The Boy That Hates Books

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Chapter 27: Spray Paint And A Crazy Idea

Tonight is the night that Kirsten and The Boy That Hates Books embark on their journey, that will uncover the truths of many secrets been laid to rest.

This two day trip will be the awakening of something that will have a lasting impact, forevermore...

“Two days.” I announced as I stepped into the truck, hair cascading around my face. I sat down, throwing a duffel back onto the back seat.

“Two days?” He repeated, despite the fact that he already knew.

“Two days.” I clarified again, laughing to myself.

Our eyes met, locking in place. His seemed brighter than usual, and I was almost sure that mine were the same. I’d always dreamed of some kind of adventure like you read in books and see in movies. There was something thrilling about not knowing where you’ll end up, even though not knowing was one of my biggest fears. Maybe that’s the thrill of it.

“What did you do when I was in there with my mum?” I questioned, as The Boy That Hates Books revved up the engine and pulled the car out of the drive.

“I waited in here.” He replied bluntly.

“That’s strange, I could’ve sworn I saw someone peeking ’round the corner of the door...” I peered at him from the corner of my eye.

“Okay fine, you got me.” He put his hands up above his head, pretending to surrender.

My heart hiccuped, “What are you doing! Put your hands back on the wheel!”

His laugh reverberated through the truck, but he did place his hands back down.

“You’re okay sunshine.” He reassured.

“Hm,” I murmured, his driving seriously did concern me at times, “Anyway, we were talking about why you were spying on me and my mum?”

“Ah yes.” Was his only reply, as he kept his eyes trained on the road ahead and hands sturdy on the wheel.

Daylight was closing in, as the sun began to hug the horizon. The entirety of the day had been spent waiting for the night, with our plans to go on our little road-trip.

“Hello? Why were you spying on me?”


I was about to wave my hands in front of his face before he looked at me dumbfound, “Oh sorry, were you talking to me? It’s just that I’ve been focusing on my driving since I’m apparently so bad at it.”

“I will hit you.” I threatened, gritting my teeth but holding back a laugh.

“That would be an obstruction to my driving so I suggest you don’t do that.” He teased.

We both burst into fits of laughter, as I watched how his face scrunched up and listened to him call me sunshine a couple of times more. The corner of our world had been enveloped by darkness when we decided where our first destination was going to be on our journey.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked, anticipation thickening the air surrounding us.

“I don’t know...” I’d been expecting him to take the lead, since he was the one who wanted to go on a road trip in the first place.

“Don’t you have anyone you want to get revenge on? Anyone you want to see?” He asked.

And that was when I had the crazy idea.

“Actually, there is. Have you ever been to the Highway Cafe?”

He nodded slowly, “A few times, why?”

“Because I have baggage with the owner of it.”

The feelings were beginning to arise, the anger I’d felt on the night of Vixen’s party.

“Now you’re talking. Tell me more.”

I took a deep breath, “You probably know about my sister Nala, since you were listening in on mine and my mums conversation. Well, she ran away after her and her boyfriend broke up. I know it sounds extreme, but he was her first love...and he was a playboy. I knew it wouldn’t last and so did my mum.

Anyway, long story short, they had this huge argument and they ended their relationship but for some reason Vixen was really mad at Nala. She hadn’t done anything wrong. I knew my sister, and I’d spent so many nights comforting her because of things Vixen had said or done. I knew that she would never do anything to make him turn on her like he did.

He throws these stupid parties at the end of the year that a lot of people at my school go to, and his party happened the night that Nala and him broke up. He was drunk, but that’s no excuse. He decided to announce to everyone that Nala had used him for sex. He called her a slag, then he-”

The Boy That Hates Books was listening intently, glancing over at me every few seconds. He looked at me now, reassuringly, before reaching over and squeezing my clenched fist.

“He sent around Nala’s nudes. And that wasn’t everything, that night he got caught sleeping with one of Nala’s best friends. I-He makes me feel sick.” I spat, anger making my cheeks flush a bright red.

“First off, I’m sorry he did that. And second, we are so going to go and trash his fucking cafe.”

“You read my mind. But isn’t this illegal?”

“Very, but starting off on the right foot is overrated. Starting off on the left one is way more fun.” He winked, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t believe you just said that.”

“I’m a punny guy. Anyway, are you 100% in?”

We nodded in unison before The Boy That Hates Books put his foot down, causing us to speed along the surprisingly unoccupied highway.

“Won’t we get caught if we do it now?” I was nervous. What we were about to do was illegal, and neither of us were trained in that kind of stuff.

“You’re right. We’ll have to wait until it closes.”

I sighed dramatically, “It won’t close for hours yet.”

“Which is why we aren’t stopping there straight away.”

