Alpha Merlynn

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Merlynn has a lot going on. She has to run a rowdy pack, despite not being their Alpha. Her mate cheated and her parents want her to forgive him. All that, while battling her attraction to a stranger. Merlynn's mate cheated on her, basically forcing her to end their relationship. Furthermore, his pack wants her to take the Alpha position instead of him. Between her parents complaining over the loss of their son-in-law, the pack causing all kinds of trouble and having to heal from heartbreak, she meets Nathan. Mysterious, audacious, flirtatious, and totally off-limits. Her head tells her she should not bother with him, but will her heart listen?

Romance / Fantasy
Salis Forest
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I was horrified by the scene that took place in front of my eyes. He was sitting right in front me. In the chair he always sat in, in my parental house. My mother offered him tea, as always, which he declined, as always.

Alex did not drink tea. He never did. He survived by drinking coffee. It was more important to him than oxygen, or so it seemed.

Mum reacted disappointed, as always, and he laughed, as always. As if nothing was wrong. As if everything was completely normal. As if the last couple of months had never happened.

‘Here is the coffee,’ my mum replied, her Irish accent heavily present. To me, it almost sounded as if she was singing.

‘What are you doing here?’ I finally managed to ask. His eyes locked with mine and my breath got trapped in my lungs. I couldn’t breathe in, couldn’t breathe out.

‘I want you back,’ Alex mumbled, his eyes filled with sorrow and longing. ‘That is not going to happen,’ I promised him. My parents sucked in their breath, noticing the tension in the room.

‘Don’t be silly, Merlynn. I will get you back. You know that.’ Alex morphed from a dejected ex to a creepy one. One that could lock you up in his house. One that could tie you to a bed, hoping you’d never escape.

‘You should go with him, Merlynn,’ both my parents suddenly insisted. I shot a glance at them, seeing they had the same look on their face as Alex had.

‘Leave me alone,’ I screamed before the three of them lunged at me.

I woke up sweaty, heavily breathing, the nightmare still playing in my head. Well, part of it was a nightmare. Part of it true.

Alex was my ex. He had cheated on me. And he had begged for forgiveness, multiple times. My parents had done the same thing, not wanting to lose their son-in-law. Or their son-in-law to be. By human standards, he had not yet been that. By werewolf standards, he had.

The part of the nightmare that didn’t happen was the lunging at my throat and the murderous looks in their eyes.

'Merlynn,' mum called from downstairs. I groaned, not wanting to get up. Mornings were not the best part of the day for me.

'What?' I inquired, annoyed at the disturbance. I had not gotten a lot of sleep lately. Both because of Alex and because of my newfound Alpha position. Both of them took up a lot of time, either in my mind or in reality.

'You have a visitor,' she called and precisely at that moment, I caught a whiff of his scent.


That nightmare was quickly becoming reality.

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