Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 47

**Ashley p.O.V***

Life is so strange sometimes. We never care what we have and keep wanting more. In the midst of this, we forget to cherish the beautiful life we have, we forget about the person who spends sleepless night worrying about our well being. We never care or it’s that we choose to ignore it.

We choose to ignore them to the point where they left you leaving the empty shell of a body behind. They took your mind, your soul, your reason to smile ones more. They were not verbally hurt you but their absence can do the wonder by crumbling you into pieces.

So, never take something for granted. Always cherish what you have even its with you for some time, It’s better rather than having any regrets later when you left empty hand when the time like sand flew out of your hand.

Looking at the dark moonless night I couldn’t help and sighed. the dark sky was a replica of my life, void of any happiness and love like it was void of stars as the stubborn cloud filled the sky erasing the only source of light. A tear fall on my left cheek followed by the another until they were running out of my eyes like rain. I wipe them first but when they stubbornly came again I stop and sighed.

Life never plays fair with us. When I want no one to love me, care about me it sends Brandon and Mel in my life. They show me the true meaning of love, how it is to feel like having a beautiful family. but how wrong I was? I can never be happy; not in this life, I guess.

I was hoping to spend a normal life with my friends and my family but life had some other plans.

I smiled at the bittersweet memory of that day. I could still feel his gaze lingering over my skin making me feel hot. it was the day I lost everything-My love, my life, my Brandon.

I still remember his words still lingering in my mind as they slowly piercing my soul until nothing left but a piece of blood and flesh.

“You betray me.”

“I can’t be act normal after knowing everything.”

“I need time. I can’t be with you when I am feeling betrayed.”

“I can’t do this”

“I have to go.”

“Don’t try to search for me”

“I don’t know if I ever love you like I used to do”

“We are over, for now.”

His words still ringing in my ears making me cringed at the coldness. his words like hot lava in my ears.

Six months had been passed but it’s like yesterday. He left me after knowing my truth, me being his childhood friend. The same friend he thought died years ago.

I never get to saw him after that. he never tries to contact me and vice versa. he left his parents house and shift to Florida to take care of the business there. Mel stays behind with me as she refuses to leave me. I shift back to my beach house with Mel.

He was broken, so was me.

I wish he tried to save our relation whose pieces was nowhere to be seen.

He could have been understanding but he chooses to leave by flying away from me.

My chain of thought broke when my room door open and a small figure enter inside. A smile broke on my face looking at the beautiful creation of God.

“Mommy, I miss you,” Mel said as she ran towards me and hugged me tightly. I chuckled and hug her back.

She came back after spending time with Mr. and Mrs. knight. She will always be busy with school and when she came back she refused to stay away from me. So we came to the terms that she will spend her Saturday with Marcus and Linda as they too miss her and the Sunday was all ours- mommy and daughter day, as she like it to call.

“Mommy missed you too, lil one” I cooed her making her blush.

I pull back at look at her tired face. She grins at me as she yawns.

“Are you tired, lil one?”I asked softly.

She just nodded before placing her head on my chest softly. I smile at her cuteness and kiss her baby cheeks.

I change her clothes before tucking her in my bed. She always sleeps with me, even after having her own room. She loves to cuddle me to sleep. Even I can’t sleep without her being in my arms, safe and sound.

I get to bed after changing my clothes. feeling my warmth she snuggle more into me by placing her delicate hands around my waist.

“Goodnight baby. Mommy loves you” I said to her before closing my eyes hoping for a new day.

Maybe, the night will come to an end when the new dawn will bring the new ray of hope.

**Brandon P.O.V.**

The sound of loud applause filled the room with a broad smile on everyone faces except one who stood there emotionless but proud.

“Its splendid, Mr. knight. You did more than what we ask for. This shopping mall will be going to one of the finest one in history. I hope we will get to work in the future” Mr. Woods said chirpily.

“Thank you, Mr. Wood. I really appreciate you are satisfied with our work” I said professionally.

We were in the conference room of my Florida office, discussing the project with Mr woods, The owner and Chairperson of Wood enterprises. He is known for his witty and sly nature.

After discussing for some more time the left leaving me alone with my personal assistant Lincoln who looks at me worriedly.

“You should take a day off buddy. You look like shit” Linc said coming towards me.

