The Boy That Hates Books

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Chapter 35: The World Can Wait

We got out of the duvet covers as soon as the sun had fallen through the curtain and hit our eyes.

Miles looked at me differently when he woke up. There was a sparkle in his eyes that had always been visible, but was now brighter than before. It was as if something had slotted into place after last night. And it felt right.

He pulled me into his chest, lips playing at a gentle smile. I crashed into him, laughter falling from my lips, eyes tired from sleep. I rubbed them before looking up at him.

His body was warm as he wrapped his arms around me, safe and secure. I nuzzled closer into him, breathing in the smell of cotton and worn off aftershave.

“About last night...” He began, eyes swimming in mine. His grip tightened on my body.

“Shh,” I whispered, balancing my head on his shoulder, “You don’t need to say anything about last night.”

He nodded slowly, a slight murmur crossing his lips. I felt so calm in that moment that my eyes began to slip shut again. Everything about him made me feel at ease. A state of Euphoria.

He tilted my chin up with his finger.

“Oi, sleepy head. Wake up. It’s a big day.”

I was about to ask him why before I realised. Today we were going to find my dad.

My chest tightened immediately, nerves beginning to unravel in my stomach and making me fidget.

He lifted his hand up and began to stroke the side of my head, “Don’t worry Sunshine. I’m going to be there through all of it. I’ve got you.”

My heart jumped every time he said those three simple words. I’ve got you. Because for most of my life I’d always felt like I was free falling, with no-one there to catch me at the bottom. But now... well now it was a different story altogether.

I nodded as he pulled away from me.

“I know.” I smiled to let him know I was okay.

“I’m going to use the shower before we go, but I’ll only be a few minutes.”

He knocked open the bathroom door and peered inside, grabbing a towel as he went.

“Yeah I might join you.” I decided.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had a proper shower and changed my clothes. Plus, if I was going to see my dad then I figured I could make at least some effort.

The sound of running water filled the room, as Miles turned on the shower and stood watching the water fall. The room quickly filled with steam as I stood outside the door waiting.

“Wow Kirsten, I thought last night would’ve been enough for you ...”

He turned to face me, voice getting drowned out beneath the noise of the shower.

“No,” my cheeks flushed, “I didn’t mean with you.”

“Mhmm.” He didn’t sound convinced.

“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes, fighting a smile. “Just get in the shower.”

He winked before lifting his shirt over his head. Immediately my eyes trailed down his body, tracing his lightly defined muscles and smooth skin. His back arched as he leaned down to take off his trousers, clearly trying to tease me.

I crossed my arms over my chest and turned my back on him, body hot.

“That’s not going to work.” I protested, smiling when I knew he could no longer see me.

He gave a throaty laugh before stepping into the shower and pulling the curtain across. I turned around slowly, stepping into the bathroom and jumping up onto the corner of the sink.

“I’m here for company.” I argued. I knew what he was thinking before he’d even said anything. But to my relief the curtain stayed put.

“Whatever you say Kris.”

Goosebumps flooded over my skin at the thought of him. I told myself it had nothing to do with him being naked in the shower, but part of me knew I was lying.

My back pressed against the bottle of hair dye, left abandoned from last night. I reached behind me and picked it up with eager eyes.

“Hey, maybe I could dye my hair now?”

The shower cut off, the remaining droplets of water pattering against the wall. He pulled the curtain open and I squealed, dropping the hair dye and putting my hand up to cover my eyes.

He chuckled, “Calm down, I’ll put clothes on.”

I swallowed hard, “That was a quick shower.”

“I told you it would be.”

The feeling of his hand was soft against mine as he pulled it away from my eyes. I looked at Miles, heart pounding in my chest. His hair was ruffled, eyes crystal blue. He suited wet hair, I decided.

“I’ll help you dye your hair now.” He blinked slowly, eyelashes dark.

I nodded, excited. He was wearing trousers now, but his shirt still lay untouched on the floor. I pressed my hand against his chest and delivered a light kiss to his neck.

“C’mon,” He reached for the hair dye, unscrewing the cap, “Let’s get this over and done with before we get carried away again.”

The thought of getting carried away didn’t seem to bother me anymore, but I didn’t stop him as he turned me round and began to run a brush through my tangled hair.

“Remember, treat me like a painting.”

And he did.

He ran his fingers through my hair with each brush of dye, one hand on my shoulder, holding me in place. Every time he touched me my stomach did somersaults, and I couldn’t help but want to stay within the walls of this cheap motel forever. Untouchable to the world around us.

We left the dye in for 30 minutes, and in those minutes he kissed me. Over and over until we were breathless. Memories from last night rushed through me, heartbeat picking up every time his lips met mine.

This feeling was unknown to me, but I liked it. I liked it when my body wanted his, when every nerve in me seemed to come alive beneath his touch. I was beginning to need him. Crave him.

He deepened the last kiss, breathing in sharply. I was beginning to believe that he needed me, too.

His lips were red when he pulled away, and the look on his face told me that he didn’t really want to stop.

“It’s been half an hour now.”

“I’ll get in the shower.” I stepped out from his embrace, slipping off my nightshirt.

He turned around as I got undressed, but we both knew that it wasn’t what either of us wanted.

My body ached to be touched by him.

“Oh just come here.” I gave in.

He immediately turned around and pulled me into him, not missing a beat. Our lips met for what always felt like the first time as he lifted me up into the shower. He smiled in-between each kiss, hands dancing across my body. Each touch was electrifying. Everlasting and pure. He bit down on my bottom lip, tasting sweet.

Fingers tangled in my hair as water cascaded over my body, crashing into us like waves against a shore. I was breathless as he kissed a pathway down my neck and onto my chest, hand drawing patterns up and down my back and making me shiver.

There was something about the way he moved that made me want to move with him, something about the way he spoke that made me want to replay it over and over again.

“Are you sure?” He half moaned, body pressed against mine.

“The world can wait.” I promised.

And in that moment we really did feel like we had forever.

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