Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 46

**Ashley P.O.V**

Looking at the white walls of the room irritates me to the core. I felt like a prisoner being in this room. Pacing around the room I tried to found a way out of this mess safely with my team but nothing made sense.

I was worried about Derek, Nathan and Mel. How can I forget about her? I hope she is safe or else I will kill Michael with my bare hands.

I know I made a mistake by trusting him but what doen is done and I need to think fast before that bastard plan something else. If he think that I will marry him that he was highly mistaken. I am not someone you can mess up. I am a lioness if you make me angry then I will be ripped you apart piece by pieces until nothing left.

I was deep in the thought when that bastard came inside the room with two maids holding some bags which I think having dresses and makeup product for his dream wedding. His words, not mine. I will kill him before he knows it.

He came towards me and hold me in his arms rather possessively. I tried to push him away but he tightened his hold around me painfully.

“If I were you. I would behave knowing any mistake cause you the life of your stupid team members” He seethed harshly.

I stop struggle thinking about my men which made him smile.

“Good girl, are not you?“He teases with that stupid smirk.

I keep my mouth shut which only widened his smirk.

“I guess you are learning your lesson quite well. Now get ready, you have only four hours before our big day. Jane and Maya will help you in getting ready” He said pointing towards the women who looked down in fear avoidng any eyes contact with him.

“I can’t wait to have my ways with you.“He said before licking my ear lobe making me disgust.

before I knew it I throw a punch at his face which takes him off guard.

“touch me again and you will die, “I said menacingly looking straight into his eyes.

the women gasped seeing their master beaten by a girl. He ignores her and came straight towards me. Harshly pulling both my hands behind my back, he grips my chin harshly.

“You are playing with fire, my love. I will show who is the boss here. Just wait for some time. Tonight will be going to be the best night of your life” He says and left without waiting for any response. I glared at his back with a new determination.

In my whole existant, I felt myself getting agree with him. Tonight, surely going to be the best night of my life and his LAST

“You look beautiful, ma’am” The maid, Maya, said ferafully as she adjusts the Tierra over my messy bun.

I just nodded not taking my eyes off her as I saw her squirmed in my gaze.

Once dave left the room, Jane and Maya told me to get ready but I shout at them and throw the bag roughly away making them cowards away in feared.

It took an hour for me to control the monster inside me from lashing out on them. Once i did, I apologise to them for scaring them to the extent. they just nodded and asked me to get ready as we were only having three hours left. I nodded and decided to get ready as its time to face the beast.

I was sitting on the bed looking at the far end in the space when the door burst open. I didn’t bother looking at the intruder as I know by the sound of his footsteps.

I look up when the person stop a foot away from me.

“It’s time,” He said strenously. His posture was stiff as aboard. His fist clench as he tried to not break in my gaze.

“yes, it’s time. let’s go Micahel” I said as I walk out of the room. Michael look down and came out follwoing my footsteps.

Dave men stood on the corridor with guns in their hands as I pass them with my head held high up.

Micahel lead me through the long hallway down the stairs with his men following us like a lost puppy.

we stop once we reach the hall which was decorated with white lilies. I saw Dave with a man, must be a priest, stood at the end of the aisle with a wide and malicious grin on his face.

Micahel hold my hand tightly before dragging me towards him. I take a side glance and saw him gritted his teeth.

“I never expect this from you. I will get back to you for this, “I whisper yelled making him shiver but he soon covers it up as he didn’t hear it.

He hands me over to Dave and moved back giving us space. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him stood with a shivering left hand which he covers by his other hand. his old habit whenever he was nervous about something.

“Today, we are gathered here to witnessed the union of two souls...“My attention turns to the priest who started the ceremony. My hands are itched to punch him so he could stop his rant but I control myself.

“Do you, Mr. Nicholas Dave Lemiere take Ms.Ashley William as your lawfully wedded wife? do you promise to love her, cherish her the rest of your life, in bad and good days?“the priset ask after a pause.

“I do,” He said without missing a heartbeat.

the priest nodded before looking at me repaeting the same question.

I closed my eyes as Brandon face in front of my eyes.

’Brandon, the only person whom I love with everything. The person who loves me without any demand without fearing about the world even I pushed him away several times but he chooses to stick with me. Even I told him not too but he was always there for me. My love, my life, my Brandon’s smile crept on my lips remembering him.

“Ms’ AShlely?” the priest called breaking my reverie.

Dave was glaring at me to defy him by saying no but I just ignore him. I remove the veil from my face and threw it away as it burn my skin.

“How about? No”I said with a devilish smirk plastered on my face.

His eyes widened before his face turned a dark shade of red in anger.

“You will regret it, baby” He seethed before motioning the men to his right.

Nodding his head, the men left and came back after five minutes with Derek and Nathan at the gun point. There body covered in blood with a dark purple bruises around their eyes.

I look at them blankly without showing my emotions. i saw the men pushed them in the centre and punch Derek in his guts making him groaned in pain.

“Your no will cost them there life, little girl. I warn you before but i guess you don’t care about their life at all.“Dave said mockingly.

“now you will regret saying to me" saying that he motioned to his men. Everything happens so fast, he couldn't comprehend what happen. The ambience filled with a loud bang as the gunshot ound rang inside the hall.

the men fall on the ground with a loud thud as blood dripped out of his wound follow by his fellow member who falls one after another.

