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Chapter 21

This was probably the longest, quiet drive of my life. Not only did things feel extremely uncomfortable between us after, I told Brandon about my mother. It was no surprise what was playing on his mind. I knew exactly what he was thinking. His mind was busy with all sorts of questions and I guess he didn't know what to ask first.

All I hoped for, was that he wasn't mad at me for keeping the truth away from him so long. I don't think I could bear it if I have to lose him. Brandon brought the car to a stop in front of my house but, he didn't look at me or said a word. He just sat there with his hands resting on the steering wheel looking ahead of him.

"Do you want to come in?" I asked, breaking this unnecessary silence between us. He turned his head so that he was facing me. A frown was plastered on his forehead. My guess, he was shocked. "You sure?" Yep, he was. "I wouldn't have asked you if I wasn't sure." My beating heart calmed down when I noticed the corners of his lips twitching like he was ready with a comeback but, to my surprise, he didn't say anything. He just switched off the car and got out.

I followed in pursuit and walked with him towards the house. I opened the front door and welcomed him in. It was quite ironic. It wasn't hard finding the girls as they were sprawled out in front of the TV, each on their own couch. They didn't remove their eyes from the TV screen or made a move when they spoke up.

"Oh, look here. The runaway has finally returned." Camille was the first to speak. "And she brought a friend with her." Jaylin joined in. I just rolled my eyes at their sarcasm. "Would the two of you stop talking about me in the third person? I'm right here." I scoffed.

"Depends," Camille said removing her legs from the couch and pushed her up into a sitting position so that she was facing me. "Are you going to tell us where the hell you've been?"

"I thought you guys knew everything?"

"I can guess but, my suggestion is that you probably wouldn't approve of my guessing techniques as you can see they are a little rusty." Her eyes took Brandon in and it immediately gave me the red flag.

"I was invited to a party. I had a really good time and stayed over at Brandon's." I told her straight. "Figured." She said with a shrug of her shoulders. "You are kind of obvious." I quirked an eyebrow.

"Really now?" I asked showing Brandon to take a seat while I sat down next to her. "Should I ask the questions you are dying to hear?" She asked softly so Brandon wouldn't hear. "No, mom. I didn't do anything that I would regret for the rest of my life. Everything is still attached." She smirked and patted me on the head. "Good girl." I swatted her hand away. "I'm far from being a good girl."

"Oh, we know." I did not like the look on her face. "Cam, not like that." She just shrugged. "It's probably none of my business." You got that right. "But, is there something you would like to tell us?" I quirked an eyebrow. She then pointed with her eyes between Brandon and I. "No." I answered. "Are you sure because I can sense the chemistry between the two of you since the moment you two have entered the house." I just had to roll my eyes at her.

"You can't fake chemistry." She whispered in my ear before the front door opened and an excited Jonah entered the house. "Brandon!" Brandon chuckled at Jonah when he almost fell over his own two feet just to greet Brandon. "Hey, little man." Brandon greeted him with a bro handshake and hug.

"Hi, to you too," I huffed, feeling kind of jealous that he was more excited to see Brandon. "Oh, hey Sasha." He came over to me and we did our secret handshake.

"Guess, you must Bradon." My father said entering the living room. I watched in amusement as Brandon scrambled to get to his feet. "Mr. Adams." He held out his hand to my father. "Finally nice to meet the guy who owns that beauty parked outside our house." Brandon smiled. "It seems everyone around here knows who you are except for me." My father said shaking his hand and releasing him.

Brandon's sentence got stuck in his mouth when Meredith came around the corner. I watched the look on his face when my father introduced her. "My soon-to-be wife Meredith." He greeted her and then he turned his head so that he was looking at me.

Probably everyone in the room could sense what he was thinking. My father cleared his throat to clear the air. "Who's hungry? We are making burgers!" He announced. "We just ate." I tried to come up with an excuse.

"Pfft, from when do you complain about food?" Camille asked.

"You staying for lunch?" My father asked Brandon. "That would nice." Brandon replied looking at me. My father caught the hint. He then called Jonah to help him while the rest just left the room. "You don't need to be bullied into staying if you don't want to." I told him.

"I've got nothing else planned and I was looking forward to meeting your family." I nodded at his reply.

"But, I do have one question though." He said as he took a step closer. "Your mothers passing, is that the reason why you stopped playing?" He asked. I kind of knew that would be the first question he would ask me. "Part of it, yes," I answered and he nodded. "I kind of figured." He said looking at the family photos.

"What I just don't get, why would you throw away something that you obviously love? Your mother will never hold it against you or ever stop loving you if you do decide to play hockey again. My guess is that she will love you even more."

For the first time in my life, I had no words. It didn't matter what I thought, he was telling the truth and those words tasted like vinegar.

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