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Chapter 34

I gave a satisfied moan as I stretched out my lazily and relaxed limbs. I yelped when I suddenly realized that I was lying on the edge of the couch where I was still snuggled up against a sleeping Brandon. His arm was my anchor that kept me from falling off the couch and landing on my face. My sudden movements didn't even wake him.

I looked around and noticed we were alone. My father left us like this with no care in the world that we might do stuff that is not allowed? My father has seriously trust in Brandon and I. It's like he almost gives us permission. I cautiously peeled Brandon's arm from around my waist and got up before my father shows up, and make things even more awkward than it already is.

I took out a few cups from the cupboards while brewing some coffee when my father made himself known. "Morning." He greeted. I paused at the playfulness in his voice He was up to no good. "Morning." I played along. "Coffee?" I asked. "Will be nice, Meredith is up too. She too would like a cup." I nodded and took out another cup.

"How did you sleep?" Yep, like I said up to no good. "That couch is my worst enemy." I replied. "You looked pretty comfortable to me last night." He replied. "Yeah, especially when you use a person as your pillow." I waited for my father's reply. Meanwhile, on the inside, I was trying to fan down my beating heart just by thinking of lying curled up in Brandon's muscular arms.

"Morning!" Brandon made his famous entrance. He gave a stretch while looking from my father to me. "Did I just interrupt a gossip session?" He asked smugly. My father actually chuckled. "I like this boy, do please keep him around." My father said softly only for me to hear. Is that his way of telling me that he approves of him as a boyfriend or just a friend?

Brandon and my father ended up talking about boy stuff while I played housewife and poured coffee for everyone. "So, what are we doing today?" Brandon asked when I was seated next to him. "Jonah wants me to take him to the ice rink for a few shots, and then probably we will end up at the Carnival. Oh, and Daphne already begged me to bring her along." He was frowning.

"What's with the frown?" I asked offering him a biscuit from the freshly baked chocolate chip biscuits that Meredith made yesterday. "You didn't invite me to the Carnival." I rolled my eyes at him as he started to chuckle. "I thought it was just our thing where you always just show up and tag along. I didn't know that I have to ask you."

"Well, I should probably head home first as my mom is probably freaking out because my phone's battery died last night. And she has no idea where I am. I'll get cleaned up, dressed and meet you guys here." I nodded. He finished his coffee in a few gulps, said his goodbyes to my father and made his way to the door while I escorted him.

"I should've made sure you at least informed them last night about being here. I hope your mom is not going to be mad." I said. He turned to look at me. "The only thing my mother will be mad about is that I didn't spend the night with Clarissa." I quirked an eyebrow. "My mom is struggling to adapt to the truth that Clarissa and I are over. It's like she invested money in me and Clarissa's future together."

"It's rare that moms accept their sons' girlfriend. She knows Clarissa's mother which makes it easier for her to see you with Clarissa then any other girl." It almost seemed as if Brandon was deep in thoughts before he replied. "I always knew that there was a reason why I like you, you always look at things from a different perspective." My whole composure went rigid before my tummy exploded with thousands of butterflies.

"Bye, Adams." I almost didn't hear his goodbye. I gave a wave before shutting the door. I stood there in front of the door just thinking really hard. From when did things get this complicated? Him calling me Angel, the second time we almost kissed and then admitting that he likes me. I knew absolutely nothing about love or relationships, but this was extremely weird. It made me feel different things at once.

I made my way up the stairs to my room to get cleaned up before he returns. I first climbed out of the window and onto the roof. Where I lit a cigarette. My lungs protested at the sudden inhalation of the smoke. I haven't smoked in days, this would be my first. I looked at my smoke and decided to put it out. He always knew that I would find a way to quite. Damn, boy.

I sat there for a few minutes just looking at the sky and thinking about my pitiful relationship crises. I was definitely overthinking this. But, why was I fearing of losing him every time I would think about kissing him or express to him how I feel?

After deciding this was bullshit, I made my way back into the house and took a shower. I got dressed and went downstairs where Jonah was waiting for me. "Ready to go?" I asked tying up my hair. "Have been ready ten minutes ago."

"Okay, tough guy. We are still waiting for Daphne and Brandon." I replied. I grabbed our things and motioned for him to go. "Bye, dad." I yelled before shutting the door behind us. We stood on the sidewalk while waiting for Brandon.

Brandon soon arrived, including Daphne who he picked up along the way. I got in the back with Jonah when I noticed Jake. I held my composure as I scooted in next to him. Jonah got in after me and shut the door behind him. "Hey." Jake greeted. "Sup." I greeted back.

This was the most awkward ride I had in my life. I could sense Daphne's awkwardness and Jake's eyes on her now and then. I don't know who was first out when we stopped at the ice rink. I was still busy helping Jonah get out his thing when Jake disappeared.

"Is this yours?" Jonah asked pointing towards my hockey gear. "Yeah, now come on." I closed the door and walked towards the building. "How did it go?" He asked falling in step with me. "We lost our first game." His face fell. "Did you at least get to play?" He asked. "I did, second half." I smiled. "Did you kick ass?" He questioned. "Of course I did." I didn't lie. I had to make a point for them to see what I got.

"I just wish they can see how good you are."

"I haven't played in years, Jonah. My time will come. As will yours, but aside from me. You got to stop being afraid and just play your heart out." He nodded. He took off his shoes and slipped on his skates when we got to the ice rink. A few players were already out there warming up. "Want me to join you or will you be fine on your own?" I asked handing him his stick.

"Will you at least just watch?" I nodded. He walked off and got onto the ice. Daphne came to stand next to me while we watch Jonah. "He truly looks up to you." She said. "I too look up to him, his free will and courage." Daphne nodded. I watched Jonah receive the puck and to my surprise, he kept it and went for goal. I cheered without realizing it when the puck flew past the goalkeeper into the net.

Jonah skated towards me, I held out my hand for him to give me hand five. "Just keep on doing that." I yelled when he skated away towards his team. "He surely skates with more confidence out there." Brandon said coming to stand next to me. "He better. Our last practice was hard for a reason." I replied noticing that Daphne has become quiet. I looked to my side and caught her trying not to make eye contact with Jake.

He was walking up to us with skates in both hands. "What's he up to?" I asked Brandon who only pulled up his shoulders. He stopped in front of her and held out a pair of skates to her. "I know you have a secret love for ice skating." He said to her, but she didn't respond. "Daphne, please. I know I was a stupid dumbass." Still no response. I gave her a light shove towards him.

"Do you want him to propose?" I asked. She grabbed the skates from his hand and made her way. Jake looked at us. "Just don't do to her what you did to the other girls." I told him. "I wouldn't be here if I was serious." He answered and made his way towards her who was waiting for him on the ice.

"He definitely has a thing for her." I looked at Brandon. "He can't skate." I looked over to where Daphne was. She gave a scream with a giggle when Jake fell on his ass at his first touch of ice. She helped him up and motioned for him to hold her hand. I would lie if I didn't agree to them making a good couple.

Jake's smile was warm as he skated with her while holding onto her hand.

Maybe Brandon was right, even the person with the blackest heart can fall in love.

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