Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 6

Brandon P.O.V

“Please calm down, mom. Tell me what happens to Mel? I thought you gonna pick her up from the airport??” I tried to calm her and get information.

“I j-just reached there and find out that her having a fight with one of her classmates they bullied her so she just punches him and ran away."She still sobbed.

“Mom. Don’t worry. nothing gonna happen to our Mel. I am gonna find her safe. Please take care of yourself."I said and hung up the phone.

I let out a frustrated sigh."Where are you, Mel? Please come back to daddy.” I felt like my heart ripped from my chest as a feeling of fear washed over me like something bad happen to her. I ran out of the building and get in my car for her searching.

I can’t help but blame myself for letting going my only daughter there on stupid school camp alone. She is just five years old for god sake. I was feeling like an idiot who gave her permission to go there but what can I do? I can’t say no to her. she always gets a way to make her wish come true. She wrapped me around her pinky finger that I can’t help it. I love Melanie. I know I am not her biological father but she is the only thing I have left for life.

She is my life, everything stops when I lost her. I stop living my life. I reserved myself for study and work. I work like a machine, never take a break from work. I work hard to reach this level, expand my family business to this level, but always feel a pang of guilt that I can’t do anything to find her. I start drinking and taking a drug when I don’t find the love of my life but the things change after my little angel Mel came into my life. Melanie mother was a good friend of me she died after giving her birth. I promise her I always take care of Mel. I remember that day when first I took Mel in my arms. She smiled at me make my heart warm. She is my angel. She gave me the reason for living. I live for her and only for her. Daddy gonna find you, angel. I promise myself.

I ran my hands through my hair. I need to do something. I call my detective friend the answer after two rings...

“hey man”

“Hey, Dave. I want you to search all the places near the airport. I don’t care what will you do, all I want my daughter is back and safe.“I yelled.

“Okay calm down man... I will do it.“He replied and hung up.

Ashley POV

It’s easy to say that’s everything going to be alright. The thing happens for good reason. But that’s not true at some point. No one deserves the pain... No one deserves to be torn apart from their family from their loved ones. But it’s the ugly truth of life... some fall apart for good reason and some forcefully leave there loved ones.

Only thing I want to live alone not want anyone to bother me at this moment. I always came here to cliff away from people who run after money or those who pretend to be loving you but stabbed you in back. Whenever I feel alone I came here on cliff.. the sunset sight in front me actually help me calm myself and clear my thoughts. The beauty in front of me was very soothing. I used to come here with my dad at the time. I love to watch the sunset. I like the change I colour in the sky... whenever the usual colour of the sky changes into golden red its look like pure bliss to me.

A smile crept naturally on my lips after seeing sunset its looks like old-time. me, dad and the beautiful sunset. But my smile turns into a frown when reality hit me like a rock. Nothing can’t be perfect. nothing can’t be changed... I don’t have my dad, my sis. the people whom once I called my family brutally killed in front of me. A tear escaped from my eyes before I could stop it and then more came out one after another. I never cry after that incident. I create a wall around my heart make myself heartless but whenever I am here I can’t control my emotions.

I know they care about me but the thing is they think that someone changes me into my old self but the things they didn’t know was that I couldn’t change into that again.

I used to be a talkative person. a person can bring a smile to a sad one face. I like myself that way. a bubbly charming girl who lives her life happily with her dad and sis. I never saw my mother.. she died when I was two..so I don’t remember her much. All I know is that for me my Di is my mother. She is six years older than me. I loved her so much. I was very possessive over her. I could do anything for her back then.

She always told me to calm down and don’t get into any fight. but the only thing she doesn’t know was that I only fight for her. I couldn’t bear a single tear in her eyes. She was my good luck charm...

After sometimes I feel relief and quite happy. I wipe my tears and stood up from where I sit and start the walk back to my car when a voice rang in my ear. I stop on my track to search the source but nothing came out. I shook my head and start to walk again...


My attention diverted towards the voice.


I ran towards where the voice came from. The first thing I saw was a small little girl, who was hanging on the tree which was unfortunately on the edge of the cliff. The scenario makes my heart beat fast. She cried her heart out loud making my hurt ache as well.

“Don't worry baby. I am here now. Don’t cry..."I try to cooed her.

She saw me with her beautiful but teary eyes and nodded.

“h-help. "She tried to say.

“s-sshhhh. I am coming. hold on."I say to which she only nodded.

I started to climb on the tree making sure not to trip on any branch of his. I move slowly toward her.

"Sshh. Sweetpea, give me your hand and I am gonna pull you up ” I tried to convince her...

“B-but” she cried in fear...

“sweet Pea.. do you trust me? I promise I will protect you. Baby girl gives me your hand” I said softly while offering my hand to catch.

She shook her head yes.

“Come here, baby. I’ll hold you nothing bad gonna happen" she silently nodded and give me one of his hand to hold.

