Les Be Straight

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He leaned in and hovered over my lips, teasing me. "Your 'girlfriend' is going to kill me." He whispered before softly planting his lips on mine. Nona Parrish hates being the new girl and with her dad being in the military, she's always the new girl. Every school she attends, she is doomed to be the awkward girl that nobody associates with, so when her dad is stationed in Florida she is destined to be the center of attention. She makes up a LIE Nona Parrish becomes the first open "Lesbian" to ever roam the halls of Seawater High. The only problem is that Nona isn't gay and the total hottie of the school, Flynn Harper, is making it harder to keep her lies under wraps. Will Nona be able to survive the school year and secure her reputation? Or will she be declared a nobody once again and lose her one shot at true love? Find out in Les be Straight , a comical romance that will surely warm your heart. **WARNING, THERE IS SOME GIRL ON GIRL ACTION THAT IS CONTAINED IN THIS BOOK AND LGBT JOKES. PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED AND IF YOU DON'T APPROVE OF THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY, THEN DO NOT READ**

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Les Be Straight *Warning*

I’m going to go ahead and say that this book contains:
Sex (R)
LGBTQ jokes and discrimination (between characters)
Girl on girl action (PG)

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