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They always said that opposites attract. But nobody listens to those old wives tales. Satori and Lucas are polar opposites, will they come together like a missing puzzle piece, or with it deflect away, like using the same side of a magnet?

Romance / Drama
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↠ O n e ↞

The silence was all that could be heard in the Campbell residence as the three girls that accumulated in the living room, were too focused on what their plan for the party was going to be. The three girls hadn’t been friends for very long, but they have a strong connection with one another, they knew they could be dependent on each other.

Meghan Ruby Harris, Nobody came close to being as sassy as this dark-skinned girl. She owned what she had, and she used it to her advantage. She recently dyed what was once gorgeous black hair, to an even more gorgeous red that sits just past shoulder length suited her round face and chocolate brown eyes amazingly.

Chloe Jane Adamson, the blonde haired girl with a pale complexion and grey eyes with freckles that are scattered across her nose and cheeks has no filter. Anything she things whether negative or positive will just be said without her thinking of the consequences.

Last but not least there’s Satori Anne Campbell. The girls who went through things no one at her age should. This brunette young lady had a big personality and outlook change on everything. The girl who once used to get A’s and B’s at school now sits comfortably with C’s at best. But realistically, she just didn’t care.

“Why don’t we just do the usual for your parties, Tori? Nobodies compare to what bangers you throw!” Meghan spoke up after texting for the past half an hour. Satori and Chloe were sure that she wasn’t listening.

“She’s right you know.” Chloe shrugged biting off part of a red snake. “Why do you think nobody goes to a party unless you throw it or you attend it? Because everyone else’s suck.”

“I mean if I just throw a party how I normally do it’ll make things easier won’t it?” Satori looks at the two girls. “Won’t it?”

“Of course!” Meghan giggles as she looks at her phone typing away to someone.

“So should we set up now so we have more time to get ready?” Chloe questions.

“Sounds like a plan. Hey Tori, can I ask you a question?” Meghan spoke up, looking away from her phone to look her in the eyes.

“Yeah Megs, what’s up?”

“So as you know that I’m dating Aiden right? Well, can he come tonight and bring his friends?” Meghan was practically on her knees which almost caused a giggle to leave Satori’s mouth.

“Of course, the more the merrier! Now I’m going to go find all the bottles of alcohol to set up in the kitchen, Chloe you can hide all the valuables because as much as I don’t care about being caught throwing a party, I do care if they break something of value. Meghan, my dark beauty, you’re on music.” Satori stood up leaving the room so the girls can’t complain about what jobs they were given.

Roughly two hours later, the girls had everything set up. All the alcohol was laid out on the kitchen counters with a lot of plastic cups stacked throughout the room. The couches in the living room were all pushed against the walls to so give room for the makeshift dance floor. Satori ended up hiding all the valuables in her room, it was a well-known rule that any room in the house you could into, except hers. Satori herself isn’t quite sure how she’s managed that, but she isn’t going to fight it or question it either.

The girls walked upstairs, excitedly talking to one another about what they hope happens tonight. Most of the conversation involved drinking and having sex, nothing out of the ordinary for the girls.

Chloe decided to get dressed first, wearing a washed out blue denim jacket, with a black cropped halter neck top as well as a high waisted black skirt with white patterned lines on it. She wore black combat boots paired with a black pair of sunglasses to add to the aesthetic. After straightening her blonde her, she decorated her face with a black smokey eye, dramatic false lashes and a matte red lipstick.

Meghan started with her hair. Braiding her hair back out of her face she tied the two together at the back of her head before putting loose curls in, curls that almost resemble beach waves. Deciding to put her makeup on first as to not get makeup on her outfit, Meghan decided to just do a natural look, no eyeshadow just liquid liner and false lashes with a red glossed lip. Her outfit of choice was a high waisted pair of blue denim shorts that definitely showed booty underneath it with a white cropped off the shoulder shirt with some lacing details on it. Like Chloe, Meghan had a pair of sunglasses but had them resting on the top of her head. To finish off the look, Meghan wore a white pair of sandals.

