Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 5

Ashley P.O.V

There is only one thing that makes me alive, one n only mission of my life to save those lives who can't save themselves, to help them. I know I can’t make them back but if I could make any person life better it make feel like I pass the guilt built up inside me. I never allow anyone to come close to me to break my walls which I create so I never attach with anyone again emotionally or mentally. The one n only reason for build up this Light In The dark firm(N.G.O) to help the victim. In the past few years, they became my family ...A habit of me...

I took a deep breath before turning the knob and let the door ajar. I enter the room and scan it searching for the girl.

I saw her crawling under the bed. Her lips trembled and body shaking due to fear. Fear of monster which hurt her. She is no more than twelve years old but the incidents, the wrath, and misery she feels in her small lifespan its leave a deep wound on her soul on her mind which quite take lots of time to heel.

The monster not what we really think they are. They neither live in our bed nor in the closet. They only live inside our head. Only some of them able to control their inside monsters and some who don’t have enough strength they let their fear control themselves and make their life a living hell of others.

It’s pain my heart to see her like that. I shook my head to remove those thoughts. I have to help her, make her smile. Needed to assure her she is not alone we are here to help her support her.

I placed the bag of sweet which I bought earlier on the table and sat on one the couch.

“How am I supposed to finish all these chocolates and cakes?"I said as I saw everywhere but her.

“I wish someone help me to eat all those yummy things” I saw her coming out of the bed slightly from the corner of my eyes. She stood far from me all her attention was towards food.

“Hey. Do you want some sweets? I have plenty of them."I asked sweetly with a smile.

She just shook her head in no.

“I know you also can’t finish it. Right?. Oh my god, This sweetness gonna waste now because no one can finish them”I huffed in fake annoyance.

The side of her lips turns upwards turned into a small smile.

“I can finish all of them,” she said shyly.

“No, you cant. I know”I try to make her talk more.

“I can. Wanna try” she said confidently showing her white teeth.

“yup... Let see who will finish their sweets first” I said and patted it next to me for her.

She hesitated first then nodded and sat beside me.

“Are you ready?"I said before placed a box of cupcakes in front of her and one for me. She just nodded.

“Okay. let’s start”.

We start eating cupcakes. She looks happy while eating. I chewed my bite slowly and examine her expressions. She is so fragile so innocent. She doesn’t deserve any pain. she finishes her first cupcake then take second while I stop eating and watch her with satisfaction.

“Yayy. She starts jumping up and down. I win. I finish first.” she said dancing happily.

I can’t help but laugh. I only finish my first cupcake. When her eyes landing on me she smiles shyly held her head down.

“I told you, I will win,” she whispers.

“Yes dear, I know you win... now as we all know that the person wins always get a price right?“I questioned her. Her eyes were gone wide like children’s in a candy shop.

“W-will y-you give me p-price?” she asked shuttering.

“yes, little one, "I said politely.

“thank you....” she said and hugged me tightly. Her small arms hug me around my torso. After a while, she releases me from the hug and starts sobbing.

“Hey, little one... why are you crying? Are you hurt??” I asked her while examined her body for any wound

“N-N0 o-one s-said that to me..” her voice was hoarse with all crying.

I wipe her tears and smile warmly at her.

“No one gonna hurt you here... we all are here to protect you. You are not alone here” I said caressing her cheeks.

She nodded and ones again hug me. I hug her back and comfort her.

“What’s your name little one?“I asked quietly.

“B-Bella,” she said shyly.

“sweet name for a sweet girl” I smile at her.

“Let’s go... I guess you wanna see your new home” I sad while taking her small hand and intertwined our fingers.

Fear washed over her face and her gulp.

“N-no, please. I don’t want to go outside. He gonna punish me again” She said with fear evident in her voice.

“Hey, Bella. I am here. no one gonna hurt you. We are a family here. And you know there are so many children you gonna love them.“I tried to comfort her.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them. She nodded and smiles weakly.

We came out of the room and move towards the hall where everyone waiting for us.

Everyone seems too busy in there talk so no one pay attention to where we stood. I cleared my throat to grab their attention.

Jones approached us with one of the staff. They greeted me, I just nodded in return.

“Hey” He tried to start a conversation with Bella but she hides beside me due to fear making me sigh.

I grab her hand and turn her towards me and bend to her level. I cupped her cheeks and look her into her eyes. All I could see was fear, pain, and hesitation. I smile at her making her calm a bit.

“Bella... this is Jones. He is taking care of you. You don’t need to hide from him and fear from him”I said to her.

