Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 7

Brandon P.O.V

“Dad ... Try to understand... I know this meeting with Ms. William is important to us and for our project but Mel need me right now... I can’t leave her here alone after her little stunt of running from the airport I don’t want to lose her...” I said in pleading voice.

He took a pause and sighed before start speaking.

“I know son... Take your time and came as soon as possible. I know the family more important for us knights than anything else in the world. And our precious is more than the world for us” My father say enthusiastically.

“Thank you, dad...” I said while saw little angel sleeping on her bed peacefully.

I know I am overreacting but after what happened yesterday I don’t want to leave her... I cant focus on my work while thinking about my lovely angel. I remember last night conversation with my mom.


After my mom told me that the angel is home now I reached home s fast as I could.

I open the door of the mansion not bother to close the door and running towards her room... I saw her sleeping in her bed and took a deep breath which I don’t know I holding. I move forward towards her and sit beside her. I kissed her head possessively.

“You make your dad worry my little angel... “I murmured softly.

I pull the duvet over her to cover her and came out of her room to talk with my mother.

I saw my mom in the living room reading her one of her favourite books.

“Mom...“I shouted and hug her tightly. I feel like crying after exertion.

“How are you son???“My mother asked politely and hug me back.

I pulled away from the hug and look at her... My mom is so beautiful even at her age she looks younger... sometimes people misunderstood her as my elder sister instead of my mom...

“I am good, mom...“I said reassuringly.

She just nodded and gestured me to sit on one of the couch.

“I know son you have many questions in your mind which you want me to answer you...”

I just nodded and she continued.

“Son Mel is growing up and she needs her mother with her at this stage of her life to teach her good and bad to make difference between them... I know you don’t want to marry but for Mel sake think about it... Her classmates fight with her because she doesn’t have a mother they tease her so she punches one of them and ran away...” She said in a sad voice.

At this moment I am furious with rage and anger... All I want to punch someone.. how dare they hurt my angel... my daughter...

“A kind-hearted young women brought home safely and save her life... if only she not there at the moment our Mel fall from cliff..“My mother said on the verge of crying.

My heart clenched after hearing that... I feel that my heart is ripped from my chest.

Before my mom further informed me about the saviour of my daughter a small figure came running towards us...

“Daddy...“Mel squealed and run into my arms.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

“I missed you, daddy,” She said with a pout made me chuckled.

“I missed you to my angel...But why are you ran away from please don’t do that again...your daddy cant bear if anything bad happens to you” I said seriously.

“I am sorry daddy...“She said with tears in her eyes.

“Angel please don’t cry.“I cooed her...

“Daddy you know I meet with mommy..." she said chirpily... I gave her a confused look...

I look towards my mom but she smiled happily towards Mel...

I gave her are-you-crazy look but she just rolled her eyes at me.

“I love to meet your mamma Mel... what’s her name by the way?? And where you found her???“I asked seriously.

She scrunched her nose and try to be deep in thought... she looks too cute when she does that...

“Ashy mamma... she is angel daddy..” she said with so much love.

“Okay, now it’s time for you to get in bed we will meet your mamma after that... Okay..“I said sweetly.

“Really daddy... I love you, daddy..“She said and hugged me tightly with her tiny hands.

I chuckled at her reaction.

I took her to her room with a thought in my mind that whoever this woman my angel love wholeheartedly I need to meet her... very soon.




END of Flashback...

“Get up Mel... it’s time to wake up...“I said to Mel sweetly.

She lazily opens her eyes and gave me her world best smile for which I die for... I can do anything to make her smile and happy...

“Good morning daddy,” She said in her baby voice.

“Good morning princess... you need to get up otherwise you going to late for your school,” I said to her...

She jumped from the bed and practically ran towards her bathroom... that’s my princess... she always wants everything perfect...

I laughed wholeheartedly at her reaction...

After she bathed I help her change into her school dress... she likes to do this by herself but I love to help her in getting ready...

I walked down the stairs with her in my arms... we reached the dining room and eat our breakfast while chatting and laughing...

“it’s time for your school princess,” I said her.

“I don’t want to go,” She said and pouted...

“Dear... you have to learn and you can make new friends there,” I said with humour.

She just nodded and gave me her toothy smile which can make a Heartless creature heart melt.

“okay princess... be a good girl and daddy love you right.,“I asked and help her get out of the car.

“I love you too daddy...“She said and kissed my cheek.

Okay, daddy will pick up you after your school finish.. Take care” I said sweetly.

