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Love Obsess Lie Confess

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My One and Only Girl

I got back to my apartment after leaving Mari’s place. I didn’t know if what I was feeling was real or just my hormones acting up. I couldn’t believe that I had slept next to her all night without having sex with her and I was perfectly fine.

I had what I needed just being next to her. And when I thought about that kiss, it sent a chill down my spine. Mari had left her imprint on me. I was already needing another dose. I had work to do though. I had a few more chapters to write before I went up to Patrick and tried to get this publishing deal. I didn’t tell Mari about my letters or the book that I was writing.

It didn’t come up and I didn’t want to seem like some sort of Romeo. I wanted her to just know me and not to think my words were just things I copied from what I’ve written. I was on my couch staring at my laptop trying not to think about her. I figured
I would focus on finishing up my work and call her. I typed for a few minutes and didn’t even realize
what I was actually typing.

I thought I was writing about Dean but there was nothing on screen except words about her. I had completely lost my mind. For every line I wrote about Dean, there was another one about Mari Humble. I had felt something like this before and I knew where it would lead me. The difference is that I didn’t want to run from it.

I wanted to go on whatever ride I was meant to go on with her. I deleted the lines about her and refocused.

“What the hell am I doing?” I said as I slammed the laptop shut.

I had to clear my mind before things got out of control with my feelings. I called Quin and Nick to see what they were up to. They were still patching things up with Lizzie and Krystal so they couldn’t come over. That’s when I called Joanna to run a few things by her. I knew she would help me figure all of this out.

“It sounds like you’re whipped man. And you didn’t sleep with her?” Joanna asked in shock.

“I am not whipped. And nope, I didn’t.”

“I’m just teasing you Culver. She sounds like a really nice girl. You should see where it goes.”

“I don’t know if I can Jo. I want to but these things never work out for me.”

“It might be the time that it does. I was just like that with my boyfriend. And I met him at strip club! But we’ve been dating for 3 years now. You gotta roll with it dude. Good women are good women no matter where you find them.”

“How’s old Phillip doing anyway?”

“He’s ok. He’s on my nerves but then he always is. You know if this doesn’t work, we can just do each other right?”

“But then you’d fall in love with me and I don’t need a Puerto Rican chick stalking me. I’ll talk to you later Jo!”

I liked to tease Joanna about always trying to get us to sleep with each other. Joanna was my go-to girl when I needed some insight on women. She kept things simple and to the point with me. After that day, Mari and I saw each other a lot over the next few months. I was happy that I was getting to know more of her and see more of her. We went to ovies, museums, parks and restaurants across the city.

I even cooked for her a few times. I wasn’t the best chef but I knew my way around the kitchen. Making a meal together was one of things that got us closer. She used to text me on random nights asking me what was for dinner.

- November 3, 2014 Mon -

– about to leave work. I’m starving. Want to see me? 6:28 PM

– yes I do, I miss you 6:29 PM

– what’s for dinner?
6:31 PM

– You! 6:31 PM

– funny! I am not a meal! Lol 6:35 PM

– let’s do chicken? 6:37 PM

– love your chicken. can’t wait to see you! 6:40 PM

She came over still dressed in her Milagro shirt and jeans. She loved my couch so she jumped right on it. She loved everything about my apartment. It had three bedrooms and a decent sized kitchen. When you walked in, you could see the dining room and kitchen as well as the patio view. To the right was my big couch and 65” flat screen TV. She loved that TV when compared to her small one.

The two extra bedrooms I had served different purposes. One was for my computer and work business and the other was a guest pad that was mostly used for Quin or Nick when they were kicked out of the house. It happened so often that I harged them every time they used it.

I had a nice place. It was always clean and well kept. Again, it was definitely the OCD in me that was obviously there. Mari loved the place though. She managed to get me to switch out a few things like curtains, dishes and linen. I didn’t mind because she spent so much time there.

After she jumped on the couch, I started cooking dinner. I knew that would get her up and it did. She came inside the kitchen and hopped on the counter.

“I’m gonna sit here and watch you until it’s done. You have to be fast because I’m starving.”

I had everything ready to go so it wouldn’t be long. Before I started seasoning the chicken and making the potatoes, I walked up to her. She opened her legs and put them around me.

“What are you coming over here for?”

“I just wanted to do this.”

I put both of my hands on her cheeks and kissed her. I had waited all day to kiss her.

“I’m happy you’re here Mari.”

“I needed that. Now fix my chicken!”

Every moment we spent together, we were getting closer. It had only been a few months but it felt as if we had known each for a dozen more. I finished making the chicken and did my best Bobby Flay impression with the plating. She enjoyed it.

Neither of us felt like watching a movie so we just cuddled up on the couch. I had a candle burning on the coffee table so the mood was very relaxing. She took her phone out and looked for some music.

“I’m going to just lay hear for a few seconds and listen to some Pandora,” she said. “Work was so tiring. And I have a shift at the hospital to do.”

“Get some rest. I’ll just watch you while you sleep then.”

“I don’t know why you like staring at me.”

“I’m not staring. I’d say I’m just reminding myself how lucky I am to have that pretty face of yours to look at.”

“I feel that way too when you hold me. I love being right here … laying on your chest … hearing your heartbeat.”

My back was against one of the arm rests of the couch and my legs were extended across. She was laying on top of me half asleep. I wanted to give her an hour or so of rest before she had to leave.

“Get some rest darling.”

We hadn’t slept next to each since our first date. After that first night and what happened the next morning, we realized that the chemistry between us was too intense. We couldn’t sleep next to each other and keep our composure. So we had rules against staying over. All I could do was hold her and look at her laying on me.

I watched her breath and fade away into whatever dream she was having. She never had to adjust herself. She fit in the perfect spot every time we cuddled up. It was like we had been sculpted to fit
together. She smelled a little bit like french toast but I didn’t care. I brushed her hair off of her face and just kept looking at her.

I looked at the clock on the kitchen oven and it was getting late. She had slept for two hours. I didn’t want her to be on the road too late.

“Mari. It’s time to get up.”

She opened her eyes and I lifted her head up from my chest.

"It’s time to get up babe. I don’t want you driving too late at night.”

She looked at me and hesitated to get up. What followed was a moment I’ll never forget. As I sat up, I reached for her phone. The music was still playing. I turned the volume up because one of my favorite John Legend songs was playing. The words were everything I wanted to say and everything I was feeling about her.

“And if your mirror won’t make it any clearer I’ll be the one to let you know. Out of all of the girls,
you’re my one and only girl. Ain’t nobody in the world tonight.
All of the stars, you make them shine like they were ours Ain't nobody in the world but you and I.

There was nobody in the world but us on that couch. It was just us. I held her hand and told her she wasn’t going anywhere. I knew one day our little rule would be broken. I didn’t know that it
was going to be right then.

“I want you to stay.”

“Good because I don’t want to go. I need to know that this isn’t just a thing for you Culver. That I’m not just a thing.”

“You’re more than that Mari.”

“This is all new to me. Most of the guys I’ve been with … and there haven’t been many … but I haven’t connected to them the way that I have with you. Not like this. I just need to know there’s more to what you want from me.”

When she said that I just reacted. There was only one way to make her understand. I grabbed her hands and put them on my chest. I wanted her to feel my heart beat. When her hands touched me, she paused for a second and stood still in the moment.

I could see the doubt behind her eyes disappear as she realized I was after much more. She knew that I wasn’t there just for her body. After feeling my heartbeat, she understood that I was there for her heart because I had given her mine.

“I want you Culver.”

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