She just nodded.

“Hey. You can call me uncle J” He said with a bright smile making her smile as well.

“Now, Bella, you wanna meet with children’s right. You gonna make so many friends here."Jones said to her and move towards jenny her wife and said something in her ears which I cant get. After sometimes children running towards us. Bella’s eyes widen in surprise to see them. In this N.G.O, we have currently sixty children of every age from three to fourteen. Her smile widened at the sight of them and they all run away with Bella to play in the playground.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Jones said making me turn towards her.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

“If it’s not you, we never make her came out of her shell,” He said with a smile.

“it’s okay Jones. It’s my duty. She needs me that’s why I am here” he nod in understanding and excuse himself.

I watch children play with Bella making a smile crept on my face.

After as I try to walk back I feel someone pulling my shirt down. I look down and saw Cameron stood there trying to grab my attention.

I pick him up in my arms and he smiles widely.

“I Mwiss you,” he said in his baby voice.

“Aww... I miss you too Cammy” I said kissing her cheeks making him blush.

“How are you, Cammy?"I asked him as he was busy playing with my hair.

“Not good. I mwiss you so much but uncle J didn’t let me talk with you” He said pouting making me chuckle.

" Okay, now I am here, Right?. what you wanna play?"I asked. He grins and jumps out of my hold and start running. I start running after him and start chasing him. He giggles and runs as fast he could. I catch him making him squealed.

“Got you” he pouted. I pinched his cheek making him blush.

“Okay now go and play with your new friends.“He nodded and kissed my both cheeks and ran away.

I smile at her innocent action.

“Hey boss,” Michael said as he approached me with Mia and Maria.

“Mhm,” I said not turn my attention from Bella.

“You know boss you should smile more. Your smile is pretty good. What do you say, granny?"He said with a grin.

My expression turned from happy to blank and I gave him a peculiar look.

“Oh come on, boss. you can’t be mad at me."He whined making Mia and Maria chuckled.

“Oh, come on I know you love my jokes.” He said smugly.

I gave him a look like 'are- you -kidding- me?’ and try to make my face expressionless.

“Michael stops this nonsense now, otherwise...” I demanded.

“There is a consequence" He completed for me my sentence. I narrowed my eyes at him and gave him my meany look.

“Oh come on Boss. you can’t do this to me. I know that look, like if I don’t shut my mouth you gonna kick my ass."He said in mocking tone.

“Oh you know what I can and I will,” I said stern tone.

“Okay okay. my apologies,” He said put his hand up in the air in surrender.

“He is right Ms William. You look beautiful when you smile. Your smile makes anyone happy” she said and Mia nodded her head.

“No. I can’t. you all know me very well, Maria and you Michael, you know me very well. I can’t be happy not now or not in the future. I don’t have anything to call a family except both of you. I can’t change for anything. I AM A MONSTER MARIA FOR GOD SAKE... THE MONSTER INSIDE ME CAN’T DIE NOW AND THIS MONSTER HAD NO MERCY NO LOVE NO PAIN...“I shouted at them.

“But...” she tried to say but I cut her off in mid.

“Leave Maria. Leave me alone for sometimes.“I whisper not looking at them as my emotions overwhelmed me.

“There is someone for you my dear who gave you happiness and love. Mark my words.“She said with winked at me.

“No one can do that. no one will. ONCE A MONSTER... ALWAYS A MONSTER... Mark my word.” I said and walk past them.

Brandon P.O.V

“I can and I will make it happen...“I said arrogantly.

“But sir we tried to talk to him but he refuses to sell his house. He said this house held so many memories and he doesn’t want to give it to anyone” My marketing assistant said.

“I don’t take no for an answer Derek. I don’t have much time on waste on you. I want this house papers till ten o clock evening. Either you convince him or send me your resignation.. I don’t want people around me who don’t do a simple work."I said arrogantly and walked out of the office don’t gave him another chance to protest.

“Sir we have another meeting at 6′o clock and," Lincoln said but I cut him off.

“Cancel all the meetings for today...I am going to my dad mansion to meet my princess. she is coming back from her camp today."I smiled widely.

“Oh, Mel came back... that’s great sir have fun,” Linc said.

Before I leave my office my phone starts ringing... I check the caller ID and it’s my mom call... strange she never calls me at this time...

“Hey mom.. everything alright??“I asked.

“N-noo” she starts sobbing.

“what happen mom?“I asked worriedly.

The thing she said to make my world stop...

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