Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 48 THE END

***Ashley P.O.V.***

I never thought I will ever get to see him again but here he stood in flesh in front of me. He was looking broken just like me with bags under his eyes.

My heartache seeing him vulnerable but I lock it away before I will do anything I will regret in the future. I mask my expression giving nothing running inside me.

“I know it too late but I am sorry.”His words took me off guard.

’Did I hear it right? He apologises to me.’ I couldn’t help and started to laugh like a maniac. It likes something flick inside me making me do something crazy.

I couldn’t come out of the little moment when I felt a familiar warmness filled around me. I went stiff when I realize he was hugging me. I only knew how much I want to melt in his arms forgetting about the pain he gave me but the rational side of dominating me before I could do anything. My eyes burn in anger as I was blinded by the rage-filled in my vein.

“I am sorry love. I know I am at fault but please forgive…”I didn’t let him finish and pushed him away from me making him stumble back.

“Don’t you dare touch me, Mr. Brandon Knight. I don’t like a stranger touching me.”I snapped.

“I am not a stranger to you, love” He argued.

“Yes, you are Mr. knight. You made it very clear the minute you decided to walk out of my life leaving me alone by breaking whatever we have back then” I said darkly.

“I said sorry for that,” He said impatiently running his hands through his hair make it messier than before.


Can sorry amend everything?

Just a simple sorry?

“Oh. Do you really think that your mere apology meant anything to me?”I asked hotly.

“love, Ashely, Please listen to me. I am ashamed of my act. I was not in my senses. I know I hurt you but please give me a chance.”He begged making me laugh bitterly.

“Oh god, It's so funny.”I laugh bitterly.

“I begged you six months ago for giving me a chance. I beg you to hear my point of view but did you listen to me? Tell me.”He stood tongue-tied hearing my accusation looking down at his feet.

“No, right? I beg you but you choose the easy way and left without giving me a chance to explain myself. Then how can you expect me to give you a freaking chance?”I screamed.

“Love, please. I was an idiot but..”

“No, I don’t want to hear it. It's better that you just leave.”I said pointed towards the door.

His eyes meet my hard gaze. He looks at me with wide eyes like someone punch him in the guts. He was sweating profusely.

“No, I can’t.”He shouted and pulled me in for a hug.

I struggle to get out of his hold only to his hold get tightened around me.

“Leave me you jerk” I started to punch his chest but he didn’t bulge and tightened his hold further.

“I can’t. Not again. I can’t live without you, Ashley. Don’t send me away from you. I will die. I will die without you. I love you, Ashley.”He cried by holding me for his dear life.

“No, you don’t. Even I don’t love you anymore.”I stated even it pained me to utter those words but I couldn’t forget the hurtful words he spoke to me.

“Don’t lie.”He seethed before pushing my hair away from the shoulder.

“I know you don’t mean it. You still love me. I know.”He stated stubbornly and kissed my bare neck making me shudder.

“I am saying the truth. I don’t love you. Now leave me.”I said but he didn’t listen.

“Really? You don’t love me?”He asked looking straight into my eyes. Every fibre in my body was shouting that I love him and only him but I ignore the protest and shook my head in no.

He smirked and brought me even closer to him with his one arm around my waist and other holding my jaw softly.

“Then look into my eyes and say that.”I felt myself drowning into his eyes which I adore so much but I blink my eyes to get out of his hypnotizing gaze.

“Say you don’t love me?”He demanded with a devilish smirk.

I gave him an evil glare which made him gulp. I look straight into his eyes to utter those words ignoring the pain in my chest.

“I don’t love y..”I didn’t get to finish as his mouth cover mine.

I try to pull away but he pulled me closer leaving hardly any space between us. He kissed me harshly and possessively but I didn’t kiss him back.

“Kiss me back.”He groaned but I didn’t open my mouth. He sucks and licks my lower lip asking for entrance but I shut my mouth stubbornly.

I felt his hand around my waist before a pinched around my waist made me gasped. Taking this chance he slips his tongue inside my mouth and kissed me hard.

I started to feel hot as his hands roam around my body. My eyes felt like jelly as I was getting out of breath.

He pulled away slightly to let me breathe before claiming my mouth once again. This time the kiss was soft, full of love, passion and possessiveness.

A tear roll down my cheeks as I remember his hurtful words. I tried to pull away but he didn’t let me and started to kiss my neck. Every smooch and caress on my skin making me shiver in desire and pleasure.

He picked me up in his arms by wrapping my legs around his waist. He took me towards the couch and sit with me on his lap.

He bites my ear lobe before pecking my lips numerous times.

I look up at him with my blurry vision. He wipes my tears before pecking my both eyes.

“I am sorry, my love. I hurt you. Please punish me but didn’t leave me.”He said as he placed my head on his neck. I sniffed before hugging him tightly.

I cried in his arms for the loss of my family, for being away from him. I cried for his love.

All the while he was patiently sat there rubbing my back to calm me down.

Once I calm down I get out of his arm. He looks hurt but didn’t say anything.

“I think you should leave now. It’s getting late” I said looking down at my feet. I hear him sighed before he came closer to me.

“I can’t. I can’t bear having you away from me.”He stated.

“Where did your love went when I was begging you? Why didn’t you choose your love that day over your anger? Why did you let your anger control your mind? I know I hide things from you but I didn’t betray you.”I said pulling away and walk towards the glass table.

“I can never betray you,” I shouted throwing the vase on the sidewall.

