Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 41


*Ashley P.O.V.**

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I placed my hand over my chest to feel my racing heartbeat. The thumping of my heart could be heard from afar. I took a breath in and out several times. If someone told me to shoot someone with a pistol would be easy for me than wearing this gorgeous dress that hugs my every curve and walking in front of all the people waiting patiently on the opposite side of this closed door.

Once I felt better, the doormen open the door and I walk on the aisle with grace and calmly knowing everyone was watching me. I was feeling dizzy with all the attention I was catching at the moment but keep my calm out.

I look straight ahead and saw the man, my life, I love, at the end of the altar. He looks gorgeous and handsome in his white tuxedo. The way his hair gelled and back up, increased his handsomeness to tenfold.

A smile spread on my lips after seeing him which he returned almost instantly. We were lost into each other without any thought of the world.

Once, I reached the end of the altar I stood opposite to him and gave him a small smile.

“You look beautiful” He mouthed looking at me. I laughed lightly and gave him a sweet yet shy smile.

“you too” I mouthed back. His face flushed at the compliment as a blushed cropped on his cheeks.

I look at Michael who was fidging in his place. He was combing his hair with his hand in nervousness.

He looks dashing in his black tuxedo and looks at the door for his bride to come.

We were in the St. Marry church, where Michael and Mia going to be united for their life. I was so happy for them. They looked cute together and love each other unconditionally. They made a great pair.

He slides his hand in his pocket and fished out his white handkerchief to wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He was sweating profusely while his legs and hands were shaking in anticipation.

Michael looks at me and gave me a small smile.

I smile in return and turned towards my right once the music started to play.

“there comes bride, Mia, looking so beautiful. Her face covered with the veil as she walked towards him along with Derek.

As she doesn’t have any family and Derek volunteered to fill the place happily.

She was looking down, but I could see the happiness radiated from her.

She was happy to be united with her loved ones.

Derek gave her hand to Michael but not before giving him a warning to treat her well or else he will not bother to break his bones.

I laugh hearing his threat. It quite felt comical seeing Michael all pale.

Conjoined there hands, they stood in front of the priest, who started their wedding money.

Everything went so smoothly, vows were exchanged and the kissed the seal their bond.

They were both crying and laughing on the silly jokes Derek crack, ones the ceremony finished.

My eyes were numb seeing to most important people of my life, happy and in love.

I wish they were always happy like this. No bad amen could effect and break there bond. ’Closing my eyes, I prayed to god.

I was sipping my drink sitting alone and enjoying Michael and Mia danced on their reception. Both were laughing and dancing, enjoying each other company.

Mel was running around and playing with the kids here. She looked so beautiful, just like a princess in her baby pink dress with a cute bow on her head. She was enjoying here.

I was enjoying my drink when someone tapped my shoulder and asked me for a dance.

Turning around, I was about to refuse politely when I saw the person was none other than Brandon, who looked at me with a smug look with his hand stretched out for me to take.

Nodded cutely to hin, I slide my hand into his. He pulled me on the dance floor with his hands around my waist, caging and securing me in his arms while my hands around his neck. We were close to each other, too close. We were breathing the same air. I felt hot all of a sudden with this closeness. The way his hand move sensually up and down on my bare back doing wonders to me.

I look into his which was shining brightly with the happiness and the nearness. We were swaying on the slow music enjoying each other embrace. He kissed my forehead lovingly before pulling me close to him, hugging me tightly.

I slide my hand so softly from his stomach to chest making him shudder. His heart was beating crazily like my own, matching each other rhythm in such a way that it’s hard to differ.

Brandon pulled away and bent down to pick up our sweetheart in his embrace. Mel giggles and laugh excitedly with her hands in the air. We three dance together like a cute family. Everyone looking at us with admiration and dreamy eyes.

My heart swelled with pride seeing them happy and close to me. Without my knowing happy tears fall from my eyes down to my cheeks down which I quickly wiped off before this due of father and daughter bugged me with there questions.

Brandon looks at me confused and worried eyes. I shook my head and say I am fine but he didn’t look convenience.