“I don’t have time for rest, Linc. I have too many projects and work piled up.”I said and sighed.

“Why are you doing this Brandon. Why are you punishing yourself?”He questioned out of concern.

“What happened to me? I am completely fine and who told you I am punishing myself. Stop watching those daily soaps. Linc” I said jokingly which made him roll his eyes.

“I am talking about your love life Brandon. Why don’t you solve this matter by talking with her?”He asked making my blood boil.

“Stay out of my business, Linc. I don’t want you interfering in my life. Understood?”I raged making him coward away.

“I am sorry,” he said meekly looking down. I sighed rubbing my face in annoyance.

“I am sorry , Linc for shouting. It's just I don’t know how to talk to her. I am the one who ran away. I messed up everything. I don’t have in me to face her. I am not that strong, buddy.”I said and fall down on my knees as her tear-stained came into my sight. I couldn’t forgive how I treat her. How I blame her for betraying me.

She is nothing but an angel who brings me out of the shadow, who show me the true meaning of love, who become my life.

"calm down, Brandon. Just talk to her. She will understand you. Only she has the power to make you."Linc said holding me by my shoulder as he looks straight in my eyes.

A tear escaped from my eyes as I remember how badly I hurt her with my words.

“Just listen to your heart and go back to her.”Saying that he left me with my thoughts.

I sighed and stood up wiping the tear harshly.

'I hope you will forget me for my deed, my love. I know I was nothing but a stupid, moronic, idiot and selfish person who wants you all for himself. I know I made a mistake a big one but hope you have the heart to forgive me and be mine like.’I thought as a sob escaped my lips.

' How idiot of a person I am? How can I think of living my life without you, my love. For me, love is Ashley. How can I stop loving you when I can’t stop my breathing. I was, am and always will love you, even death can’t apart us. This time I will make sure to make you mine forever, either you want it or not. I am not going to leave you. You are stuck with me for this life, my chica.’ I smiled with a new determination.

I call my secretary to get the jet ready. I am not to waste any more time. I am going back home, back to my life. I was stupid to think I can be happy away from her but how wrong I was. I am nothing without her. I can’t stay away from her. I need to see her as soon as possible.

I am not going to make the same mistake twice my sweet Ashley. I am coming back to you and this time for forever.

I know I hurt you,

I break you into pieces,

I left you behind with the broken shell of our relationship.

I was a jerk, an idiotic person who ran away from the light to the darkness in search of life.

The flight from Florida to New York was the longest flight of my life. I never felt this much nervous before.

Once I came out of the airport, I saw Dante, my driver waiting for me. Getting in the car I asked him to drive get straight to Ashley house. I need to see her now or else I will go crazy. I already informed my parents about my arrival and they were more than happy that I decided to man up and talk with my love.

They asked to mend my relationship with her or else they will not talk with me. I chuckle seeing their concern for her that they were ready to go against their own son. Why won’t they, my Ashley is a sweet, charming and lovable girl. My girl.

Nothing has changed as I look out of the window. The night was same as dark it was that unfortunate day. Everything was a reminder of that day which I want to forget but it likes life had any other plan.

Closing my eyes I let myself fall in the grief and pain I cause.

Six months ago’

“Do you find anything, Linc? "I asked my PA and best friend Lincoln.

“no, her number is unapproachable. I am trying my best and let you know once I get my hands on any news about her”He tried to soothe me by his words but they did nothing to calm the turmoil I was in.

I drive around the city in hope of finding her but it’s like I am running out of it. It’s like she disappears in thin air. Every time I thought of getting closer to get information about her but in reality, I always came out an empty hand.

First kate and Mel and now, Ashley. My beautiful Ashley, my life. How can a person take so much pain by losing his loved ones? She is my support system and she left me.

“Where are you, love? Come back to me”I mentally begged her looking at the star hoping they will convey my thoughts, my misery, my craziness to her.

I take a round around the park where we always went with Mel. I smile remembering the time I spend with both the beautiful girls in my life; my daughter and my soon to be wife. they are the reason for my existence, without them, I am nothing but an empty shell.

Disheartened, I drive back to my parents home knowing it will be futile attempt to wander around.

Parking the car in driveway I saw a blue Mercedes Benz park there.