I hold her hand tightly but firmly not to injure her and pull her upwards slowly.

After she came safely she hugs me tightly... she placed her head in the crook of my neck and Sniffle silently. I ruffled her hair and try to climb down with her still hugging me.

Once we reach safely down, I push her slightly not roughy, to see any injuries if she has any.

" are you hurt sweet pea?"I pulled away from the hug and examine her for any injury. She shook her head in no and I sighed in relief.

“Now mind telling what a little girl like doing here all alone” I questioned firmly.

“I slap a b-boy w-who said bad things about me and run away from there and reach here. I saw a little puppy, I ran after him and slip."She said and start crying. My eyes softened at her statement.

“Hey, sweet pea. Don’t cry. I am here."I said softly with a soft smile as she returns with a big smile.

“What’s your name dear?“I asked sweetly.

“oh...” she smacked her hand on her forehead... “I am sorry mommy, I forget to tell you,” she said while giggling. “Melanie”

I smile warmly. “Sweet name for a sweet girl just like you”.

“Thank you, mommy,” she said shyly making me shocked by her words.

" sweet pea, I know you miss you mamma but baby girl I am not your Mommy you know. let’s go little one, I think we should search for your parents they must be worried about you...” I said abruptly and softly kissed her cheek”

Tears pricked her eyes at hearing my words. “you don’t love me, mommy? You don’t like me??? That’s why you told me that you are not my mamma."She said with tears in her eyes.

“Hey, hey... Little one, please don’t cry... I am sorry please forgave your mommy...“I wiped her tears and cooed her.

“you are my mommy right?” she asked hesitantly.

“Yes... I am your mommy and mommy love, Mel."I said as I didn’t want her to make cry more. Her eyes lit up at my statement and she started to jump up and down.

“yeah.. mommy love Mel... I love you too mommy” she said while running into my arms and hug me tightly.

I stood up from my seat and start walking towards my car. I placed her in the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt. I walked towards my side and slip into my seat and put seat bell as well.

I glance towards her she looks so happy making my heart swollen with happiness and warmth after a lot of time.

I don’t know how but she makes me happy and live in a small amount of time with her mere presence. Whenever she hugs me I feel a strong pull towards her... I know she is not my daughter but I don’t why I feel like protect her and never let her go. But I know very well I can’t keep her with me she needs to go back to her family. I sighed in annoyance. Why god... when I don’t want to feel anything why you send her into my life to make me smile. I huffed in annoyance.

“M-mommy” her sweet voice ring into my ear.

“Yes sweet pea," I asked sweetly.

“I want ice-cream,” she said with a cute pout making me laugh.

“Of course... sweet pea. Anything for you” I said and start ignition and drove off.

After gave her precious ice-cream I asked her if she knows where she lived. To my surprise, she knows where she lived. I drove her to the address she gave me and reach a huge mansion. It was a three-story estate with a big fountain at the grand entrance. It looks quite beautiful with the red and golden theme. On the second and third floor were balconies with glass bannisters. There were a large patio and a big swimming pool on the right. It’s perfectly a masterpiece and I must say quite impressive.

I get out of the car and move towards Mel side helped her to come out of the car. Ones I placed her down she extends her both hand for me to take. I bend down and took her in my arms and walk towards her home.

I press the doorbell after a couple of minutes a lady in her early thirties with her maid’s uniform on open the door.

“How can I help you?” she asked sweetly. Before I could answer her eyes divert me to Mel making her eyes widen...

“Mel baby... are you okay?” she asked hurriedly.

Mel gave her a small smile and nodded.

She moves from the door and gave us a wide excess to enter the mansion.

“Ma’am, Have a seat... I’ll inform Mrs Knight about your arrival” she said hurriedly before disappearing from our site.

I seat on one of the couch and placed Mel sit beside me...

I look at my surroundings and I must this house is quite pretty and cosy with gold and white colours. It has two chandeliers which are golden in colour. Just like outside its beautiful inside.

A lady in her late forty’s running towards where we are sitting and pull Mel into a bear hug.

“Ohh Mel.. you make me so worried... are you fine my dear?” she asked worriedly.

“I am sowwy grandma,” Mel said in her baby voice making her laugh.

She kissed her cheeks and turn towards me.

“you” he trying to say but I cut her off.

“Hi, I am Ashley... I found her and bring her here like I said you all worried about her.“I said solemnly while extending my hand for a handshake.

“Oh dear... thank you so much... you don’t know how big favour you do for us,” she said and pull me in for a hug.

My body stiffened at her sudden reaction but after coming back from my shocking state I hug her back... I pulled away from the hug and gave her a small smile.

“I am Linda knights but please call me Linda. I am her grandmother,” she said with a warm smile.

“Why don’t we sit and talk that’s help a lot to know each other” Linda said suggestively.