“I know you were hurt but so was I. I saw my family shattered in front of y eyes. I saw you die. I was left alone in this cruel world with no one was there to guide me, no one was there who could be good or bad. At least you have your family but what about me.”I asked but he looked away without meeting my gaze.

“Tell me, how should I behave? How should I tell you that the bastard who killed my father and rape my sister was still alive? How should I tell you that he wants me all to himself? I was scared. I couldn’t saw you getting hurt so I choose to hide this. Was it that much hard for you to understand?”

“Your pain, your life, your love, everything is all about you. Then what about me? Am I a heartless creature? Don’t have I feeling? Don’t I felt pain? Don’t I deserve love? Tell me.”I asked clutching his collar.

“I am sorry. I know, I am a selfish bastard who doesn’t think about anything but himself.”He cried.

“You deserve the world love but I am too selfish to let you go. I can’t leave you even if you ask me. I can’t. You are a selfless person but I am not. I need you. I love. Just give me a chance.”He falls down on his knees crying his heart out.

I wipe my tears before turning my back towards him.

“I can’t,”I stated and was about to move away but he grips my waist.

He turned me around and hugged me tightly by burying his face into my stomach. A different feeling filled in my heart. Butterflies started to flutter inside my stomach as he placed a sweet kiss on my stomach.

“Don’t leave me chica. I will die.”He was looking like a vulnerable child who got scolded by his parents with his hair falling on his forehead.

“Don’t make an impulsive decision which you will regret later. Take your time and decide. I don’t have in me to handle this torture again in the future. Go back home and decide what you want.”I said caressing his head lovingly.

“We will talk later till then you will decide what you want. Then tell me what do you really love me or not.”I said.

“I l.”

“Shh. Don’t decide on hassle…”He stopped me by placing his palm on my lips.

I am going to say this one time and listen very carefully. I am in love with you. I always loved you and I always will, forever There is nothing in this world which change my mind. I want this. I want you. I want us, happy and in love. I don’t think otherwise.”

Loving you was like breathing in a sweet scent.

Every time I breathe in it, I crave for more.

"I love you and there is nothing could change my mind. This time I am not asking you to be my girlfriend as I don’t want to do the same mistake twice. I want you to be with me all my life beside me. I want to get old with you. I want to be there for you in your bad days. I want to share my happiness with you. I need you with me every second of my life."With every word, he spoke the wall around my heart started to melt.

There are so many stars in this vast sky but for me, you are my only sunshine”

“I know you love your life, your name but If you allow me then I and wants to change the William with the knight. Will you let me do?”He asked seriously.


“Will you marry me? Please?”He asked hopefully.

A tear escaped from my eyes which he wipes by kissing my cheek softly. I close my eyes feeling his hot breath on my face. I felt a plethora of emotions running inside me but the emotion was top of them was love and affection. I couldn't ask more from it.

In this second I knew that he was the person I could anything without thinking twice. For him, I could die and then the decision made.

“I will marry you,” I said and seal the promise with a kiss.

**Brandon P.O.V**

Its been six months since I propose her. My life changed for good with her beside me. She became the reason why I want to wake up in the morning and sleep at night. She becomes the centre of my world, my love, my life , my Ashley.

Everyone was shocked when we disclose about us been marriage. Micahle and Derek were out of the world after hearing the news. They hug Ashley tightly and shout at the top of the lung that how excited they were for her our marriage.

We were enjoying our time with our family and our cute little baby girl. Mel was happy to be a flower girl.

Time fly so fast with the preparation of our marriage and the day come when we both get to unite by the power of god and everyone blessing.

I was standing at the end of the aisle waiting for my queen. I was sweating out of nervousness. I was looking at the door of the church impatiently every two minutes in hope y queen will show mercy on me and bless me with her presence.

"calm down dude, Your bride will come. It's not like she will ditch you"Michale, my groom mate, teased me which earn a glare from me.

"Shut up. Here I was getting worried and you are making fun of me"I hissed which made him smile sheepishly.

before he could replied the background music started to play at the arrival of the bride.

"Finally, she is here"My heart started to beat wildly in the excitement.

I look up as the door open and come to my beautiful daughter with a basket of flowers.

she was wearing a peach colour gown with a diamond tiara crown on her head. she was looking like an angel. she came towards me and gave me her best smile.

I crouch down in front of her before kissing her cheek which made her blush.

she went away as the bride's mate started to come and now it was the time of meeting my queen.

My throat becomes dry and my heart stop for a moment when Ashley came along with Derek looking down on the floor. She looks beautiful in her mermaid off-shoulder gown. She was looking breathtaking. When our eyes meet like everything stop around me.

She gave me her heartwarming smile which I return nervously.

Once she reached near me Derek gave her hand in mine before walking away and sit beside Mel.

"You look stunning" I compliment her which made her blush.

"you don't look bad yourself," She said in a teasing tone.

Holding her hand in my own I look at the priest who started the ceremony. everything went so smoothly and now it was the time to exchange our vows.

"Do you, Brandon Knight, take Ms Ashley William as your wife?"HE asked.

I smiled and nodded"I do".

He then asked Ashley who looks at me with a bright smile and love in her eyes and say "I do".

"You may kiss.."Before he could finsih I pulled Ashley by her waist which made her giggle and seal our bond by kissing her passionately.

No one can separate us now. This is our life, our bond, our love, our unbreakable love.



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