I giggle seeing his confuse expression and remove the line if frown on his forehead slowly…

His eyes meet mine and he ducked down his head to touch his lips with mine for a kiss when our baby spoke.

“Daddy - mommy, let’s eat the cake…”Mel shouted excitedly making him curse profanities about the timing under his breath. I laughed at his anger and irritation and join my friends and family who were waiting patiently to devour the feast with him hot on my tail.

Nicholas P. O. V.

I was looking at the ceiling lost with the glass of scotch in my right hand. I was in my office and thinking about the way to get back to her. To break her.

I was lost in my thought when a message popped up in my phone screen…

I clicked it open and read the content.

I open my mac book in a hassle, breaking the glass in the process. I was numb with the amount of alcohol I had but I felt too numb to think.

I open the mail and the pictures of my dream girl pop up. My pupil dilated with lust looking at her sexy and milky white body. She looks like a seductress in her bodycon backless dress.

My lower body tightened in desire and need. In one of the pictures, she was smiling making my heart go wild.

“She is going to be the death of me. I want her, I want her now. She is driving me crazy.”I said slowly while sliding my hands on the screen feeling her under my skin. I imagined her below me when I pound in her roughly and hard until she couldn’t walk.

I called my right hand and fill him up with the plan I had for her under my sleeves. He gave me an evil smirk before nodding and went.

He came back after two hours with the crying women, who was fighting with him.he pointed gun on her temple and all her struggle stop.

He made her sat on the chair opposite mine. She looked scared looking here and there.

Taking as my queue, I pick up my phone and dial the number of his husband and the master key of my plan.

“Hello?”Answered the person on the call.

. “Hello.how was the surprise? I hope you like it” I teased with a smug look in my face.

“You bastard where is my wife? I will kill you if anything happened to her and my unborn child” He raged over the phone.

I was enjoying the teasing session but I need to cut the crap as I want my baby in my arms soon.

“Tsk. Tsk… don’t like it. How about I send you the left hand of your wife this time with her wedding band, you will surely like it” I said venomously and stood from my seat and walked slowly like a predator towards the girl. She looked pale and fidging in her spot

“You bastard, I will kill you and tore you into pieces if you touch even her hair.” at this point he was breathing harshly.

“try me,” I said and pulled her by her hair harshly. She cried and begged me to leave her.

His husband was shouting on the call. I left her hair and placed the call on the speaker.

“Please, leave her. I am begging you. I will do anything you want. Just leave her alone” He cried like his wife.

'Idiots’I mumble to myself.

“Okay. I will not do anything to her if you something for me in return.”I said in a stern voice. All playfulness was gone only left the craziness and anger.

“what do you want?”He was choking on his words. His voice came out hoarse.

“I want Ashley William. Help me to have her” my voice came out rough but softened as her name came out of my mouth.

“Never, I will kill you before you lay your dirty pawn on her” he barked making my blood boiled.

“Either help me or be prepared for the funeral of your wife and child,” I said and cut the call.

I don’t care, by hook or by crook, I will have her…I will have you, Ashley.

My eyes had the murderous look as I look at the girl. her eyes held disgust and feared, fear for what I might do with her.

I love this feeling, having superiority over all these creatures. they were stupid an emotional fool.

I glared at her when she gave a nastic look when my phone called off. I answered it with a smirk.

"hi, baby. how are you?"Asked my stupid girlfriend in her seductive voice.

“Hi, honey. I am good but I am missing you so much” I said sadly and laugh internally when she replied cutely.

“I miss you too baby, let’s met up,” Kate said almost instantly.

“Sure, baby. Let’s meet up. You can bring your niece too."I suggested and laugh mentally seeing the girl eyes widened at the mention of Mel. she tried to shout but my men were smart and clamped her mouth with duct tape. she tried to fight back but they gave her sedative.

"Aww, you are so sweet, baby. I will bring her for sure. bye see you soon, Love you" She said and hung up happily.

"I love you..... Ashley..."I laugh...

this is going to so much fun now...

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