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The Sex Doctor Book 1

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His penis had become an instrument to their desires as it molded and shaped itself to fit whatever size they needed. The gift for them. The curse was he could never cum himself. What is it you truly desire? Is it money? Is it power? Fame? Perhaps you lust for passions of the flesh? Well I have all of those and more. Money I could burn, a repertoire that would make even your favorite celebrity green with envy, and an empire that comes with unlimited snatch as a perk. See a guy like me could make a nun get on her knees for far more than just prayer but it comes at a price. A gift and a curse I always say. My name is Jason Sanders better known as “The Sex Doctor”. Now, of course, mines isn’t the life you envision for yourself when they ask you what it is you want to be when you grow up but my life - as seemingly perfect as it was – changed the day I met…. HER.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

It was the same ole Monday morning for Jason Sanders. He sat at his desk staring out of the window at his city view. No one else in the state had his view and everyone wanted his building. The soundproof interior with tinted windows all over was made especially for the kind of business he was in. His business wasn’t a secret anymore. As his clientele grew, everyone knew about him. Jason leaned in his chair and turned back to his office.

The atmosphere was majestic enough, just the way his client liked. Even though this was his office, the client’s comfort and pleasure was always the priority. He checked his desktop for emails and his schedule. Monday’s were usually a busy start to a never-ending work week. His first client, Abagail Hawthorne, was an early morning type of woman. She had been a client of Jason’s for over six years. She had been there since the beginning of his journey. She was his first client once he became as famous as he was for his work.

It wasn’t hard for him to get as many clients as he did. Jason was a man made to please women. His strong muscular jawline with a fresh clean cut of a goatee and his seductive smile made any woman fall to their knees. His light brown eyes pierced a woman’s heart to stone and even made some men blush. No one could compare to the perfection that was Jason with his body built like a Greek god. He was six foot four with hardcore abs and pecks. Below his chiseled abs was a small waist and long legs with column bricks for thighs.

Muscles ran for miles down his perfectly tanned skin. He was taught well by his mentor on how to seduce women with a grin and give them exactly what they wanted. It was his gift that actually turned him into the business. The gift and the curse, he would say. He knew all the factors of each of his client’s body and mind. Their darkest desires and their deepest pleasures that even they didn’t know they had.

His penis had become an instrument to their desires as it molded and shaped itself to fit whatever size they needed. The gift for them. The curse was he could never cum himself. The sex sessions only lasted an hour on average, but some have paid for more. Hours on end with no release had become tortuous on his mind and his soul. The count of women was more than he could remember. He shoved down some dark liquor before Mrs. Abagail’s arrival, thinking of the number of women he had pleased while never receiving any pleasure in return.

Then there was a knock on the door. “Yes?” Even his voice was made for pure seduction without him trying. His secretary walked in, Melissa. “Your 6 o clock is waiting for you in the lobby. Should I ring her up?” Jason swirled the liquor in the glass for a moment. “Abagail is early as usual. I will get ready for her. Please send her up.” He stood tall with broad shoulders as he unbuttoned his shirt and wiggled out of it. Melissa stood there biting her lip gazing at the man she had worked with for two years now.

Jason, of course, noticed her stare at his body as he began to undress casually. “Melissa, I believe Mrs. Abagail is waiting.” She snapped out of her trance. “Oh yeah. I will go get her.” She quickly walked out the room closing the door securely behind her. Jason finished his drink preparing his mind for his first client of the day. He needed to relax. For some reason today was one of those days he couldn’t stop thinking about his life and where it all got fucked up, but he was going to do his job.

Sadly, that’s all these women were to him; money. He had a certain lifestyle he obtained through giving women what they wanted, but his mind did wonder was there more to him than just his body? Or his money? He knew these women only wanted his sex. As great as it was with no bragging involved, he knew better than to believe these women actually cared about him. It was perfectly fine because he didn’t give a shit about them or the lives they had to live once they left his office.

Some had husbands; actually, most had husbands and boyfriends that claim they could never fuck them like the sex doctor. His train of thought was suddenly disrupted when the door opened. “Mr. Sanders, good morning.” She began to shimmy out of her coat. He bowed curtly. “Morning, Abagail. Nice to see you as always.” He responded with the best smile he could conjure up. “Care for a drink?”

She nodded in response as he poured her a glass of wine. “Work hasn’t gotten any better?” He asked handing her the drink. She accepted. “Busy as usual and I have a meeting this morning around six thirty so we will have to cut this session short.” She touched his chest, staring up at him with her lustful eyes. “I hate it, but someone has to pay you.” He smirked, grabbing her wrist forcefully and bending her over the chair.

He slapped her ass hard, causing her to moan loudly. “Aw yes. Take me hard and fast.” Jason quickly relieved her of her underwear pulling them down to her ankles. “Spread your legs.” He commanded, grabbing her hair and jerking it back. She moaned again as his hand traveled to her inner core, probing and testing her readiness. She was ready. More than ready. Jason’s cock sprang to life almost on command.

His fingers memorized her size and what she could take, causing his penis to shape accordingly. The small tinge he felt use to be something he worried about, but now he didn’t even feel anything as his cock shaped into a long shaft with a thick mushroom head curving up slightly enough to hit her g spot. He inserted himself inside, thrusting his hips forward, causing Abagail’s knees to buckle. She held onto the chair for support. Instantly Jason could feel her muscles contracting as her orgasm reached closer and closer.

She cursed over and over as he rammed into her without remorse and without mercy. This was the true Abagail. This refined businesswoman in her mid-forties liked it rough. She only targeted bad boys. It was no mystery of how Abagail came confidently into Jason’s office with a black credit card. She needed a release from her everyday boring life. It took one thousand dollars to give it to her.

He pulled her hair back again, whispering in her ear. “You are the boss of that company. You go in today with your head held high and you rock…” he thrust harder causing her to gasp. “...the shit out of that meeting, you understand?” “Yes! Oh my god Yes!” she came hard. The chair was all she could hold onto as she screamed from the pleasure of her body releasing the much-needed pressure being built. Jason released himself from her body, grabbing the towel that was close by.

He wiped himself and then cleaned her with another wet towel. “Those assholes say they’ve never seen me so happy with Rick. Little do they know right?” she laughed softly at the irony of the situation. Jason only continued to clean her. “You should love your husband Abagail. Sex isn’t everything.” He responded trying not to be bias but was in his feelings for some reason today. She scoffed. “With sex like yours, it is. My body isn’t the same since I have been coming to you. It can never be the same.” She touched his chest again, hoping to gain some sympathy.

“Come with me to the party tonight Jason, as my date. I would rather have a nice young successful business owner at my side then Rick.” As politely as he could he grabbed her hand off his chest. “I told you I don’t go on dates with my clients. You know the rules, Abagail. What has it been, six years now?” Abagail frowned, fixing her clothes and her hair in the mirror. “Pity. I would be the envy of the whole office with you by my side.” She grabbed her jacket in her hand, staring at her watch.

“Well, it seems my thirty minutes is up. Same time next week.” She walked out the room and down the hall to the huge bathroom made for anyone of his clients who needed to shower and clean up before heading back to their normal everyday lives. Jason headed there himself to prepare for his next client.

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