Celestial Laments

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Within an ever-expanding universe, chaos rules the Cosmos from the largest giants to the smallest molecules. In between the flames and explosions of chaos, here are the wishes of a man to let his true love how much he loves her.

Romance / Poetry
S.A. King
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For Her

I, The Sun, stretch my warm love to all, emblazoning the cosmos with life. Yet as much as I shine with determination, I may never surpass Her glow. This is my strife.

I, The Moon, radiate my beauty and grace to my nocturnal patrons and illuminate their dark paths. The wolves sing to me at dusk and worship my very quintessence. However, as much I’m praised, I may never be as beautiful as Her.

I, Jupiter, rule the Planets with a mighty fist and bolts of lightning. I coordinate the planets path’s and star’s positions to my liking. Despite the command and power I hold, I could never imagine to control Her.

I, Man, worship the celestial bodies and accept their dominance over me.

I watch in awe as planets pirouette across the sky, I feel the warmth of the Sun on my face.

Howbeit, the sight of Her is far more intriguing than the Moon and Her touch is warmer than a thousand Suns.

They could place the power of the entire Cosmos in my hands, but I will never be happier than I am being a simple Man with Her hand in mine.

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