Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 42

**Ashley POV**

“Do we have to leave her here? can’t we take her with us?“I couldn’t help but ask Brandon.

He smiled at me affectionately before pulling me into his embrace.

“Sweetheart, don’t worry. Mel will be safe here and besides, we will be going to busy with the meetings and she will get bored there eventually.“He said and caressed my cheek with the back of his palm.

I sighed frustratingly but nodded.

We are going to France to have a meeting with the Salvos corporation CEO. He wants my company to design the interior of his new hotel. I didn’t want to go there so as a good boyfriend Brandon is, he choose to tag along with me.

‘How cute? right?’

I don’t want to go there as I don’t have any good feeling about it. I felt like that something is fishy. I don’t know what? Even, I don’t have Michael with me as he was on vacation with his wife.

“Ashley, sweetheart, Don’t be like that. we will back in no time” Brandon said and sighed.

I nodded my head in assurance and get back to finish my packing

we are going tomorrow morning with his jet. Mel was going to stay with his parents and even his sister Ken decided to take her out for a girls day out.

I smiled when Kate told her about her plan and my lil one couldn’t stop her smile.

I zip up the back and placed it beside the bed and sat on the bed before picking up my from the side table.

it’s been days but I didn’t receive any messages from Micahel. I know he was on his honeymoon but he never forgot to message me before or inform me about his whereabouts. I shook this thought away and look at the fine specimen on earth. Brandon was going through some files. He was wearing glasses which increase his Handsomeness to tenfold.

I went towards him and laid on the couch before placing my head in his lap. He smiled and start caressing my head lovingly.

“Are you done with your work?” I asked closing my eyes

“Just give me five minutes than I am all yours,” He said pecking my lips making me smile.

I sat beside him and look at the emails before answering them one by one. I was enjoying the silent ambience when the sound of cute little footsteps echoes in our room.

“Mamma” Before I could sit up straight Mel jump on my lap and hugged me tightly.

“Hey, lil one,” I said as I placed her head on my chest before kissing her cute lil nose making her giggle.

"Mel, miss you Mamma and love you," She said as she nuzzles her face into my chest and pouted looking so cute.

"Aww, Mamma miss and love you too, "I said honestly.

"No one misses me?"Ask Brandon with a raised eyebrow. he looks at us patiently.

Mel and I exchanged the look and shook our head in no.

"How mean, "He said with fake sadness and pouted like a child.

We laughed at his childishness before Mel jumps out of my hold to his lap and kissed his cheeks.

"I love you, Daddy," She said cutely giving him a cheeky smile.

he laughed and started to tickle her making her giggle.

"Stop daddy, Mamma help," She said and ran into my awaited arms. I pick her up and get out of the room with Brandon hot on my heels.

"I am going to catch you" Brandon shouted. I could imagine him smirking but I didn't look back.

"Mamma, faster"Mel encourages me.

I ran towards the stairs. Mel squealed when Brandon was an inch away from us but I duck on time and turn to my right making him bumped into the wall.

He groaned clutching his face and look at us with an evil smirk.

I gave him a sweet and innocent smile before running away.

I didn't get too far when I a pair of arms snaked around my waist pulling me back into a hard chest. I squeaked as he sneaked his hand under my shirt and slowly caress my waist making me shudder.

Mel was gigging and enjoying the game unaware of his father notorious behaviour.

"Leave me"I hissed.

"Nah, I won and as a price.."He moved closer to my left ear before saying"I will have you"He bite my earlobe making me shiver.

thank god Mel didn't notice this. I pushed him away before glaring at him.

"Not in front of Mel, you idiot"I scolding him pointing my index finger.

He smirks and pecks my lips making me shocked. "If you say so, I will continue it when Mel is not around," He said seductively with his hot breath fanning on my neck.

"you wish"I spat and left before he could see my flushed cheeks.

Only he was capable of making me a hot mess, only he could bring the naughty and caring side out of me.

"Take care Little one and don't trouble kate much, "I said to my daughter who looks sad. She nodded sadly and hugged me tightly.