"Do I, Dave? Do I?"I said with a sickly sweet smile making him gulp as he saw his comrades lying on the floor bathing in their won blood.

"H-how?"He stuttered as perspiration formed on his forehead.

The priest ran seeing the massacre like his pants was on fire.

I chuckled before punching him straight in the guts making him groan in pain and fall on the ground. I kick him several times until he coughs blood out.

"Not fair angel, I want to hurt him too"I look at the person and grin widely.

"It's not too late. You can have your share of fun, Alexandro"I said making him smile widely. he came towards me and hugged me tightly while his men's put Dave men at the gunpoint.

"What about me?"A whinny voice called from behind. I pulled back and look at the person.

I smile and walk into his awaited arms. I pulled back and patted his back.

"nice job dude. you should try in the movies. nice act Micahel"I grinned at Micahel who smiled at me like a Cheshire cat.

'Yes, plan. it was all our plan. I knew from the staring when he contacts Micahel. Micahel was furious and wants to kill him but I tell him to do as he says. he refused first but when I told him that we not only need him to go to hell but his empire as well. Alessandro offers me his help as well when he came to know about my plan. It's all my plan to make him believe that Micahel was truly betrayed me while saving his wife. I made him believe that he was the mastermind but in reality, he was just a puppet in my hands. he fell in our trap and now he will get what he deserves.

"I learn from the best" he winked and laughed.

"Its time to finish what we started. boys, let's the fun begin"I said cracking my knuckle.

"arhhh" His voice rang in my ears making me sigh in bliss. Every time he cried in pain I felt myself smiling. His pain-filled voice was like a piece of music to my ears. He was begging for his life but his plead came to a deaf ear.

he was sitting on the chair with his arms and legs tied with a metal chain.

As promised, I let Alessandro play with him for some time. I saw as he slides down the sharp knife from his collar bone making him his in pain as blood ooze out of his wound.

Michale plucked his nails out of his hands making him cry. His voice getting thick as his throat became dry but the real torture was yet to come.

I removed his chain and made him stand. he looks at me murderously and tries to punch me but I move back on time. My men and Derek move to help me but I shook my head to make them stop.

'He was my target. No one going to kill him but me.'

Dave again tries to hurt me despite being in pain. He attack several times and growled when attempt get futile. I hold his fist in my left hand when it was about to make contact with my left eye.

A slow breeze flow making me shiver. I close me for a second before opening them. My eyes widened when I found myself in my old house but what shocked me was my sister lying on the floor withered in pain as dave deflower her. My eyes found the familiar pair of brown eyes which look in pain. My father pleads filled the room as he begs him to stop but he continues his torture.

A shout came out of my mouth when I saw my father limp body fell on the ground with a thud.

'Dad" I shouted and try to move but I found myself in the chain. I try to help my sister but they didn't stop.

"You can't do anything Ashley. you are just a LOSER. you are nothing but a mere child, a small brat. you can't take me down. "He laughs looking at me.

Red coloured my vision as I saw dave laughing clutching his stomach. My sister and Dad lying on the floor possibly dead made it worse.

"I will show you what this little girl can do"I shouted before lunging at him.

I kick him in the guts making him bend down clutching his stomach in pain. I bend my knees and hit him straight in the head. He witherd in pain and fall back. I strangle him and started to punch him hard. I smiled when I hear the sound of bone cracking but that didn't stop me.

"This is for you Di" I said before hitting square at jaw making it dislocate.

"for you Dad"I punch and break his nose. Tears fall from my eyes making my vision blurred but I didn't stop and continue my torture.




I forget the count of punch I threw at him. All I want to kill him for making me an orphan, for taking my family away from me. he took my childhood away from me, he took the girl who only knows how to love. the girl who never knows how to hurt a fly was made became a monster, Now.

"Ashley. leave him"I hear a voice in the background but I didn't respond.

I felt been lifted but I shout and elbow the person who came in between me and my target. I hear a sound of hiss but the person hold didn't get loose.

"He is dead, Ashy. calm down"He whisper in my ears.

I look at Derek And Michale, as they were holding me in their arms.

"He is dead" Derek spoke again, softly this time.

I look at the ground and saw Dave with a bloody face. His face was messed so bad that it was impossible to identify him.

"I kill him,"I said softly.

Derek nodded in yes.

"I kill him," I said again and pulled back.

I kill him" I said again and laugh hysterically. they look at me with worry written all over there face.

"Ashley" Alessandro said as he tried to came closer to me but Miachel holds him back seeing my condition. he nodded his head in no.

"I kill him"I laugh like a maniac.

I finally kill the beast who make me the monster. finally, I take my revenge.

I was laughing with tears falling from my eyes. A thick white fog filled the room as I was looking at the end of the room.

I saw a silhouette and smile as my father came into my view.

"Dad?"I choked out seeing his face.

"I am proud of you my child. its time for you to start living your life, baby girl. Never forget that I love you."He spoke softly before fading away.

"no, dad.. don't leave me" I shouted but he left.

"I love you too dad" i said and fell down as black covered my vision. I felt myself getting slip into the darkness with the satisfaction of finishing my mission.

"He is dead."

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