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Last Ones

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“Get out of my home!” Al yelled at him as he stood up. “I…” Nicholas stumbled back at the sudden outburst. “You.. you what?! You want to apologise? “Get out of my home!” Al yelled at him as he stood up. “I…” Nicholas stumbled back at the sudden outburst. “You.. you what?! You want to apologise? Want me to forgive? You what?” “Al, I… I know that I...” “Shut up! I don’t want to hear anything do you understand?! All you can says oh, I’m so sorry, I won’t do it anymore, I promise! But none of you fucking understand, none of you know how does it feel, none of you can even imagine it, do you hear me? None!” “Wha…” “Get out!” “Do not interrupt me when I talk!” Nicholas growled out unable to stand his dignity and authority being stepped on time and time again. He regretted it just right after though. If only he knew that this one action of his would cause the hell to break free he’d just swallow all his pride back. “Or what?” A hint of craziness appeared in Alain’s eyes, “will you shut me up? Gag me? Chain me? Silence me?”

Diana M.
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Chapter 1

“Alain wake up! You’re going to be late on your first day at your new school!

Alain!” A deep voice of a man once again traveled through the house. In the room, on the second floor of the house, a teenager woke up with a displeased groan.

“5 more minutes, Dad!” He shouted back to the man and once again buried himself under the warm blankets. Soon, snoring was heard from the said teenager.

5 minutes later, the man shouted again, “Josh! Go wake him up, or else he will spend the rest of the day in his room sleeping again!”

“I’m going! I’m going!” The sleepy, husky voice answered back. A man with strong stature made his way to Alain’s room. He had broad shoulders, mouthwatering muscles all over his body, short brown hair, neat, clean face and amazing blue eyes. He was a tall man who with one glance reminds you of a military or a marine.

His steps were light and silent despite his impressive physique. He finally reached the door of their son and after knocking on it once, he stepped into the room. His eyebrows nearly hit his hairline at the sight that greeted him.

A mountain of blankets without any sign of head or limbs peeking out. A warm smile involuntarily appeared on his face. He gave off the impression of an emotionless ice cube who could kill but with a mere glare of his sharp eyes, but that smile did wonders to his looks.

He moved over to the bed and sat down at the edge. Looking for head or tail of the bundle in the swarm of blankets he softly shook the boy who was hiding beneath them.

Soon, a head full of white hair peeked out, along with a pair of gorgeous red-ish eyes. The boy’s face was breathtakingly beautiful. His features were delicate, but sharp; slightly feminine, but still belonging to a man. His skin was incredibly pale. It was not surprising though, considering that he was an albino.

“Good morning, little one.” Josh greeted the boy warmly. Alain looked a bit unfocused for a little while, but then he yawned and gave his papa an adorable smile.

“Morning,” he sat up and stretched until his body was comfortable and his mind cleared up. He got up and with a slightly sleepy face and went over to the bathroom to freshen up somewhat. When he looked into the mirror, his eyes widened in horror.

His hair was a disaster! God, making this look normal was going to be an outrageously difficult task. His hair was actually quite smooth, silky, straight and terrifyingly long. It reached all the way down to his knees. Despite the color being white, it did not look like the hair on elderly. It was a different shade of white; a lively one.

After 30 minutes of hair war, he finally managed to groom it properly. Once the most difficult part was over, he expertly gathered it up into a tight high tail. With a few tricks he made it look a lot shorter than it actually was. Now if one looked at him, his hair reached only his lower back.

He washed his face and cleaned his teeth. All in all, he spent the whole 45 minutes just to look presentable. When he finally went back into his room, his Pa was no longer there.

He shrugged his shoulders and went over to his wardrobe. Contemplating what to wear for the first day in his new school. Black? No, that would make him seem even paler than he already was. White was also out of the question. He didn’t want to look like a ghost either. In the end, he went with a gray sweater and dark blue jeans. Simple, plain and fitting.

Checking the watch he still had half an hour left to eat. So he went down the stairs, skipping all the way into the kitchen. Their house was a really big one. Well, those were the perks of having two rich dads. He smiled at the thought. He was not a poor one either, huh. Soon a delicious smell reached his sensitive nose.

Even a dog would envy his sense of smell. He greeted his dad. He was smaller than his Pa, but equally well-built. His hair was blond and was slightly longer than his Pa’s. His eyes were a lively green. His looks were more delicate than his Pa’s too, but he was still far more manly than Alain himself. When the three stood together, they created quite a sight. Many well-known models would pale in front of this little family of three.

“What do we have for breakfast, Dad?” Alain asked with anticipation filling his voice. His Dad’s cooking was the best one ever after his mom. That thought made a sad smile appear on his face. No matter how many years have passed since the day they left this world, the sorrow and hurt in his heart were not decreasing in the slightest.

And his brother, there were no news from detectives he hired to find him in quite a while.

He brushed away the negative thoughts and feelings into the back of his mind with a small shake of his head. Smiling brightly at the two older men who looked at him with concern filled eyes. They knew him like the back of their own palms. This made him smile even more widely.

He loved these two so much. He owed them his life. He had no idea how his life would proceed if not for these 2 men appearing in one of the most crucial periods of his life.

When they saw the genuine smile on their son’s face, they smiled at him reassuringly. Alex broke the comfortable silence in the room:

“We have your favorite today. Fried fish, a salad and pancakes with chocolate and strawberry syrup.”

Alain brightened up instantly and was actually grinning like a five-year-old-child. The two adults couldn’t help but laugh at the boy’s antics.

This boy was the most precious thing that they had in their lives. There were quite a few difficulties, but the happiness that he brought to them was simply unexplainable.

They were eating in a comfortable silence. Neither of the three were chatterboxes. They believed in the saying that the silence is the best music in the world, so none of them felt uncomfortable.

After finishing his breakfast, Alain looked up at the clock on the wall and groaned in annoyance. Alex raised an eyebrow at him and gave him the lunch he had already prepared earlier and shooed his son away.

Alain was a smart one and had a few friends. He was not the most social type, but the ones he deemed worth of calling as his friends were the ones he was ready to go to the hell and back with. Which was a pretty rare occurrence in the present day.

He knew perfectly well that he was different from others. Quite a few of people despised and felt disgusted with him. The nicknames of “freak”, “devil’s spawn”, “ghost”, as well as “shemale”, “trans” and “fag”, were not at all surprising. He had nothing against them, but it was not at all that pleasant to be called something he was not and never desired to be.

True, he was slim and if one dressed him as a female, he would put most of the women who prided in their appearance to shame. But so was anyone else in his biological family. You could even say that such androgynous looks were in his genes; running in his blood for countless generations.

As for why he kept his hair so long, it was actually far from anyone’s speculations. It was neither his whim nor taste. It was a sign of filial piety and respect to his parents. A custom that existed in his family for hundreds of years. And only god knows how much he adored and admired his mother and father.

He didn’t like exposing his body to the boys either, but there was so much more than a mere embarrassment behind this action of his. He did not show interest in women. But then again, he never showed any interest in men either.

He was not a lustful person. He hated being touched. He never touched himself as he never felt the need to either. And no, he was not asexual. He was far more complicated than that. God! He was not even a human being!

What else is there to be said?

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