I spotted a mischievous glint in his eye as we drove straight past the Highway Cafe and neared a garage.

“We need to stock up.”

“I brought food with me...” I pointed aimlessly to the backseat.

“I’m not talking about food.”

“Oh.” I said.

Nerves unravelled in my stomach, making me fidget. I had to keep reminding myself that Vixen deserved what we were going to do, and that I wasn’t in the wrong.

“We’re going to trash the place right?” I nodded in response to his question. “Get anything you can see that will work. But make sure you get gloves. We can’t be leaving fingerprints anywhere.”

He spoke as if he’d rehearsed the words he was saying.

“Do they have CCTV?”

“No. Vixen can’t afford any security, he runs the place single-handedly.”

“That’s good...” He paused for a moment, as if he was thinking of what to say next. “We just can’t afford to get caught.”

“Yeah,” I gave a nervous laugh, “Thanks Mr Obvious.”

“Kirsten I’m being serious.”

“Why have you got I criminal record or something?” I joked, watching as we pulled into the car park of a familiar looking garage.

“Multiple.” He didn’t sound as amused as I was.

“Okay, I’m going to get gas whilst you get the stuff.” The Boy That Hates Books said.

Leaning over the seats, I got the money from my bag and hopped out of the truck. I made my way into the garage, suddenly realising why I recognised it. I’d been one time before with Alice and Austin.

“He will never believe you’re 18 Austin.” I argued, deciding against the plan we’d stupidly made, in a desperate attempt to buy alcohol for Austins seventeenth birthday.

“That’s what the fake ID is for Kris. Don’t worry your pretty little mind.” He tapped me on the nose playfully before strolling into the garage at ease.

Confidence got him far enough to the counter, but unfortunately it didn’t land us any booze. I stood timidly behind Austin and Alice, who were staring at the man behind the counter rather desperately, trying to persuade him that they were eighteen.

“I am eighteen. It’s my birthday today.”

“Okay,” the man nodded tentatively ,“Fake ID please?”

“Yeah sure.” Austin dived his hand into his pocket, pulled out his ID and placed it in the mans hand; completely disregarding what he’d just said.

He was middle aged, with a beard and a wife (I checked his finger) and clearly not stupid. Especially compared to Austin, who had literally just admitted to owning a fake ID without even realising it.

Alice turned to me, a pained expression on her face. I rolled my eyes in response, yet neither of us decided to stop Austin even though he was quite clearly embarrassing himself.

“Hello Austin nice to meet you.” The man spoke, examining the ID in his hand.

“Hello kind counter man, nice to meet you too.” Austin attempted to charm him.

The grin on Austins face grew by the minute, based on the false hope that he was about to buy alcohol for the first time in his underage life.

“I used to get fake IDs all the time when I was your age. Did you make it yourself?” He questioned, a smile playing upon his lips.

“No, I know a guy that knows a guy...oh.” Austin put his hand up to cover his mouth, before quickly swiping the ID back and blushing a cherry red.

“Sorry mate.” Despite seeming to enjoy what had just happened, there was a slight hint of sympathy in his voice.

“It’s cool. Uh, sorry for wasting your time.” Austin half stumbled away, embarrassment clouding over him.

“I recognise you from somewhere...” The man said, catching Austin’s attention just before he left.

Austin frowned, quickly glancing towards Alice and back again.

“Do you? I haven’t been in here before.”

“No you definitely have, do you have a twin?” The man questioned, curious.

“Yes. She’s my twin.” Austin pointed aimlessly towards Alice.

“Not a girl, I saw a boy come in here last week, looked the spit of ya.”

“Not sure. Thanks anyway.” Austin turned around and rushed out of the garage almost as quickly as he’d come in, Alice following in his footsteps.

I stood frozen, confused, before muttering a quick thank you to the man and jogging to catch up with the twins.

“That was embarrassing,” was the only thing Austin said about that incident for the rest of the night, and when I brought it up he seemed eager to avoid it.

I hated being embarrassed, so I could understand why Austin refused to ever go in there again. But here I was, walking down the isles and filling up a basket with things I thought would help trash a cafe; spray paint, latex gloves, eggs, toilet roll, milk and two scarves.

The man behind the counter frowned as he scanned the items. I hastily picked them up and shoved them into the shopping bag, desperate to leave before he started asking questions.

“You’ll go to jail y’know.”

“Wh-what?” I stammered, heart pounding in my chest.

“I said £9.50 please.” The man glared at me.

I tried to contain my sigh of relief when I realised I’d heard him wrong, shoving the money into his hands before practically running out of the door.

Mine and Austin’s experiences in that garage were similar, I realised. We’d both had something to hide. But what he was hiding? Well, that was unforgivable.

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