“did we expect any guest?"I thought confused but shrugged ignoring the thought.

I saw my parents sitting on the couch talking with a stranger. I went closer to them to get the perfect look of the men. its for sure I never saw him in my entire life. he looks like in his late twenties with fair complexion and dark hair.

“Mom, “I said to reveal my presence as they were so immersed in their conversation they didn’t realize my presence.

“Brandon, you came chi.."My mother stop talking and gasped seeing my messed-up state. My eyes were bloodshot red with dark purple rings under my eyes due to sleepless night. My hair stuck around my face but I didn’t bother about it.

“Who are you?”I asked the stranger in a firm voice.

He gets up and held his hand in front of me for a shake.

“I am Alessandro. You must be Brandon?” he asked like he was accessing me for something.

“Yes, but how do you..” before I could finish he snubbed by saying the words which made my heart beating wildly.

“I am Ashley friend and I know where is..”He snubbed when we hear a baby cry. Not any baby but my baby girl.

I turned around and saw Mel crying out for me. She was in Michael's arms as he enters the living room with his arms around Kate shoulder. Her baby cheeks were red and damped with tears stained. Kate was looking devasted with her messed up hair but what made me angry was a dark purple bruise around her red cheeks and her split lips.

Without wasting anytime I ran towards them and took Mel in my arms. I hugged her tightly fearing she will leave me if I left her for even a second.

I kissed her all over her face making her giggle.

“How are you, princess? You aren’t hurt? Are you?”I asked looking at her face in search of any injury. She just shook her head in no and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back feeling protective over her.

I look at Kate and beckon her to come closer. She didn’t waste any time and ran towards me and hug me tightly by placing her head on my chest.

“Hey, don’t cry kate. Your brother is here.”I cooed her caressing her back to soothe her pain.

“I was so scared, bro. He –he..”She couldn’t finish and started to sob.

“Hey, I am here Kate. You brother is here. I am not let him hurt you again. I will kill that bastard who dare to hurt my family.I will tear him apart for laying his filthy hands on you.”I promise her and kissed her forehead.

Soon her sob turned into hiccuped. Mom and dad came and hug Mel and Kate tightly. They were worried about them just like me.

Mom took kate and Mel with her as they need rest. Mel first rejected the idea of leaving me but I assured I will be there once she woke up so she agreed.

Once they out of sight, I turn to Alessandro and Michael who were looking at me worriedly.

“What happened? Where is Ashley?”I finally asked the question which was eating me alive.

“Wo, Mr. Knight. She is.. she is”Alessandro stammered.

“She is what? Tell me.”I demanded.

He looks at Michael and he nodded his head. I was getting impatient and they were not ready to tell me about her whereabouts.

“Are you going to tell me or not?”I shouted making them sighed.

“She is here.”A voice boomed in the hall. I look at the entrance and saw Derek coming inside limping with the help of Ashley.

I stood stunned looking at her appearance. She was wearing a freaking wedding gown but what shocked me was her eyes. They look lifeless.

I didn’t waste a second and ran towards her. I cupped her face and pepper kisses all over her before hugging her tightly by pulling her closer to me but she didn’t hug me back. I pull back and look at her face in confusion.

“What happen love?”I asked concern cupping her cheeks in my palms.

She sighed and nodded.

“I want to talk to you.”She said softly as tears brimmed in her eyes.

’Hey, don’t be sad love. I am here. We will talk but you need to rest first.”I said and picked her up bridal style.

“I will but first hear me out.”She said stubbornly. I know she will not rest until she gets the things out of her chest so I nodded.

I took her inside my room and gently placed her on her feet. She turned away from me making me frown. I went towards her and hugged her from behind before placing a kiss on her neck. She shivers in my arms before turning around and hugged me tightly.

“I –I Brandon” She tried to say but nothing came out of her mouth like she at the loss of words.

“I what love? My baby tell me what happen?”I asked softly before kissing her nose softly making her smile tiredly.

“I am not what you think” She finally let out what was bothering her.

I frown hearing her words and look at her in confusion.

“What are you saying, Ashley?”I asked, confused.

“I am your Ashley but I am something more to you”

I chuckle and pull her in my arms by holding her waist.