Last but not least, Satori started with her makeup. With nude brown eyeshadows and lipstick, she also wore fake lashes. Satori put on her little black dress on followed by a brown leather jacket and boots. She decided to do her hair in curls before putting her plaid scarf on so she doesn’t burn the material with the hair curler.

Once they were all dressed and ready to go, they walked downstairs and did their routine of pre-shots before sending out texts to everyone to let them know the party would start at roughly nine and not to come earlier.

As the party reaches its peak, Satori’s brown hair cascaded down her back in fallen loose curls, her fringe sticking to her face as the heat in the room becomes almost unbearable. Her body swaying to the beat as her fingers moved up and latched into her hair.

As the alcohol pumped through her veins, her mind became a blurry haze under the influence. Her friends grinding on guys that they will probably disappear upstairs with some time through the night. She had no doubts about it.

Without so much as a word she clambered through the vast amount of sweaty bodies, pushing her way into the direction of the kitchen where every surface was littered with both used and unused plastic cups and a plethora of alcohol bottles, there was something that suited everyone’s preference.

Looking at her options, Satori decided that she was feeling some shots more so than a full cup, so she headed towards the extensive amounts of tequila before grabbing a bottle at random and taking sips from the bottle. Cringing at the burning pain she felt before a satisfied smile made its way onto her face. Capping the bottle and setting it back onto the bench.

She turned towards the back door and bee-lined for the back fence. Fishing out a cigarette and lighter from her bra before lighting it up and taking a drag, feeling the relief wash over her as her craving for nicotine calmed down.

The Autumn air had a certain nip to it as winter slowly approached and it was definitely making itself known in the breeze that blew, a shiver ran down her spine as she observed the mess that was the drunken teenagers in the yard.

As she took a drag from her cigarette, someone caught her attention. It was clear that he wasn’t by himself, an assumed friend of his occasionally looked away from the girl on his arms to check that his friend was okay briefly before his attention was straight back at the girl he was trying to get with for the night.

Dropping her cigarette to the floor and stamping it out with her foot, she approached the tall blonde boy, making him jump slightly when she came to stop beside him.

“You look very lonely over here.” She stated before continuing. “Parties not really your scene I guess?”

A slight chuckle escaped his mouth as he looked down at the shorter brunette next to him. “You could say that.”

“So why are you here then?” She questioned, grabbing another cigarette and lighting it.

The blonde cringed at the smell but answered her question. “My friends made me. Something about getting out of my comfort zone and being a normal teenager.”

“Oh...” She paused to take another drag before continuing. “Well, have you had a drink yet? I’m dying for another.”

“I mean.. I had a glass of orange juice.” Satori just stared at him in shock. “But it definitely didn’t taste like orange juice.”

Satori tried bit her lip in an effort to not laugh and embarrass the boy. She reached up and patted his shoulder. “That’s because there was most likely alcohol in it.”

The brunette smiled up at the boy before walking inside. She heard rushed footsteps behind her. With that, she turned around and nearly toppled over as the taller boy knocked into her, not expecting her to come to such an abrupt stop.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry, I just had questions because I’ve never had alcohol before and I need to drive the boys home later and my mum... Oh my god, my mum is going to kill me! I- what do I do?” Satori just stared in shock at the rambling mess in front of her before clamping her hand over his mouth to shut him up.

Rolling her eyes and removing her hand when she saw tears in his eyes and his ragged breathing. “Please don’t have a panic attack, you’re going to be fine. It won’t kill you and I guarantee your friends will more than likely go home with the girls they’re with.”

He took a minute, processing what she had said before nodding and looking into her hazel eyes. “What about driving? I don’t want to drive home with alcohol in my system, my mum would kill me! Quite literally. I’m not just saying that.”

“Look, I live here. So if you want to crash you can. I have a lounge in my bedroom you can sleep on. Everything will be fine. Now after that conversation, I definitely need a drink. You want one?”

“Actually don’t answer that. I’m making you a drink.” Satori turned and walked through the back door and over to the counter grabbing two unused cups and making a vodka orange drink for herself and the tall boy behind her.

She turned around with both cups. “So, what’s your name?”

