The Boy That Hates Books

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Chapter 7: Chasing The Past And The Future

Sometimes no matter how much you want to run away, you just can’t. Because there are so many reasons why you should stay, why you need to see things through until the very end.

This ‘thing’ that keeps you staying, It could be closure... or it could be revenge. Unfortunately for The Boy That Hates Books, what’s making him stay is revenge, but revenge doesn’t stand alone.

He’s also here for something new.

But when that revenge is so close and the something new even closer, which one do you go for? The Good or the Evil?

Choose a side. It won’t be long before he chooses his.

He sat out in the open, but she had walked straight past him.

The book she was looking for was balanced between his palms, yet she didn’t know this because she had walked out too quickly and missed the unmissable.

The boy sat— kind of bewildered, actually —at the table in the library.

Journal in one hand and pen in the other, he watched her and her green eyes leave. It was like one of those movie moments, he thought, when someone walks past in slow motion and everything stills around them, moves with them. And then you take a breath and everything falls back to normal.

She was headed towards a car, and unlike her he knew exactly who was sat in that car. I mean, she might have thought she knew who was sat in the car. Her two best friends from high school, the one’s who had stuck by her side ever since they had mysteriously moved into The Valley. Two twins with no background.

It surprised the boy actually, that she trusted these two people with her life when they had no story. Kirsten never trusted anyone without a story. Of course, they did have one. But it was untold and covered with lies too thick to ever escape. They had erased their names, erased their past completely to hide the dark truth. In The Valley they were good and loved people, whereas outside they were something the complete opposite...

I know I said that I would stay away. But what I have just discovered is the definition of unbelievable.

Deep down, a part of me knew that one day we would cross paths again. That our lives would collide like they were supposed to, two trains heading in opposite directions. I’d entered The Valley expecting to find nothing, but instead I had found everything. First her...and now them.

It pained me to see her get in the car with them, watch the run down land rover pull away from the library where I was sat waiting for her, and disappear off into the distance. To somewhere they would continue un-telling their story and pretending to be her friends. If only she knew the shattered truth of who they were, of what they’d done. Maybe the tables would turn. Maybe I could have a chance with her.

But now I am conflicted, with revenge or the girl. Or both.

Maybe I shouldn’t do this, maybe I’m going to be filled with regrets. But I no longer care.

Tomorrow, I will wait here for her once again. Tonight, I will follow her and them to whatever location they are destined to go to. And I am going to make an appearance. Let them hit the ground running for once, instead of me.

To be continued...

- Trent.

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