making me sigh in bliss.

The sedation they put me was doing its work but I fight back to stay awake for some time.

He jumps out of the bed like I have severe disease.

He looks shocked and worried. Running his hands through his messier hair he paces around the room.

“Oh god, I am going mad. I again started to imagine her talking with me. It’s just a dream, I know, once I wake up she is still sleeping on my bed.”He mumbled irritatedly pinching the bridge of his nose.

I laughed at his antics making his ear perk up.

“I am awake Brandon, it's not a dream, ”I said slowly, my voice came out hoarse and it took a lot of my effort to utter those words.

Without delaying he jumped on the bed straddled me around my hips but keeping his weight off of me, he looks deeply into my eyes.

“You awake love?”He asked slowly caressing my face softly.

Closing my eyes in bliss, I just nodded.

I open my eyes and saw him struggling to keep his emotions at bay.

He was already crying before and now fresh tears came out of his eyes as he sniffled softly.

A pang of guilt hurt me seeing him vulnerable.

“Hey, I am fine love, don’t cry.”I cooed him wiping his cheeks gently.

“You made us all worried woman. Do you know that? I can’t lose you. Not now, nor ever. Do you get that?”He whispers yelled. He looks like a broken and vulnerable child who needs assurance from his parents.

“I am sorry,” I said.

“You know how it’s feels seeing your loved ones lying like a dead person. I couldn’t breath thinking you left me any moment. I couldn’t think anything other than you. You are my everything dammit. You are my life, I will die if you leave me. I love too much that its hurt.”He shouted furiously.

I didn’t mind his words because he was frustrated and worried about me.

A smile on to my lip by seeing the love he had for me.

“Here I am confessing my feeling and you are laughing. Impossible.”He seethed seeing me smile. A look of hurt passed his face before he masked with his stoic expression.

He tried to pull back but I grab him by his neck and pulling him in for kiss taking him by surprise.

I kiss him with all the feeling, love and emotions I have for him.

After some time I pull back. His breathing was harsh like mine. Pressing my forehead to his I look straight into his eyes.

“I love you too”I confessed. A smile breaks into his face making him look younger than he was.

“Really?”He asked like a child.

I nodded in response.

He smiles widely before kissing me like there was no tomorrow. This kiss was soft and passionate, which held a promise to love and cherish each other for life. He started to kiss me slowly but it turned urgent after some time.

He pulled back when be both get breathless. He caressed my face lovingly pecking my lips once more before getting out of the bed.

I look at him confused but he just gave me a node before going out of the room.

He came back not more than in a minute with Derek hot on his heels and my doctor.

Derek came running towards me once he saw me wide awake.

Pulling me in for a hug he squeezes me tightly.

I thought I lost you”His voice cracked in the end.

“You are not going to lose me so soon, I still need to kick your ass, remember”I teased playfully making him laugh.

He pulled back and stood beside Brandon.

The doctor came with his bag carry6ing instrument to check up on me.

After doing some test doctor left saying I am completely fine now but I need to rest as my body needs some time to recover.

I thank him to which he just gave me a stiff nod and hurriedly.

'What I did now?’I thought after seeing his panic expression, but I shook this thought away.

Brandon left as he got a call from his company leaving alone with Derek.

“How are you feeling now?”Derek asks sitting beside me with concern.

“I am fine, just peachy”, I said truthfully.

“You know, you made all of us worry special;y your lover boy. He nearly kills the doc. when you were in a comma” I raised my eyebrow in question.

I know he loves me but I don’t know he loves me to this extent that he was ready to kill the poor doctor.

“You know Ashley”Derek voice brought me out of my reverie.

I look alert towards him.

"You should give him a chance. He deserves it.”He stated the fact.

I nodded and replied as a Yes.

“I should get going before your lover boy kick me out of the room for stealing your attention ”he joked before placing a brotherly kiss on my forehead.

Brandon came hurriedly throwing his phone on the couch on his way.

“Do you need anything? Should I bring something for you?”I asked in one go.

“No.. I don't need anything. Just stay, ”I said as I scooted over to give him some space.

Nodded his head he gets inside the bed making sure not to harm me.

His arms snaked around my waist as he holds me possessively close to him.

He looks like he wants to say something but he was holding him back.

Cupping his face I make him look at me. I caressed his cheek with the back of my hand making him close his eyes.

“What happen?” I urged him to say.

He grabs my hand which was resting on his cheek before kissing my palm softly.

“Promise me you won’t leave me. You won’t do anything which leads to harm you?”He asked more like pleading.

His eyes filled with worry as he bore into mine.

“I can’t,”I told him honestly holding his gaze with mine. Even I don’t know what would happen the next moment and I don’t want to make false promises with him.

He looks hurt by hearing my answer.

“why?” this time his voice was firm and harsh.

“Don’t you love me? Do I do something bad to make you angry?”He asked softly but I know better he was controlling his anger.

“I could easily make false promises but I don’t want to. I know even in the future things might happen which leads me to harm myself. But…”I took a pause as I look straight into his mesmerizing eyes full of love and adoration for me.

“but?”He whispers slowly, his breath came out harsh.

“But I promise no matter what, I will come back to you. I love you.”Saying that I kissed his lips sealing it with a promising kiss.

'I will always love you… No matter what happens in the future, I will come back to you”I promise him before we both get into dreamless slumber enjoying each other warmness.

All the time I felt like I was home. I love this feeling, I love him, he is mine. my love, my home...

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