Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 43

**Ashley P.O.V***

The meeting was a great success. Mr. Salvos was a quite funny man in his early forties. He can be serious when needed but otherwise, he had a calmness around him with made it possible to be around him. The ideas about the interior I showed him, he likes them instantly. I couldn’t believe he wants me to start work at his hotel as soon as possible. I couldn’t ask more. This will be a great boast for me and my company.

After the meeting, he insists to have lunch with him in one of the finest restaurants there. I couldn’t say so we both agreed. Brandon to enjoy his stay there. We even like there culture and their accent were quite nice. we went to shopping much to my dismay or you can say Brandon drag me. It’s his first time here so he wants to roam around the city and get familiar with it.

we went to lake Baikal after our little shopping. The lake was one of the beauties of nature. It was surrounded by the mountain. the water was so fresh and pure. the greenery around it gave it a nice and warm feeling.

"It's so beautiful. Don't you think."I said astonished by seeing the beauty of nature.

"Yes, it is, "Brandon said back hugging me. He placed his head on my shoulder and kiss my bare neck lightly.

I felt a weird kind of sensation run inside me when he does that. My hands were itching to touch the calm and serene water, To feel it's coolness around my palm but his hold around me made it impossible for me to move even an inch away. I tried to pull away but he pulls me back close to him.

He sometimes behaves like a child, a clingy one. He was attached to me like a koala to a tree.

"Brandon, I want to enjoy. let me go"I complained as I turned around in his arms.

his hand automatically came around my back and pulled me flushed close to him.

"Then enjoy, Who is stopping you?"He smirked as his hand move under my shirt. his hand was cold around my bare waist. I shiver as he moves further up. He was giving me a were weird sensation. all of a sudden I felt butterflies fluttering inside my stomach. I felt giddy with the feeling which he gave me whenever he touched me like that.

"Leave, Brandon"I complained.

"Nah, I like you here in my arm. you were busy all day in the preparation of the meeting. you hardly look at your poor boyfriend. I want you to compensate for it" He said playfully.

"And how would you want compensation. Do you prefer check or cash?"I teased him.

"NO, I want a kiss, "He said and pouted. HE looks so cute and young with his pouty face.

If anyone says him, they can't say he was a ruthless CEO.

"okay. here" I peck his cheeks and pulled back.

"Hey, that's cheating. I want a real kiss"He whined.

"Nah, you said a kiss and I already give you. now leave me I want to enjoy the nature" I pulled away and move towards the lake.

I touch the water and a smile formed on my lips. The water was pure and cold. I pick up some water in my hand and throw it at Brandon who was sulking.

"Oh come on, don't be like that"I teased him but he ignored me and look away.

Sighing, I went towards him.

I called him but he ignores me. I stood in front of him and drop my arms around his neck. He didn't bother to look at me. So I stood on my tip-toes and kiss the corner of his mouth. Slowly and sensually. I move my lips slowly towards his jaw. I kiss him there before moving towards his neck and gave him a peck their. I felt him shiver under my gaze. I knew I was playing with fire by torturing him like that. I move my hand inside his shirt feeling his hard muscles making him take a sharp breath.

I slowly make my way from his jaw to his mouth. I kiss his forehead, both cheeks, nose and finally peck his lips twice.

I look up and saw his eyes close. When he open his eyes, they were a darker shade. My dark brown eyes bore into his. he looks at me with so much intensity making me shiver involuntarily.

"Kiss me Ashley" He whispered like he was in pain. I didn't need to tell twice. I placed my lips on his and kiss him passionately. Soon he takes over the kiss. We kissed and kiss in the beauty of nature.

His lips were moving fast against mine. I can say, He was enjoying as he moans against my touch. I smiled in our kiss and close my eyes to enjoy the sensation he was giving me.

We pulled back when we get out of breath. he placed his forehead against mine and beath harshly to get the oxygen.

"I love you.."He said sincerely looking straight into my eyes.

"I love you too"I smiled widely before answering him.