Leaning against the bench top she observed him as he took a sip from the cup. His blonde hair was shaggy, the curls rested just above his eyebrows. His glasses framing his baby blue eyes. His pink lips glisten in the light as he licks the remaining liquid off them. “My name Lucas, but I prefer Luke.”

“Well, hello Lucas, I’m Satori. But everyone calls me Tori.” She smirked, taking a sip of her own beverage. “So, I’m gonna go. But, I’m sure I’ll see you later.” She stood straight and headed towards the pounding music.

A lot of shots, beer pong and grinding on people the clock neared three-am, more people had passed out scattered along almost every surface or had left. Satori walked up the stairs, avoiding the mass of bodies as she headed towards her room. Opening her cupboard she grabbed a couple items and headed out back towards the backyard.

She settled herself against the tree as the remaining people who were awake took a seat with her in the circle. Lucas came stumbling out of the house, his glasses nowhere to be seen, his shirt untucked from his pants and a few buttons were undone showing his chest. He walked over to Satori and sat beside her, completely wasted.

“Heeeey Tori!” She looks up at him amusingly, he was wasted.

“Sup Lucas. Having a good time?” She asked, focusing on what was in the bowl.

Lucas nodded, “Lots!”

“Alright big boy, sit still and finish your alcohol.” She laughed, rolling a few joints and passing them out to people.

“Yo Tori! Is there mix in this or is it straight?” One of the rowdy boys asked.

“When is it ever mixed, Jackson?” She laughed, closing her eyes and lighting it.

Lucas observed her, wondering what the boy named Jackson meant. His head swirling and his body feeling numb. He watched as she blew smoke out of her mouth and smiled. Regardless of being drunk, he could tell that whatever she was smoking was not what she had been smoking earlier.

He leaned over and rested his head on her shoulder and whispered “What are you smoking? It smells different from what you had earlier.”

She giggled, the effects hitting her almost instantly. “That’s because it is. This is weed.”

“Weed?” He sat up, staring her in the eyes.

“Yeah... Marijuana?”

“Can I try some?” Lucas asked. Satori raised her eyebrows and shook her head taking another drag.

“No, Lucas. You’ve only just tried alcohol tonight.” She passed off the joint before standing up.

She held her hands out to Lucas who took her hands and helped himself up. Letting go of one of his hands she leads him through the yard and into the kitchen. Grabbing a cup from the cupboard and filling it up with water before turning around and seeing Lucas practically playing with his own nipple. Satori walked over to him and handed him the glass. “Drink, your hangover won’t be as bad in the morning if you do.”

He nodded and went to skull the water before Satori grabbed his hand. “Don’t skull it. I don’t particularly want to deal with vomit in my carpet. You sip it.”

After ten minutes of silence while Luke finished his water the started their way upstairs and into Tori’s room. Lucas had never been in a girls room before, not even his mum’s. The thought of it made him slightly uncomfortable. But in his drunken haze, he looked around taking it in. Her double bed was pushed up against the left wall, a couple pictures of her friends placed on the wall above it. On the opposite side of the room was a window with a window seat and a bookshelf placed slightly to the right of it and a Chester draws with perfume and jewellery scattered on top to the left. As soon as you walk in across the room is a three-seater lounge with pillows and a blanket laid on it.

Satori walked to her draws and pulled out an oversized top and quickly threw it on before he noticed and sat on the bed. Watching as he looked around the room before his eyes landed on her. “When did you get changed?”

“Maybe five minutes ago.” She shrugged. “You’ve never been in a girl’s rooms before, have you?”

Lucas looked down at his feet, suddenly embarrassed. “Is it that easy to tell?”

“A little. I mean you’re still standing in the doorway and you looked around my room for at least ten minutes.”

“Sorry...” He clambered, walking into the room and sitting in the lounge.

“It’s fine. It’s cute.” She yawned. Crawling up the bed so she could lay under the blankets. “Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. So I’m going to go to sleep.”

“Goodnight, Tori. Thanks for tonight, it means a lot.”

Satori smiled, cuddling into her bed more. “Goodnight Luke.”

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