The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 18


Up in Damon’s room we both sat on his bed and an awkward silence fell over us.

We just didn’t know what to say to each other after everything that’s happened.

He beat up Dylan, comforted me and then his mom thought we were dating. That’s a lot to go through with him in one day, especially since not that long ago we loathed each other.

But things are different now, so I made it my duty to break the awkward silence by blurting out the first thing that came to mind.

“Do you like cheesecake?” My eyes widened when my brain registered what I had just said.

Cheesecake? Really Sophia? God I’m such an awkward loser.

When my stupid sentence finally registered in Damon’s head he shot me a bewildered look that didn’t last log because in seconds he was on the floor clutching his stomach as he laughed his butt off.

“C-cheesecake, r-really?” he chocked out between laughs.

“I just wanted to break that uncomfortable silence!” I exclaimed, scowling at him.

“Was the silence uncomfortable? It wasn’t for me. Does being alone in my room make you uncomfortable?” Damon teased when his laughter died down.

“No!” I quickly shouted, then realized my mistake, shouting it out would just make him think I’m lying.

I took a deep breath, “No.” I said calmer.

“I think you’re lying.” he stated, smirking.

“I’m not you big headed baboon.” I retorted.

“Big headed baboon, really? Well in that case you’re a crazy psycho chimp.” he declared.

I looked at him like he was insane, crazy psycho chimp? Well two can play at that game.

I narrowed my eyes and shot him my next insult “Hairy gross gorilla.”

“Stupid singing swan.” He shot back without missing a beat.

I was about to give him another one of my great insults when I realized what he said.

“Singing swan? I don’t think that’s much of an insult.” I told him.

“It’s not.” He said with a shrug.

“Okay.” I said slowly, its very unlike Damon to give me compliments.

We fell into another silence that made me uncomfortable yet again.

So to break it I told him something I’ve wanted to since he beat up Dylan, instead of embarrassing myself and blurting something random.

“Uh, I just wanted to say thanks for beating up Dylan and stuff.” I said quietly.

He looked at me in shock but recovered quickly and said “No problem, ever since he came back I’ve wanted an excuse to punch him anyway.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, why would he want to hurt his best friend.

“He just seemed so fake, like he was trying to make us think he was the old Dylan so he could get on our good sides.” He explained, seeing my confused expression.

I nodded in understanding, what Damon said makes sense, we are the most popular people in school so why wouldn’t someone be fake around us so that we would like them, they would get popularity out of it.

“So how’s Antonio doing?” Damon suddenly asked.

I raised an eyebrow at him and an amused smile formed on my face, was he seriously asking about Antonio, our tree?

“He’s doing well I guess, the same as last time you saw him, which was yesterday.” I answered, the amused expression on my face never leaving.

“Well that’s good, I was worried you threw him out a window or something.” Damon told me.

I gasped in shock, “How could you think I would do that to little Antonio?”

“Well first of you know how much I love him, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you threw him out your window just to get back at me for something.” He explained.

“You’re such an ass, you know that?” I said rolling my eyes in exasperation.

“Being an ass is my best feature.” he said proudly.

Oh god, what am I going to do with this guy?

“Well for starters you could tie me down to the bed and start-”

“What the hell Damon!” I yelled just in time to cut off his dirty comment.

He started laughing.

“Wait, did you read my mind or something?” I asked when I realized he answered the question I asked myself in my head.

“No, you speak you inner thoughts out loud more than you realize.” He explained, a goofy grin on his face.

My heard dropped, what had he heard? What if he heard me compliment him or say something embarrassing? Oh god this is so embarrassing!

“Stop freaking out, I haven’t heard anything embarrassing.” He reassured me.

I let out a long sigh of relief, thank god.

“You seem really relived, what are you hiding Soph?” he asked.

I shrugged “Nothing.”

To be honest I was hiding lots, like my confusing thought about Damon and all the stuff I went through with him.

And while I’m thinking about him, I realized I really need to visit Victoria, I haven’t seen her in about a week.

Hopefully she’s not mad at me for not coming in so long, but knowing her she’ll just be happy that I came at all.

“I don’t believe you.” Damon said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Everyone’s hiding something.” I told him.

“True.” he agreed.

“So enough with the talking, is there anything fun to do around here?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Not really, just movies, video games and board games.” he told me, looking around his room.

