Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 44

**Ashley P.O.V***

A trail of tears came out of my eyes without my concern. I sighed loudly to stop the sobbed bubbling inside my throat. I couldn't let anything to come in my mission, to drag me down.

The sky was still dark as I saw it throw the window. The time must be around four in the morning. Too early for me to wake up but I have some unfinished business to finish with the person known as NICHOLAS DAVE LEMIERE'. Even thinking about his name makes my blood boiled. No matter how much I refused to admit the fact but he has been a part of my life, a dark and gloomy part which I never want to live again.

I loathe him with every cell in my body and I will make him pay for the things he did to me. He did the biggest mistake of his life by kidnaping my child, my daughter. There is maybe a 0.001% chance the women in me may forgive him but the mother in me will turn him into ashes for laying his dirty pawn on her child.

You did the biggest mistake of your life, Dave, I will be your dawn. just wait for some time' I thought angrily.

I look to my right and half smile seeing Brandon asleep beside me like a baby. I caress his hair lovingly before getting out of the bed. I have to start my plan before he could wake up or else I am going to have a hard time convincing him to let me go without him hot on my heel.

Sighed softly, I walked towards the lavatory like a robot. After having my shower I came out and get dressed quickly. I took out my bag which I hide deep my closet which has my guns and the things I needed at that moment. I was about to get out of the room when a familiar voice stops me in my track.

"Where do you think you are going?"I look to my right and saw Brandon sitting on the bed with his arm crossed over his chest. He looks handsome with his messy hair but its eyes which grab my attention as they were not usual soft but hard as he glare at me.

"I have to go"Was all I could muster to say. he scoffed before coming towrads me in three long strikes. he grabs me by my arm before pushing me towards the wall taking me off guard.

"You are not going anywhere. specifically not to meet that bastard"He stated sternly looking into my eyes.

I sighed. I knew it's going to be hard but I couldn't drag him in this. he already suffers back in the past.

I hold his face in my palm before rubbing my thump on his cheeks softly. He closes his eyes at the contact and sighed softly. his tense posture relaxes feeling my touch around his soft skin.

"I love you, you know right?"I asked softly. He hummed placing his face in the crook of my neck.

"And I love you too," He said before kissing my neck where he gave me hickey last night after our steamy love.

I shudder but closed my eyes to avoid this weird sensation.

Holding his hand I placed them on my back before pulling him close to me. I know what I was going to do will make him angry but its better than seeing him getting hurt.

I placed my lips on him before kissing him softly. I kiss him with everything in me. he kissed me back with the same intensity. we kissed like there is no tomorrow. I pulled back when we get out of breath leaving mere a centimetre gap between our lips. I look at his face last time memorizing every feature of his before kissing him again. I kissed him for sometime before taking him towards the bed.

I lay down on the bed with him hower over me. his eyes shine with love, lust and admiration. He was running his hand on my bare waist sensually.

I look straight into his eyes feeling guilty. he looks at me confuse seeing my sad expression. but before he could ask I snubbed him by saying how sorry I was.

"I am sorry" Saying that I stabbed him with a shot of tranquillizer. His eye widened but close shut soon as the drug starts doing its wonder.

I carefully made him lay on the bed before covering him with the duvet.

'I am sorry but it's for the best' Saying that I left.

"Do you get any lead?"I asked Derek who was working on his laptop.

"Just a few minutes more, "He said still and taking his eyes off the screen.

I sighed in annoyance before punching the wall to get this frustration out of my body.

We were surrounded by my ten men who guard outside of my base as we were trying our best to found his location.

"I know where is he?" my ears perked up hearing the news. I saw Micahel walking towards me with a manila envelope in his right hand. He gave this to me and took a seat beside Derek.

"How do you find it when I am not?"Derek ask confused as Dave was hiding without leaving a trace. We already destroyed his many locations and warehouse he used to shelter that there was not anymore.

I look at Michael and fund him squirmed in his seat.

'He is behaving strangely today'I thought but open the envelope ignoring the question.

"I May or may not ask an old friend to help me in this," HE said looking at the empty wall.

I noded before reading the information. a smile spread on my lips after reading it.

"You did a great job Mike"I patted his shoulder feeling proud of him.

I gave the details to Derek and looked relief and content after a long time.

"Its time to bring our plan into action" Derek was the one who spoke to which we nodded.

he calls our men and we started to tell them about our plan. I know what we plan was dangerous but he has to take a risk.

Its do or die situation and I know for sure, It will be Dave who will die once for all.

We were out of the old rusted two-storey building situated out of the city in the middle of the forest, which he chooses to shelter himself after police seal all his belongings.

Its dark as the trees hides the little ray of sunshine to get inside. We are a total of eight people including me, Michael, Derek, Nathan, and four more guards.

