Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 40

A smile spread on my lips seeing the craziest yet caring, infuriating yet charming, possessive yet loving person, who was sleeping peacefully without any care of the world. His arms were wounded around my waist as he holds me tightly while his head was on my chest. The way he nuzzles his face innocently in my chest in his sleep making me take a sharp intake of breath.

I ran my hand slowly in his hair making him sigh softly.

His face was press against my chest. He rubbed his face softly in my sweater innocently as he turned his face to my right.

He looks exhausted almost worn out. Since he refused to sleep when I was passed out saying that he wants his sleeping beauty to saw his prince charming first when she woke up from her slumber.

My eyes brimmed with the unshed tears of happiness seeing him so close to me. I didn’t care what people say or think about me being insensitive and devil, but this men who have a heart of child was my solace and will do anything to keep him safe with me, to be with him.

If I am a devil, he is my angel, my love, my life.

Love is just a feeling, It can happen without your knowledge.

When I was younger, my dad used to tell me that you never know with whom you fall in love with, who swipe you off your feet and trap you in the cage of his love. But whenever it will happen just open your arms and embrace it wholeheartedly without any hesitation, without caring about the world. The person who will love you will not ask you what you are and how much you make, he just knows that you are his solace and he could do anything to keep this smile on your face like the prince charming he will be.

I lay still trying to not disturb his sleep.

I was busily admiring his features that I didn’t bother to look up when someone came inside the room.

The person came in without any permission and stood at the end of the bed. I turned my body slightly to look at the intruder and saw a girl with ginger hair, who was looking at Brandon with a smile. Feeling my gaze she looks towards me and gave me a small smile in return.

I raise my eyebrow in question as I don’t know who was she and what was she doing there?

She just stood there looking like a statue. She was gaping like a fish in the pond as the way she kept open and close her mouth making a laugh bubble inside my throat which I hardly suppress by the fake cough.

"H-hi.."She stutters and closes her eyes in embarrassment.

"hi, but you are?"I asked confusedly.

“We didn't meet before but I am Katherine, Brandon cousin”She answered politely seeing the frown on my face.

"I am sorry for the way I talk you with you over the call. I thought you are some random flings of his. If I knew, I wouldn't have said anything to you like that. Please, forgive me.."She said in a one go closing her eyes.

I look at her face in amazement. she looks like an adorable puppy with the cute pouty face. now, I look closer to her features she looks exactly like him the way her lips pout, and the innocence she held in her, everything seems connected to him.

"I forgive you already kate. I hope you don't mind me calling you Kate?"I asked warmly.

her eyes lit up hearing my words.

"No..."SHe shrieked in excitement and jump on her spot clapping her hands together like a child. I laugh at her antics.

she blushed but replied without any hesitation this time."I mean, you can call me Kate. You are nothing like I imagined you would be. You are gorgeous but your heart is most beautiful than anything. Thanks for coming into my brother life. Don't tell big bro this but I know he is in madly, deeply and crazily in love with you. He could die for you. I never saw him that much happy before. I know its selfish of me to ask you any favour as it's your life and choice but please don't live him. he needs you..."Saying that she went out but not before looking at him with concern.

'i will never leave him, no one can separate us'I mumble to myself and kiss his head before closing my eyes and soon I felt myself getting into a deep slumber.

"Leave me you cavemen" I shouted as this idiot carry me in his arms and took me inside the washroom.

He gently put me down still holding me by my waist close to him.

"How about..? No."He stated nonchalantly.

"What do you mean by no?"I asked annoyingly.

"no means no"He grins seeing the scowl on my face.

"idiot" I mumbled.

Its been a week since Mel birthday. I am living here at Brandon penthouse with him as he refuses to let go of me. he and Mel became too possessive over me that they won't allow me to move an inch or do anything at all.

even yesterday, I went to took a glass of water in the kitchen as I felt thirsty and this idiotic of a person gave a whole lot of lecture saying what if something happens to me? what if I fell down and injured my head or worse bleed myself to death.

'Arg' He is getting on my nerves now...

After finishing my morning routine, I came out of the bathroom and saw him busily talking on his phone.

taking this as my queue I went to the balcony to get some fresh air.

the cool breeze feels soothing for my skin. A smile spread on my lips when the breeze sways my hair here and there like they tickle me making me almost giggle.

the sky was turned orange with a light speck of purple in them. the sun was almost near the horizon.

I was busily admiring the nature when the familiar muscular arms caged me near the railing.

"Why didn't you call me? You shouldn't drain yourself"He complained. his hot breath fanned on my neck making me feel hot inside.

Turning around I placed my hands around his neck and pull him closer to me making hardly left a space.

"What's the point in calling you when I know that you will be there when I need you the most," I said calmly and kiss his cheek making him sigh in relief.

"You will be going to death of me," he said slowly before crashing his lips on mine in a possessive and passionate kiss making everything around us blur. we melted into each other arms like we meant to be. Our tongue mingles with each other in a rhythm as our soul came closer to others.

Nothing could explain the feeling what I was feeling having your loved one close to you in your arms, safe and sound. its feel like heaven, our little heaven...


hey, my lovely readers, I know it been a while since I update it. I hope you don't forget about me and give my book the love you always gave.



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