The Boy That Hates Books

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Chapter 4: Picture Perfect

Sometimes watching from a distance is the safest thing to do, because who knows what will happen if you get too close.

In which fantasy boy watches fantasy girl in a situation oh-so real.

His words poured like water from a tap over the crumbled, finger pressed pages.

Her footsteps echoed in the wind as she took a gentle jog up the pathway towards the library.

The trees around them seemed to be standing, watching. The sky above them seemed so very close.

The boys hand scrawled messily over the pages, writing almost illegible words that looked so careless but were the opposite of thoughtless. Meaningless. If you could keep up with what he was scattering like litter over the pages, you would say the words he wrote were meaningful.

But dangerous.

This whole situation was the definition of dangerous.

He used that phrase a lot, he’d noticed. But he liked it, so it didn’t matter to him.

‘The past couple of weeks had been the definition of crazy...’

‘This whole situation was the definition of dangerous...’

‘Do you see that girl, right there? She’s the definition of beautiful.’

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you saw someone who made you stop and look for the first time in your life, would you still be running?

I know I can’t stay. For once in my life I am going to be running away from fantasy, rather than chasing it.

Because soon, someone’s eyes will deceive them. They will find him. Soon, his somewhat nightmare of a dream will come to an abrupt end.

Soon, she is going to walk straight into that library, go to pick up his journal...and find it missing. And maybe she’ll find that he didn’t exist at all. Maybe she’ll think it was just a dream.

Goodbye fantasy girl, I would stay but I simply can’t. Not when staying in one place for too long could trap me somewhere forever...

He wrote the last word with regret, before picking up his belongings and doing what he was best at.

Running away.

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