I pick her up in my arms and caress her head lovingly.

"Hey, what happen sweety?"I asked worriedly.

"You will come back, right?"She asked pulling back after sometime.

her eyes brimmed with tears which make my chest hurt.

I wiped off her cheeks before placing a soft kiss on her cottony soft baby cheeks.

"Of course, love. I will come back. Mamma loves Mel right? Then why don't I come back?"I asked.

"I will come back as soon as the meeting finish then we will have our mommy and daughter day out"I cooed her. she smiles hearing this and gave me a peck on my cheeks.

She yawned as she was tired. I made her sleep in my arms. once she fell into deep slumber I gently laid her on the bed before kissing her forehead.

"Kate, take care and do inform me if something happens "I order sternly to which she nodded and gave me a hug before hugging her brother.

After saying our farewell, we get inside the car as the driver drove away straight to the airport.

I already ask Derek to look after them and double his men to make sure everyone gets guarded. I received Michale call in the morning saying he cut his honeymoon short as Mia was not feeling back. I was happy they finally found their happiness in each other. I hope they will get their happy ending without any tragedy.

About me, I was looking forward to spending some time with him. I don't have any good vibes as he was still alive breathing the same air. I don't know which day is last but till then I want to spend my time with my love, Brandon.

***Author POV***

Ashley was far away from the people she loves, unaware of the storm which was coming towards her slowly. She thought that everything was going according to her plan but sometimes the evil use the weakness of yours to get what he wants.

Kate went to meet his boyfriend with Mel on the place he texts her. Once she reached there,she found herself away from the living population. the place was creepy and she was having bad vibes as the passing time. She get out of the car holding Mel hand and went inside the building which look like a old construction side.

her brain told her to move back and ran away from there as fast as she could but her innocent heart wants to believe her love and went in.

She entered the building in fear. everything was dark, no light could be seen.

"Nick?"She called but greeted with silence.

"Aunty, I am scared," Mel said and hugged her tightly.

"don't worry baby, Aunty got you" She said and move back.

her back hit a hard chest as she stumbles back in her steps.

"WELL WELL, where do you think you are going?"A creepy and unfamiliar voice called near her ear.

she shouted scared and turned around to look at the honour of the voice.

A bald men came out of the dark and look straight in front of her towering over her with a devilish smirk. he may be around in his early thirties with a snake tattoo on his neck.

"What do you want, "She asked shutter. She was cursing herself for coming to hear.

"Well, I would love to tell you but sweetheart there is someone who wants to meet you"He spoke and get close to her.

He holds her by her hair and drags her into the dark. she shouts and tried to fight back but in front of his muscles body and strenghth, she fell like a kitten.

he takes her inside the cell and through her harshly but not before pulling Mel away from her hold.

"Aunty.."Mel cried and tried to get away from the scary men but he tightened his hold making her whimper.

He took the poor little girl away from her leaving Katherine there looked in the cellar.

"leave her you bastard. I will kill you" She shouted and even plead but no one came to her rescue.

It's been two hours since she was locked in there. No one came to take her or help her. She didn't have her phone as the men broke it on the way.

She was crying profusely when she saw a silhouette moving from the corner of her eyes.

She sat up and look at the door. The jingling sound of the door could be heard and with a sound of click the door open.

She covered her eyes with her palm as the bright light filled the room. She slowly removes her hand and gasped looking at the person.

She stood up and ran towards him. holding him tight she cried.

"thank god, Nic. you came. I was scared"She cried and hugged him around his torso. but he stood straight.

She pulled back and look at him confused.

"Oh sweety, Don't worry. I will let you out of their soon, but you have to do something for me."HE spoke evilly. HIs voice was hoarse and harsh as he spoke each word.

"What do you want?"She asked as she realises he trap her. he was the mastermind behind this.

He looks at her with a glint in his eyes. she was preparing herself for whatever coming out of his mouth but the thing he said make her lost her balance and she fall on the ground.

"Ashley, My lovely Ashley"

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