“Thanks, Linda.. but it’s getting late” I try to reject her offer.

“I think I should get going now.“I turned around but a little hand stops me from moving further.

“why are you going mommy?” she questioned sadly.

Linda gave me a confused look.

“sweet pea, I have to go... I have some work to do” I tried to convince her but she shook her head no.

“Are you leaving me, mommy? Are you thought I am a bad girl? I promise mommy, I am never demand anything, I don’t want chocolate toys. but pwease don’t go.." She said with tears in her eyes.

Tears prick in her eyes and a sobbed escaped her lips. I look past her and saw Linda, shocked and amused by her action.

I pulled her to me for a hug. I sit on the couch and placed her on my lap. She snuggled into me and nuzzled her in the crook of my neck.

“Hey, lil one. please don’t cry. I am not going anywhere. Not now."I comfort her.

“Promise mommy...” she asked pleading. I look towards Linda for help. She gave me a small smile.

“How about we all have lunch? you must be hungry and your mommy too.“She said with a wink.

I gave her a tight-lipped smile.

“Let’s go lil one and feed you with some yummy food,” I said and tickle her slightly.

She starts giggling make a smile create on my own.

“I want to sit beside mommy."She said with a pout which increases her cuteness a million times.

We start ate lunch while from a corner of my eyes I saw Mel struggling to eat food on her own.

“Mel dear... do you want me to feed you?" Linda asked her sweetly to make me remind of my grandma who lives with us when I was four. She takes care of me and sis very efficiently. But unfortunately, she got a severe disease and die. A tear appears in my eyes at her reminding but I wipe it before it came out and smile slightly.

I saw Mel keep struggling. I sighed and pushed my plate aside.

“Lil one... come here”

She steps down from her chair and came towards me. She hung her head down may be due to embarrassment with I don’t like.

I grab her by her waist and placed her on my lap.

I took her plate and bring her spoon with her food near her mouth. Her eyes going wide due to my action but she opens her mouth wide and eats food. I start feeding her by myself and she happily finished her food. After feeding her she gave me a big hug. She kissed my cheeks both side and grinned at me.

“Aww... you both look cute..."Linda said with a big smile.

I just gave her a small smile.

“Yeah, grandma... I have a mommy now...” she starts jumping up and down.

" Lil one I have to go now... I have an urgent meeting now” I said smoothly eyeing her every moment.

She stops giggling and frowns.

“Where are you going mommy?” she asked sadly.

“Lil one... I have some work to take care of.. but I promise after I finish my work I am come and meet you.“I said hopefully not to hurt her feelings.

“Okay, mommy. But stay with me some more time...” she hugs me tightly.

After we lunch we sat on the one of the couch in her living room. Mel sat on my lap and start playing with my hair. I smiled at her... she is so pure so innocent... she looks adorable when she smiled... I don’t know why but I attract towards like a magnet attract towards metal. I smiled at her before turning my attention toward her grandmother.

“Umm,” she hesitated before speaking. “So....where do you found our angel.???”

I told her about everything about her fall off a cliff to her rescue... After I finish she starts crying.

“Thanks, dear... you did for us a huge favour,” she said solemnly.

I raised my eyebrows in question. She took a deep breath before starts to speak again.

“She is our life... I don’t know what would we do if something bad happens to her...” she said with tears in her eyes. I squeezed her hand to comfort her.

“umm... if you don’t mind may I ask you something... I don’t like to intrigue but where are her parents.” I asked.

“Her mother died after giving her birth. she is like a daughter to us... we took custody of Mel because there is not a person to take care of her... She is our grandchildren. Not by blood but by love.” she said with tears.


“she loves you a lot. I don’t know what and how but I never saw her that much happy. not even with her dad(my son)... you really make her happy dear,” she said looking towards Mel sleeping form.

She clings to me like a baby gorilla, she is looking very sweet and adorable right now...

" I think it’s time to bid my goodbye... “I said breaking the silence.

I kissed Mel forehead before gave Mel to Linda...

“Here this is my number if you need anything then you can call me” I sad while handing her my card.

I was about to turn before she pulled me towards her for a teddy bear hug... My body stiffened but soon calm into her motherly embrace.

“thank you, my child,” she said and kissed my forehead.

I awkwardly nodded not to know what to say and drive off back to my house.

Brandon P.O.V

“I don’t care... it’s five hours since she is missing... I don’t know what you do but I want her safe... ” I shout and hung up not listen to his excuse”

I sighed. Where are you, angel...

Ring Ring Ring

“hey mom... don’t worry I am gonna find her....” I reassured her.

“Son Mel is safe and home,” she said.

“I know. What???” It takes me a while to realize what she said. oh, thank god she is fine. Thank you so much, god.

“Yeah. A young lady finds her and brings her home...” she said slowly.

“I am coming home, mom... I am on my way” I reverse my car and drive towards my parent’s home...

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