I didn’t even have to think twice about what I wanted to do.

“I win, I win! You lose, you lose!” I squealed happily.

“That’s not fair! you got a ladder that brought you right beside the finish square and I had to slide down a snake!” Damon exclaimed, obviously not happy about losing.

If you didn’t already figure it out, we played snakes and ladders, which I kick ass at.

“I won fair and square, you’re just a soar loser.” I told him cockily.

“Whatever, lets do something else.” Damon mumbled, crossing his arms and pouting out his bottom lip like a three year old.

“Aw, is wittle Damon mad he didn’t win?” I asked, talking to him like he’s a baby.

“No.” he muttered, pouting harder.

“You’re cute when you pout.” I told him.

He looked up at me in shock and I was probably mirroring his expression.

I can’t believe I just said that put loud!

“Am I now?” Damon teased, smirking.

I groaned and ran a hand over my face, why did that comment have to slip out of my mouth? Damon was never gonna let go of it.

“Well of course, every little kid that pouts when they don’t win is cute.” I pointed out.

The smirk fell off his face and was replaced with a scowl. “I am not a little kid!” he exclaimed.

“Well why do you act like one then?” I shot back.

“Because I want to.” He muttered.

“That’s stupid.” I said.

“So is your mom.” he retorted.

Oh so he wanted to play that card huh? Well bring it on.

“Yo mama so stupid she put lipstick on her forehead to make up her mind.” I said cockily.

His eyebrows rise in surprise, as he replied without missing a beat, “Yo mama so stupid she bought tickets to Xbox live.”

That was a good one.

“Yo mama so ugly she’s the reason Waldo is hiding.” I retorted.

“Ya well yo mama so ugly she scares the shit right out of the toilet.” he replied with a straight face.

I started laughing and soon he joined in, where the hell did he come up with that one?

“I think I won that one.” Damon said after we were done laughing.

“Ya, that last joke was pretty good.” I agreed.

“I’m the master of yo mama.” he declared proudly.

“That’s not something to be proud of.” I pointed out, breaking down in laughter again.

We were both laughing so hard we rolled off the bed and onto the floor.

But seconds after we landed on the floor Damon stopped laughing.

I looked at him and realized that I was right on top of him, I must have landed that way when we fell.

The serious look on Damon’s face made my laughter die in my throat.

I sat up to get off him, which made me straddle him, and just as I was about to stand up he grabbed my waist so I stayed right where I was.

I looked down at him in confusion and instantly got lost in his beautiful green eyes.

I didn’t even notice how close our faces had somehow gotten until I felt his minty breath fan across my cheeks.

Without my permission, my eyes drifted away from his eyes and went down to his full pink lips that always looked so soft and kissable.

Now our foreheads were resting against each others and there was mere millimetres between our lips.

Just as I was about to lean forward and place my lips against his, someone walked into the room and gasped.

Damon and I instantly shot apart and looked up at the person who caught us.

I don’t know whether to be relived or scared that it was his mom.

She already thought we were dating, but if she did have any doubts before, she certainly didn’t now.

“Sorry for interrupting but Sophia, your mom just called, she wants you home.” Mrs. Blake said.

I felt my face heat up and I bet Damon was the same but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. This was just too embarrassing.

I nodded at Mrs. Blake so she knew that I got her message and stood up just as she was exiting the room.

“Well I better go.” I told Damon without looking at him.

“Yeah, okay.” he replied nonchalantly.

I nodded, still not looking at him, and exited his room.

I quickly made my way downstairs, not wanting to run into Mrs. Blake and have her ask questions. Right now I just wanted to go home, lay in my bed and think.

Thankfully Damon’s mom was nowhere in sight and I slid through the front door unnoticed.

Once I was outside I all but ran to my house and up to my room.

So much has happened today. Dylan only dating me for a bet, Damon comforting me, having fun hanging out with Damon, almost kissing Damon.

Holy shit! I almost kissed Damon! What the hell is wrong with me? Why would I ever even think about kissing Damon?

Maybe I just felt lonely and depressed about what Dylan did and in the back of my head I wanted to get back at him by kissing another guy, and Damon just so happened to the that other guy.

Yeah that’s gotta be it, because its not like I have feelings for Damon or anything.


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