"Are you guys ready?"I asked looking at the building which was protected by two of his men.

'He is stupid thinking his little lap dogs can protect him from us'Say Derek looking at the guards.

"Don't little him Derek, he is a snake after all' Nathan said which is true.

"Yeah yeah"Derek waves it off making ke roll my eyes.

"ARe you ready or not?"I asked sternly making them stood straight with their guns in their hand.

"Yes boss," THey said in unison.

"Let's get back to business, shall we"

saying that we split into a group of four. Derek and Mollis, my third in command, wnt to deal with guards while we enter from the back side which was unguarded. We slowly went in checking here in there for a threat.

It like good was in our favour as we didn't found any guards inside.

It seems fishy to me but my agitation to saw her was making me ignore it.

'Left side of the wing is clear. we are moving to south'Derek said through the walky-talky.

"I am going to check North, "I said and went alone to check but not before telling them to check south as well.

The room was dimly lighted making it impossible to see anything clear. I was walking slowly when I hear some shuffling two metres away from me. I hold my breath and walk slowly without making any noise.

"Boss is going crazy over women. I hope she is good in bed or else all our effort will go in vain"Say the men with an ugly scar on his right cheek.

"Yeah, even i want to taste her. Maybe after the boss gets satisfied he will give her to us"The other one said licking his lips disgustingly. they continue to joke about me as I stood there patiently to finish them off without having mercy.

My blood hearing their vulgar comments. I fist my palm to control the sensations and the adrenaline rush I was feeling at the moment.

I step close to them without their knowledge and stood in front of them holding my gun in my left hand and a knife in mine right.

"You are want to meet me, right?"I said slowly and menacingly.

they stiffen for a second hearing my voice before turning around.

"You.."The men with scar shouted and tried to attack me but I move swiftly before slitting his throat making him fall with a thud.

"Yes, me. your death" I said slowly seeing as he closes his eyes.

The other one charge towards me as I was distracted at the moment and manage to kick me on my leg.

I was about to fall at the sudden impact but stable myself by holding the edge of the door before kicking him straight in the face.

HE groaned clutching his face and move back. taking this as a chance I shoot with straight in his forehead without showing any humanity.

I tucked the knife back in my back pocket and move forward everything was silent now as I tried to listen to any hustle bustle but found none. I tried to contact Micahel and Derek but they didn't respond.

'Something is not right' My brain warns me.

"I have to find them before something bad happen'I thought before dashing down towards the basement he held them captive.

Once I reached the last step I saw a big metal door which was locked. I tried to open it but it didn't bulge.

I tried to found any other way to get in but there was not any door other than this.

I close my eyes to calm my breathing before aiming my gun on the lock. I fire the gun and smile with the lock break into two.

I get inside with difficulty as it was dark. I close my eyes and let my senses do their magic. I hear light murmuring coming from the end of the hallway and walk towrads theirs.

My eyes bulge out when I saw Mel was chained to the wall with Mia and Kate beside her holding captive.

I was furious seeing her red and bruised face.

HE will pay for this'Thinking that I ran towards her.

I remove the chains around her neck and wrist carefully trying my best not to hurt her. taking her small body in my arms I hugged her tightly.

"Mamma" She whimper and hugged me back. Tears welled up in my eyes seeing her broken and miserable.

"I-It hurt mamma" She stammered and cry holding me for her dear life.

"Shhh, little one. Momma is here. I am here sweetie" I cooed her kissing her hair softly.

Mia and Kate gave me smile showing their relief.

I cut the robes with the help of my knife swiftly.

They sighed in relief before hugging me tightly.

"Thank god you came Ma'am"

"Thank god, you are here Ashley"

they both said in unison a the tension leave their body.

"Mia, What are you doing here? I thought you are at home" I asked her confuse as Michael didn't tell me anything about it.

"I .."She started to say but snubbed by Mel whimpering.

"We will talk about it later and you will plenty of time to thank me but now we have to leave from here a soon as possible" I stated before pushing them towards the gate.

they nodded and ran out of there.

Before I could reach the door, it closes with a thud leaving me there with Mel still in my arms.

"Well well well.. What we have here? My lovely little love" Said an annoying voice which turns my blood cold.

The little turned on as the dimly lit room turn bright all of a sudden.

I turned around and saw Dave with a triumph look on his face. I gave him a disgusting look as he winked at me.

"Do you really think you came just like that and take them out of my hands?"He asked making me angry.

"You..."I was about to say but stop seeing the person behind him, whom I trust with my life. he was looking here and there avoidng to look at me. Maybe it guilts or something but how could he do this to me?

"How could you Michael?"I said sadly and hurt.

"I am sorry" Was all he could say before snatching Mel out of my arms and leave the room with only that bastard and me alone.

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