An idea popped into my mind. We were to close to the lake so I do what he never imagined. I move forward to give him a kiss which made him close his eyes but instead of kissing him, I pushed him slightly making he fall on the lake with a splash.

I laugh seeing his face. His white shirt became see-through showing his perfect abs making me lick my lips involuntary. water droplets were falling from his hair to his face and down, drawing long, silver lines on his skin which look fascinated to watch and made me want to follow it till down. I don't know i felt like this all of a sudden. He glared at me playfully.

"you are so dead."He roared and ran after me in his wet clothes.

I squealed and ran away. he was chasing me like a madman. I hide behind our hoping he will not found me there but my luck was not with me. He grabs my hand and pulled me close to him. He picks me up bridal style. I plead him to put me down but he gave a devilish smirk and throw me in the lake.

"oomph."I cried as the water made it impossible for me to see anything. I came up and look at me in annoyance.

I splash some water on his making him laugh.

We enjoy our last day in nature. By splashing water at each other and the kiss, he steals here and there.

I love spending time with him and I am going to cherish this moment all my life like one of the best dream ever.

Soon, it was time for us to go back to New York to our home. Even though I like our stay here, I was missing my little one badly. We didn't hear from her since yesterday. I didn't why but I have a bad feeling about it. I hope she will be fine.

In the next eleven hours, we reached the airport. We didn't inform his parents that we are coming back as we want to surprise him but we didn't know that we will be the one who gets surprised.

After checking out, we came out of the airport. Lincoln, his assistant, was waiting with his black Porsche. He took our luggage and place them in the trunk. We get inside the car and started the ignition.

I was looking outside the window when my phone calls off.

I check the id and saw Derek was calling me.

I answered the call without any delay. Derek was not the one who called me easily when I am on business trips until and unless something comes up.


"Boss, I don't know how to say but something is fishy. We found our two-man unconscious. they were not dead but not in their best condition too" HE stated without beating around the bush.

"Which two men"I asked demandingly. All previous tiredness leave my body as a rush of adrenaline course through my vein.

I knew for sure Dave was behind this.

"Boss.."He hesitates to answer.

"Answer me dammit"I shouted. Brandon looks at me with concern but I didn't pay him head at the moment. I want to know what's going on there.

"The one which was following Mr.Knight sister. She was missing since yesterday and boss..." he took a pause. My heart was beating crazily. I know what he was going to say but little bit there is a hope in my heart that it's not what I was thinking.

"tell me"

"Mel is missing."My heartbreak. the phone drop from my hand as tears brimmed in my eyes.

She is gone. he took her. He took her to avenge with me. My little child was captivated by the monster.

Brandon was asking me what happen but I was far away from giving him an answer.

My thought wanders to my family- my father and sister. From there happy face to the dead and lifeless eyes. I couldn't let this happen to her. I couldn't lose her to that monster again, not like I lose them. I will kill him before he touches her

I hear in Brandon's voice in the background but my body involuntary shut all the contact and I feel myself drift into the pit of darkness with the only thought in my mind, I need to save her.

