The Boy That Hates Books

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Chapter 36: Whisper Of Happiness

The pages of his journal are becoming worn, words weighing down the thin paper. Words that speak of their adventure, of a boy falling in love with a girl who lived her life in fantasy and was in love with the way he smiled.

She was obsessed with the past, and was desperately hoping to fix her life and live like the girls in the books. I wonder what she’d think if she realised how on that day in the library, she was reading about herself. She was reading the start of a life she hadn’t even begun yet, a love she wasn’t familiar with.

Despite everything, he continues to write about her. About how he makes her feel, about the way her laugh sounds and the way her hair catches in the light. About every moment, every second.

Trent and Kirsten. We continue their story.

“I’ll meet you in the truck.”

Her voice was like a melody, a soft whisper of his happiness.

“Okay Sunshine.” He called out, heart pounding.

He quickly glanced at the lock in the bathroom before pressing his pen down on the pages of his journal. It was something that he would treasure for the rest of his life, something that he would show to her if he ever found the courage. But for now it was too risky. He didn’t want to ruin this dream he was living in, afraid he would wake up and have to face a nightmare.

He sighed deeply before beginning to write...

This was everything I envisioned it to be and more. Every moment, every second of tirelessly running away had led up to this. She was in my arms, kissing me. She was sleeping beside me and waking up in my arms and I don’t think I can ever let go of something so treacherously perfect.

The words were on the tip of my tongue, “I love you.” But I couldn’t bring myself say it, because what if she doesn’t feel the same? What if we are moving too fast, living in a fairytale and lighting a flame that will soon burn out.

I am afraid. Afraid of losing what I’d only just gained. Afraid of the lost being found.

It’s becoming hard to keep up the act of being a ‘normal’ person. Everything fascinates me. I’ve never been in a motel before, haven’t had a shower for as long as I can remember. I was surprised I even figured out how to work it.

Even the bed, oh the bed ... It beat every park bench I’d ever slept on.

We are going to find her dad today, and part of me wants to grab the wheel and turn around. Drive to somewhere far away where she can’t be hurt with bitter words or sour disappointment. I want to take her somewhere I can protect her, where the demons of the past can’t tear her down. The only thing on my side today is hope. Hope that somehow, somewhere, her dream of finding her dad comes true.

God help him if he breaks her heart.

- Trent/Miles/The Boy That Hates Books.

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