The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 13


Today’s been going good so far. I woke up this morning happy that Damon didn’t interrogate me about the whole hospital thing.

Then I went to school, saw all my friends, and made up with Garrett.

Everything’s going great.

But now I’m in Environmental Awareness, dreading the moment Damon walks through the door.

Every time I’ve seen him today I got nervous, thinking he would pull me aside and start questioning me.

He hasn’t even spared me a glance, but somehow that makes me more nervous when it should be making me feel better.

What if he didn’t actually see me, or maybe he forgot.

My theories calmed me a bit, but the panic rushed back when Damon walked into class.

As soon as he stepped foot in the room his eyes met mine and narrowed in determination.

I knew that look well, the look that said ‘you will tell me what I want to know.’

“Why were you at the hospital yesterday?” He asked as soon as he sat down.

This kid sure doesn’t beat around the bush.

“I was visiting someone.” I told him vaguely.

My strategy was to tell the truth, but leave out the details.

“Who?” He questioned, turning his body to fully face me, letting me know that I had his undivided attention.

“None of your business.” I snapped.

This was the second part of my strategy, get mad and start an argument to change the subject without him knowing.

“Well I saw you, so I have the right to know.” Was his reply.

That doesn’t even make sense.

“You don’t have rights when it comes to me, you’re not important enough to.” I argued, making sure to keep my voice low so I didn’t disturb the class.

“I’m important!” He exclaimed in the same hushed tone.

I shook my head, “No, you really aren’t.”

“You know what, I’m done. I’m so done with you, why do I even try?”

So done? What does that even mean? And what did he mean by ‘why do I even try?’?

Whatever, it doesn’t matter, I got him off the topic of me at the hospital. Mission accomplished.

For the rest of class Damon just pouted.

Yup, he’s a pouter. Every time he doesn’t get what he wants he pouts and after a few minuets he gets what he wants. That pout works on everyone.

Except for me.

That’s an accomplishment all on its own, I could put it on my résumé.

After class as I made my way to the cafeteria Damon came up beside me and without a word walked the rest of the way with me.

“You know, that pout is never gonna work on me right?” I asked, looking at him, still pouting, for a second before training my eyes forward.

“It’ll work one day.” He declared, determination strong in his voice.

I looked over at him in amusement and saw that his blue eyes sparkled in determination too.

“What are you even trying to do with that pout? Are you trying to look cute? Because you don’t. You honestly look like a constipated pug.” I told him, trying my best to sound serious even though I was really just teasing him.

The pout fell from his face pretty quickly after my comment registered in his mind.

“I do not!” He exclaimed angrily.

“Whatever you say.” I sang as we entered the cafeteria.

Before he could say anything else I sat down at my table, which efficiently ended our conversation.

“I wish Damon and I had a hate, hate relationship. I’ve heard hate sex is amazing.” Candy said dreamily.

I almost puked everywhere.

Even just the thought of having sex with Damon made me want to die.

“You’re disgusting!” I exclaimed.

“Who’s disgusting?” Someone asked from behind me.

I turned around to see a smiling Dylan.

“Hey babe.” he greeted me, bending down to kiss my cheek before plopping onto the chair beside me and putting an arm around my shoulder.

Maybe things won’t be awkward between us like I had originally thought.

“Hey.” I greeted back.

We shared a smile, then went back to eating and talking with our friends.

I briefly looked over at Damon’s table to find him glaring at me and Dylan.

What a confusing weirdo.

“So I have a basketball game next Friday, and I’d really like it if you came.” Dylan informed me.

Whenever he wanted me to go somewhere he never really asked, he ordered in a nice way, which kinda bugs me. But I want to be a supportive girlfriend so of course I was going to go.

“Sure, I’ll come.” I replied.

He smiled and nodded before going back to talking with his basketball buddies.

Soon after, the bell rang and I found myself walking to class alone.

Who has a party on Monday? Like seriously. All anyone’s been talking about it some party happening tonight.

Who even goes to a party on a Monday?

People are so stupid.

Are you going to the party?

Another anonymous number asked.
This was the eleventh text I’ve go my from an unknown number, asking if I was going to the party.

Like I’m getting out of my comfortable bed to go hang out with drunk teenagers.

I even decided to not to do my homework tonight. I need a night to just relax.

I texted the random person back a simple ‘no’, then turned off my phone and tossed it onto my bedside table.

I looked up at the ceiling and sighed in contentment. This is what I needed, a night with no stress, no drama, and more importantly, no Damon.

He left for the party an hour ago, which means I don’t have to worry about him looking into my window like a creep.

I looked over at my alarm clock, 10:00.

I guess it’s a reasonable time to go to sleep.

“Sophia, can you come downstairs?” mom called from somewhere downstairs.

She just had to call me as I was drifting off to sleep.

I grumbled under my breath about how my mother had the worst timing in the world as I stumbled down the stairs.

“What?” I asked irritably when I found her.

“I just wanted to tell you that the doctors want us to take Victoria out of town for a check up. So your Father and I are taking her tomorrow morning.” Mom informed me.

“What about me? Aren’t I coming?” I asked.

She shook her head, “You have school, I don’t want you missing your classes.”

I looked at her in shock, she always let me go!

“When will you be back.” I asked instead of arguing, I could see it in her eyes that she was exhausted like me, and wasn’t in the mood for arguing.

“We’ll stay at a hotel tomorrow night and come home the next day.”

“Bu-” I started to protest but she cut me off.

“Tori can’t travel too much, you know her condition. So we have to let her rest for the night before we can travel again.” Mom explained.

She knows I don’t like staying home, in fear that he will somehow show up.

“It’s only for one night, nothing will happen, you’ll be fine,” she reassured me.

I nodded my head in defeat. She’s right. Nothing’s going to happen, but that doesn’t take away my fear. Nothing will ever take away my fear.

“Goodnight sweetie.” Was moms last words before she went upstairs to bed.

I slowly made my way up after her and flopped down on my bed, completely exhausted with everything that’s happened recently.

I’m so done with today.

And with that I drifted off into a restless sleep.

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