I woke up and time was around two in the night. The sky was dark with million of stars shinning happily but my heart was paining with the fact that my daughter was in danger.
I jump out of bed and groaned in pain as my head started to spin. I stumbled back and fall on the bed.
The door to my right open and Brandon ran towards me. He helps me to sit a placed some cushions behind me for support.
"How are you?"He asked worriedly. His eyes were red and a frown replaces the nine'o clock shadow of his face.
"Do you find any lead?"I asked ignoring his question.
he sighed and look at me with guilt."We couldn't found. I contact the police but they told us we have to wait for the abductor call for ranson. until then we can't do anything"He answered with a heavy heart.
I hold his hand and gave it a tight squeeze in assurance.
"We will find her. Nothing will happen to them" I said encouragingly and tried to get up.
"What are you doing Ashley, You need to rest."He said and tried to make me sit but I get away.
I walk towards the couch and found my bag. I look for my phone and smile when I found it.
I call Derek knowing he must have some news about it. He picks up the call in the second ring which I am glad.
"Hello?"His voice came out tired.
"Boss, you have to hear this. That bastard sends audio for you. I am coming there shortly."He said and hung up.
Brandon looks at me in confusion but I shrugged it off. I have more problems to deal and his curiosity can wait.
I and Brandon were sitting in the living room when Derek came following by Michael.
'Where did he come back?' I thought looking at Micahel but didn't voice out the question as I was worried about my angel than feeling my curiosity thoughts.
"What did he send for me?"I asked when he takes a seat opposite to me on the couch with Micahel.
He brings out an old tape recorder from his jacket pocket and set it on the table. I waited for him to say something when the voice which I hated with everything in me fill the ambience.
'My lil Ashley, Miss me?'He said in his disgusting voice making a shiver ran down my spine.
I felt Brandon stiff beside me. I held his hand in reassurance and focus on the voice.
"I am angry with you for the stunt you pull back then making me lost so many men even have to close my business to get a clear sign from stupid police but I love you so I will forget about it, Only for you. Ashley, Ashley. I know you never say it out loud but i know you miss me. Right baby? but don't worry I will have you soon."He laugh like a maniac making my blood boil.
"You want to save your little girl, What her name? Yeah, Mel. She is so beautiful just like you when you were in her age. I was curious how she look like in your age but it will hapeen only if she stay alive. If you want to see her again, alive, then do as i say. Come to me leaving everything behind. Be with me by marrying me, satisying the beast in me then i will leave her. You have only today to think. I will message you the address but don't think about double cross me or you will see her dead as cold"His voice cam eout cold.
"That bastard"I shoutde and throw the recoredr in anger making it break into pieces.
i nran my hand through my hair in frsustation. i can't let him hurt her and can't surrender to him. he have to die, he should die..
I felt myself pullig into a hard chest. A familar voice ran in my ear.
"Calm down, love"Brandon said holding me tightly.
I took a deep breath to calm my erating heart which help alot.
After calming down i look at my Teama nd nodded. They left leaving me alone with Brandon.
He drag me towards our room and clsoe it with a thud.
"Mind telling me what was taht?"His voice came out harsh. he was angry by hearing someone calming. he was angry on dave. he will kill him for sure if i tell him the truth.
i close my eys and sighed. i couldn't drag him in this mess with me. He already suffer alot, he should stay away from this. i have to fix it even it will cost me my life. I will do it.
"brandon?"I said tiredly looking at him.
He shook his head in frsutation and walk towards me like a predator.
"You are mine, you know it, right?You will not leave me?"He asked sternly holding me by my shoulder.
"i am your's. No one can take me away from you. i will be with you"I said honestly.
"Who is he?"He asked placing his forehead on mine.
i sighed and cupped his face in my palm and made him look at me.
"Someone i dreaded to remember. Someone who destroy my family, someone who made me heartless monster, someone who stole a reasonto love from me"I answered without teling him his name.
"You are mine, i will never let you. all mine"He stated and kiss my forehaed slowly trailing his lips along my jaw lightly.
I close my eyes enjoying the sensation he was giving me.
He already made my life like a bad dream. i will not let him run over it now. I will not submit to him. He never have my virtue, my love, my body and my soul. its all belongs to Aden, only him.
"Make me your's. Claim me yours"I said looking starght into his eyes.
He stopped his action and look staright into my eyes.
"Are you sure?"He asked caressing my face lovingly.
"Yes"He didn't need to told twice. Holding me bridal style, he make his way towrads the bed. he gently put me down on the bed before hovered above me balancing his weight on my side.
he started to kiss me gently caressing my skin.
i close my eyes enjoying his touch on my skin. I felt complete as his body combijned with me. i felt connected to him more tahn before.
I know i am being irrational but i needed his touch. All my life I think about othres happiness but now i want to be a little selfish even for once. I wanted to give him a blissful memory of ours before going to him tomorrow. I don't what will happen but I can surely die with satisfaction that Dave didn't take my virtue. He never has me, never was and never will.

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