“Of course you are. My love, my life.”I said and caress her cheeks. But she just sighed in defeat.

She pulled away from me making me whined. I tried to hold her again but she shows her palm to stop me. I didn’t know what was bothering her but what she told next made my world crumble.

“You don’t get it, Brandon. I am Ashley. Your childhood friend, your chica. Whom you think died years ago” She shouted making my eyes widened.

“Don’t joke like that Ashley?”I said through clenched teeth.

How can she joke like that? That too about my childhood friend. When she knows how sensitive subject was it for me.

“I am not joking. I am your friend. I am sorry for not telling you this early. I was scared, baby” She said cupping my cheeks.

I slap her hand away from my face. Her face show hurt but I was not in the state to care. My mind was not thinking straight.

My mind started to replay the incident in front of my eyes like a movie clip. I felt suffocated as I saw that bastard hurting her and her family. I saw the house burned with my own eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Don’t you trust me?”I asked meekly.

“its is not like that love.”She tries to say but I snubbed her.

“Tell me, Ms. Ashley. Then what is like that? You betray me. I placed my heart open in front of you. I cried in front of you by telling about my dead friend. The friend who is very much alive.”I asked sternly.

She looks down ashamed and didn’t say anything.

“I can’t believe I love someone like you. You break me into pieces, Ashley.”I said and started to walk out of the room but a soft and delicate hand stop me.

I sighed before looking at her face. Her eyes looking at me, pleading me to listen to her. My heart clenched seeing her broken. All I wants to forget everything and hug her but my mind was telling otherwise.

“I am sorry. I know I am at fault but don’t leave me.”She pleaded cupping my forearm. I laugh sarcastically hearing her words.

“yes, you are. You are at fault. But you know what?”I asked darkly making her gulp.

“I can’t be act normal after knowing everything. I need time. I can’t be with you when I am feeling betrayed.”

“Please don’t leave me, Aden. Please.”She begged.

I pushed her away making her stumbled back. She looked at me with her wide eyes.

“I can’t do this. I have to go.”I said as a tear escaped from my eyes but I wiped it before she saw it.

“And Ashley?”I called.

“Don’t try to search for me. I don’t know if I ever love you like I used to do. You betray my trust. I never imagined happening something but we are over, for now.” I said and walked out of the room without looking back knowing I will regret if I stay a minute with her in the same room.

That was the day I saw her. That day I lost her completely due to my impulsive behaviour.

“We reached here sir.”My reverie broke hearing Dante voice. I look out and saw we reached Ashley house.

I get out of the house and make my way towards the entrance. I gulp nervously. My heart was beating wildly in my chest like it wants to get out of my chest. With the mere thought of seeing my queen made me shiver.

I was shivering thinking of her rejection.

“You can do this, Brandon. Be a man” I assured myself before pressing the doorbell.

It didn’t take long before the door open by none other than my love. My eyes held her gaze. Her eyes show pain, guilt, betrayal and anger.

“Ashley”I said softly. She closed her eyes and sighed.

“What do you want, Brandon?”Her cold voice shattered the mere hope and the courage I muster up.

“I- can I come in?”I asked looking down at my feet.

She didn’t say anything but stood aside giving me space to get inside.

I went and stood in the middle of her living room. I turn around and saw her stood with an emotionless face. Her arms crossed around her chest. Her face gave nothing.

“How are you?”I asked perturbed.

"Fine,” She said and shrugged.

I wasn’t like her cold and distant behaviour with me but what can I do? I was the reason behind this.

“I know it too late but I am sorry.”An air of melancholy surrounded us as I utter those words.

I waited for her response but what she did was take me off guard. She started to laugh by clapping her hand. She clutched her stomach to control her laugh as a tear fall from her eyes. I look at her concern and went towards her.

I pull her in my arms and hold her tightly.

“I am sorry love. I know I am fault but please forgive…”I didn’t get to finish as a sudden push around my chest make me stumble back but before I could I gain my composure.

“Don’t you dare touch me Mr. Brandon Knight. I don’t like a stranger touching me.”She snapped looking as a dark shadow crossed her featured.

A tear escaped from my eyes and fall onto my left cheek looking at the hatred and pain shows in her eyes. little did I know I messed up big time and this time I have to do more than asked for her forgiveness.


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