Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 45

Nothing in this life is more painful and heartbreaking than the feeling of betrayed by the person who you trusted with your life. It crumbled you to your feet, shattered your soul as they backstabbed you in your state. It left you with nothing but the immense pain of guilt, burden and hatred towards them. The same person once you call your own.

They portrayed that they care for you but that was only the frame, a mere cover-up, a facade to hide their vicious self from us.

"Finally we meet, my love" Nicholas crude voice broke my inner turmoil of thoughts.

I turned around and look at him with the uttermost hatred I could muster.

A wide grinned carved on his lips as his eyes look at me in amusement. I glare at him crossing my arm over my chest.

his eyes darken as they wander down to my chest. I keep my face stoic despite the warning my brain giving me at the moment.

"You are looking breathtaking gorgeous. I couldn't wait to eat you up" He said licking his lips disgustingly as he moves around me in a circle.

"I wish I could say the same but the truth is, you disgust me," I said menacingly without any fear.

his lips turned into a thin line as he sneered at me.

"This is the first and last time I ma letting you talk to me like that. It's better if you understand it sooner rather than later-I didn't good at being disrespect"He sneered flashing his white teeth in warning.

"Then start getting used to it. I don't give jerks and bastard, like you, the respect they didn't deserve"I spit on his face and shouted.

Within a blink of an eye, all of his men circle around me pointing their gun on my head. the fun fact is that I didn't feel scared or any emotions as my wish and need to hurt him, bury him alive was much stronger than worrying about my life.

"Easy boys, easy. Show some respect. she is going to be your queen"Nicholas beckoned them to stay afar.

he circles around me taking every inch of me before harshly pulling my hair making me hiss. He grinned maliciously and dip his head in the crook of my neck and bite it harshly. I bite my lips harshly to stop any voice out.

I tried to punch him but he moves away before I could damage him.

His men chain my hand behind my back before dragging me out of the dungeon through a secret passage which was not on the blueprint of the warehouse.

the way was dark and only light he uses to saw was coming from his phone. He leas me through an untidy tunnel filled with spider webs and full of crazy spiders. I shudder thinking, what if one of them get into my mouth but I will be ecstatic if they bite that monster for sure and his men who were high on our heel.

We walked for five minutes straight and stop once we came to a dead end. He scans his hand on the scanner near the wall and the wall started to shift forming an iron gate with a skull on the top.

the door slide open making me cover my eyes in response as the bright light blinded me for a second due to the brightness.

Holding me by the elbow, he drags me to the third door to my left. The room was all white with a few grey strips in it. It looks like a temporary security room as few monitors rested on the desk here and there and a big screen filled with different videos. There were five men inside watching the CCTV camera video.

He drags me to the centre before pushing me on one of the chairs. he turned me around and placed his arms around both my shoulders. I tried to jerk it off but he put pressure on it making me stop my struggle for now.

"Darling, you don't know how much I am excited about our wedding. I can't wait to make you mine" He said running his disgusted hand around my chest before groped my right breast and painfully squeeze it.

"Let me think, Nicholas. if I am not wrong, you are not some kind of creep who marry every girl before raping them. Are you?" I felt his hold loosen and myself turning around only to meet his dark face.

I turned my head sideways before giving him once over.

"Oh trust me, Dave. You are more than capable of forcing yourself to young girls. So why bother wasting time on a stupid marriage"My voice filled with venom.

"You are right, my darling. for satisfying my needs, I don't need to marry those bitches but you, my lady are different from everyone else. You are my love, my possession. You are my price possession" He said in thick accent with a small smile around his lips which boiled my blood.

"I will never marry such a monster. If you want my body just get over it but I will never marry you" I seethed glaring at him making his smile vanished.

"Oh, I will. If I want it to be a casual fling but I want to spend all my night with you, inside you when I pound on you and filled you inside with my seeds. I want to legally make you mine so you will never leave me again. I already wait years for you but now I can't, Not when you are this close to me"I can feel his body shaking in anger.

"In your dreams you bastard. I will gladly welcome death than being your little salve."I spit on his face and before shouted at the top of my lungs.

he wipes it harshly before glaring at me. he holds my chin and made me look at his dark and menacing face.

"I know how to change your thought," he said and moved to one of his men. The man nodded and start to type something on the laptop. The wall before us started to turned into glass but that's not the shocking things but what inside it. Inside the glass-cube was my men-Derek, Nathan including everyone lying on the floor in their own blood looking lifeless. The little fog around the glass was the only proof of their breathing.

"No" I shouted as the wall around the glass cube started to move towards them as they were intended to crush them into pieces.

Dave raised his hand making it stop. He looks at me sternly still holding the remote which hold the activity of the glass cube.

"Say what I want to hear. Say, you will marry me or I am more than glad to finish them all" He demanded sternly. I looked one last time to my men before closing y eyes.

I knew they will be disappointed in me for doing this but Its better than seeing them good as dead. I can't lose them, not when I have no one other than them to call my family

"Yes, I will.." saying that I signed up my life for the devil.

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