She nodded and ran inside her school... I stood there watching her going inside till her small silhouette disappear...

I wear my goggles and get in my car... It’s time to face Ms. WILLIAM... HOPE so meeting going great without any trouble... with that thought, I start my car and drove off to our company.......

Ashley POV

“I am home” I shouted as I enter my house. But stopped dead on my track when I saw a group of unknown men’s in our living room. They all are bulky and taller... they all wear the black uniform which gave them bad man look.

A shiver down my spine when one of them cognizance my presence and walk towards me. He stopped one footstep away from. He towers over my body and looking me head to toe in a judgmental manner making me uncomfortable.

“Ashley....“A familiar voice ran into my ear making my head snapped towards the honor of voice.

“Daddyyyy” I shouted and ran past the man towards where my dad was.

“D-daddy... W-who is these men’s??“I asked afraid.

“Shhh baby girl... nothing to worry about.. daddy handle them perfectly.. you go upstairs. Mel waiting for you” he wiped my tears and kissed my forehead.

I nod and start walking. Before I reach staircase someone pulls me back.

“Soo... this is the second bitch...” an elderly man said while gripping my arm in his large hand.

“W-Who a-are you???” I asked with fear.

“So little bitch have fear of me... suits you.“He snapped and pushed me on the ground.

“baby girl are you okay???...“My dad asked and hug me tightly.

“Enough father!!! I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior of yours towards my daughter... leave me and my daughter alone... I don’t want to with you or even see you...“My dad said angrily gritted his teeth.

“Father.???” my eyes widened at his statement.

My dad gave me sympathetic look and nodded.

“Ahhh...She is pathetic mere ten years old girl... I thought my man have fun with both of them after you join back to a group but don’t mind elder one was sufficient now..“He said with an evil laugh...

“You don’t touch any of my daughters in any way” my dad snapped.

“Ohh yeah... how you gonna stop me??...” this time his all stupid men’s start laughing which make me sick.

“Bring the other one...“Elderly bastard order one of his men...

Before I could understand what’s going on the man came back with my Di by pulling her hair. It makes me angrier. All I could see was red... One and only thought in my mind was that ‘how dare he touch her’.

“Leave her alone” my dad ran towards them and punched him into guts making him groan in pain.

“That’s enough... are you coming and join our group again or not” Ugly elderly person aka my so-called grandfather asked with his gun in his hand.

“NEVER” my dad roared.

“Bad choice son...“He said and pulled the trigger.


“Noooooooooooo” I shouted and sit up on my bed. My body covered with cold sweat due to fear.

Another bad dream...Why they don’t stop torturing me like daily. Why can’t I wake up like a normal person without having the dreadful nightmare? I groaned and pull of duvet... I walk towards the window and open it to welcome cool breeze and smell of ocean and sand. It always makes me calm and to forget about my dreams.

Every person desires the things which we don’t have or they can’t have them...The only thing I desired the most was my family... Smiling happily at me... I sound stupid but I have everything but it can’t give me happiness or satisfaction. I breathe because my body needs oxygen, I eat because my body needs energy... I may be a human being but I work like a robot... I like perfection... I don’t like giving anybody a second chance..... Life never plays a fair game with me so why should I.

After a long staring of the ocean, I walk into the bathroom to do my morning business and take a long warm bath. After a long relaxing bath, I walk inside my walk-in closet and choose a dress fancy but elegant for today’s meeting with knights.

After putting my clothes on I walk towards my vanity. I placed my hair in a French braid and use some nude lipstick instead of gloss today. I don’t want to use make so I just use mascara which looks quite great.

“Are you ready boss????“Michael asked as he walks towards me and sat opposite me.

“yeah give me a sec,” I said before finishing my last piece of pancakes.

I placed dirty plates in the dishwasher and take my bag from the couch.

“let’s go, “I told him and walk outside.

As I came outside I don’t found Jake, my chauffeur makes me confused... He never is late because he knows that I hate it...

“Your chauffeur is here madam...“Michael said in a British accent and slightly bow his head.

“Where is Jake???“I asked ignoring his behaviour.

“Today’s I am your chauffeur, bodyguard, PA, anything you want me....” he said smoothly.

“What happened to him?? “I asked impatiently.

“Oh..HIS wife is not well and admitted to a hospital so he called to inform that he can’t present on his duty so I’ll take care of that,” he said sweetly.

“asked him if he needs anything,-doctor better treatment or money whatever he need provide him immediately... Am I clear???” okay... make sure to update me on it...Now let’s go”I command and sat in the back seat of my car...

“Okay boss,” He said with a huge smile.

He gets in the driver seat and starts the car... I hope everything going smoothly and finalized today’s meeting.

“What was that??“I questioned him.

“What boss??” he asked innocently.

“Why are you smile like an idiot??” I enquired

“You are so sweet, kind-hearted and caring but never show your this side to anyone..“He said in a breath.

“How is Mia??“I asked while changing the subject.

He shook his head

“She is doing great boss..“He said with a small smile.




“We reached here boss...“Michael exclaimed and parked the car in front of Knights group of companies...

I came out of the car and stood in front of Knight enterprises... the texture of the building looks quite impressive... It completely made up of glasses with a silver touch... whoever made this building have a great work and have better taste in designing.

We entered the building and walk towards reception. Before we reached a man in his early thirties walk towards us and stood in front of me...

“Hi ma’am.. I am Nick Spencer... Mr Knight PA...You must be Ms William “He said and extend his hand for a handshake.

“Yeah... it’s me..“I said curtly...

We shook hand and start walking towards the elevator...

“he is in a conference room waiting for you ma’am... this way ma’am..“He said.

We reached 20th floor and walks passed many employees... They all gave me weird wives... some gave me curious look and some woman’s look gave me nasty glares... what’s with these woman’s and their nasty glares.. ugghhh I hate it...

We reached the conference room which is quite big and designed perfectly... I starting like there taste in designing... maybe doing work with them gonna be very interesting.

“Ms William is here sir,” Spencer said to a person which is look in his late forties... he has jet black hair combed perfectly, blue eyes and sharp jawline...he looks quite young for his age...

“I am Markos Knight... It’s nice to meet you....“Mr. Knight said politely.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I Said to try to make equally sweet.

I took a seat beside Mr Knight and Michael sit beside me.

“Shall we start If all your board members are here????“I enquired.

“Umm... Yeah” He said nervously.

“What happen Mr Knight... Is there any problem....??”

“No.. No... Actually CEO and head of this project is my son but he is not here right now due to some family emergency..... can we wait if you don’t mind Ms William...” He asked hopefully.

“Mr Knight I know the family is most important but work is as well important... if you want then we can postpone the meeting,” I said and stood from my seat...

“Sir ... we can start the presentation... Sir informed me that he is on his way...“Mr Knight PA said thoughtfully.

“Okay....“He said before a deep sighed.

They start the presentation... I must say its gonna a long day and I don’t know why but work with them is gonna be fun...

“I must say, Mr Knight, I am very impressed with your presentation and I look in the future to work with you,“I said with a genuine smile.

“It’s my pleasure that you like my dream project... shall we discuss further details of this project in my office,” He said and stood from his seat...




after an hour later someone enters his office with a loud bang...

“Hey, dad... I am sorry I am stuck in traffic...“A Familiar voice says while entering the cabin...

I turned to saw who belong to this voice and for my shocked it none other than stupid arrogant jerk himself...

He is so annoying... ugh.... I hate him...

“Welcome son... meet Ms WILLIAM... MS. WILLIAM This is my son and CEO of this company Brandon Knight...“Mr Knight said sweetly.

“Hii... It’s nice to meet you” I said with a small smile...

He took my hand and kissed my knuckle... A shiver ran down my spine at his touch...

“Trust me Ms. Its pleasure is all mine..“He said with a wink...

Ugh, I hate him right now so much... I wish I can punch him right now...

“You look more beautiful since our last meeting,” He said still holding my hand...

I tried to pull my hand back but he gripped tightly in my hand...

“You meet before fantastic”Mr Knight exclaimed.





OH come on Ashley how can you forget our last meeting... I narrowed my eyes at him...

I gave him a look., are - you - out-of-your-mind... he just chuckled in response...

“Mr Knight... its pleasure works with you but I don’t want to work with your son...“I said coldly...

“Why Ashley are you afraid of me??? ” He asked playfully...

“Afraid of you... in your dreams” I snapped...

“Except it Ashley you afraid of fall for my charm,” he said and flip his hair...

“I am not afraid of you ”

“yes you are”

“No, i am not”







Before I could say anything someone chuckle from behind... I turn to see Mr. Knight and Michael look towards us with an amused expression...

“You look too cute while bickering like a child,” Michael said which earn a glare from me...

“Okay... I am doing this project... But ever you cross in my way I am gonna make you pay” I said and walk out of the office without waiting for his side...

oh god, what have I got myself into?

he gonna make me insane...

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