The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 24


She said yes? She said yes! Holy shit she actually said yes.

Once we said our goodbyes and were both back in our own houses I kinda freaked out. Well if you count jumping in the air and fist pumping, freaking out.

I just can’t believe she said yes.

And before you get ahead of yourselves, I didn’t ask her out because I like her or anything. It’s just part of my plan to make her fall for me.

I did promise myself that I’d help her forget about her crazy psycho ex and make her happy again.

But now that she said yes to going out with me where the hell am I suppose to take her?

And we never even set a date. God I’m so stupid!

I was just so nervous for some reason that I couldn’t think clearly, all I was thinking about is that she was gonna reject me and when she didn’t I was so happy that any thought of setting an actual date for the date left my mind.

I’ve never been so nervous to ask a girl our before, but maybe that’s just because every time I have in the past I knew they would say yes, but with Sophia I had no idea, and I kinda liked it like that. It makes it seem so much more real.

But now I’m facing a whole new problem, where to take her on this date.

Usually I would just take a girl to the movies or a nice restaurant, but I really had to impress Soph, and I knew those things wouldn’t.

She wasn’t like all the other girls that are just desperate to have a boyfriend, Soph is perfectly fine single, so impressing her would be difficult.

I need to take her somewhere fun and random, but still slightly romantic. But where the hell could that possibly be?

Then an idea hit me. The perfect idea. I knew exactly where I was going to take Sophia, and she was going to love it.

I went to my computer to look up the weather for the next couple days and to my delight tomorrow was going to be nice and warm. Perfect.

And tomorrow is Sunday so we have the whole day for this date.

I shut down my computer and flopped down on my bed, taking my phone out so I could text Soph.

To: Sweetheart

You free for our date tomorrow at 11:30?

I hit send and waited for her reply, hopefully she was free.

Ten minuets passed and still no reply, I was starting to get worried. What if she changed her mind and doesn’t want to go out anymore?

Wait a sec, who cares if she doesn’t want to go out anymore? Certainly not me. I’m just doing this to help her, it’s not like I even want to go on a date with her. Right?

You want to go on this date more than she does, stupid. An annoying voice in the back of my mind said.

But what it said was wrong. I didn’t want to go on this date and if she backs out of it I won’t give a damn.

The buzzing of my phone broke me from my thoughts and once I realized that I just received a text I rushed to open it, hoping that it was Soph.

From: Sweetheart

I’m free. Where do you plan on taking me?

I shook my head at her reply, typical Sophia, always curious and asking questions.

To: Sweetheart

That’s for me to know and you to find out ;)

Once I hit send I checked the time, 7:00 already? Holy crap time flew today.

My stomach growled when it realized that we missed supper. I planned on ignoring my hunger because I didn’t want to go all the way downstairs but eventually my stomach won and I was off my bed and on my way to the kitchen.

Not surprisingly mom was in the kitchen when I got there, making something like usual.

“Hey sweetie.” she greeted me.

“Mom.” I whined, I always tell her not to call me that but she never listens.

She rolled her eyes and chuckled.

I opened the fridge and took out some leftovers from last night, then popped it in the microwave to heat up.

“So, how have you been lately, I barely ever see you anymore, where have you been?” mom asked after a moment of silence.

“I’m good. And I’ve been hanging out with Sophia.” I answered nonchalantly.

“I knew you two were dating!” she exclaimed.

“No!” I shouted, furiously shaking my head.

Too bad she isn’t so far from being right, I am taking her on a date, that counts as dating, but we aren’t yet.

But that didn’t stop us from kissing. That one kiss was just mind blowing. I have no idea where it came from or why it happened but I’m glad it did. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

And every time I see her I just want to kiss her, over and over again. That’s how great the kiss was.

I was so lost in thought that when my phone buzzed I nearly had a heart attack.

Once I saw that I received a text from Soph I forgot about everything else and quickly opened the message.

From: Sweetheart

That’s not fair!

I chuckled and shook my head at her childish text.

To: Sweetheart

Life isn’t fair sweetheart, get use to it.

“Who’s sweetheart?” mom asked once the text was sent, scaring me halfway to death, I forgot she was in the room.

Then I realized what she just said.

“We’re you reading my text?” I asked in disbelief, realizing that she must have looked over my shoulder to find out who I was texting.

“So what if I was, now answer my question.” she said, placing her hands on her hips.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s no one.”

But once those words left my mouth I realized how untrue that statement was.

Sophia was not no one to me. She was always a big part of my life, whether it was being my enemy and the person I was competing with at school or my new friend and the only girl I actually cared about.

Everything I did for the most part revolved around her in some way, the way I dress and the way I act so I can beat her at most popular. The people I hang out with because they’re on my side, the people I hate because they’re on her side.

That realization was honestly scary, and it made me realize that without Sophia in my life I wouldn’t be me, and nothing would be the same.

The beep of the microwave announcing that my food was ready thankfully ripped me from my disturbing thoughts.

I took my food out of the microwave and told my mom I was eating in my room tonight before heading up.

I picked at my food but didn’t eat a lot. I wasn’t really hungry after my discovery about Sophia.

When my phone buzzed yet again I was hesitant to open the text this time, but I read it nonetheless.

From: Sweetheart

Not funny. Just tell me where we’re going. Please!!

I smiled at her text, I could just imagine the puppy dog face she would be giving me if we were talking in person right now.

To: Sweetheart

I want this to be a surprise so no more begging for me to tell you, because I won’t.

I sent the text and looked over at my clock again, 8:45. Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe I wasted that much time just thinking about Soph. But then again, I really had nothing better to do.

Only a few minuets of waiting for her to reply and she actually did, much to my surprise, usually she takes a long time to reply.

From: Sweetheart

Fine. If you won’t tell me I’ll just stop texting you now. I have homework to do anyways.

Typical Sophia.

To: Sweetheart

Whatever, be a nerd and stop texting me. I don’t care.

I replied and again to my surprise, she replied quickly.

From: Sweetheart

Cool, so stop texting me. I have stuff to do and it’s getting late. Besides I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow.

Beauty sleep? Why would she need that? She’s already beautiful.

And I can’t believe I just thought that.

To: Sweetheart

Fine. Goodbye and sweet dreams sweetheart.

Once I sent that I looked out my window and towards Soph’s, her curtains were shielding her room from my view but I could tell that the light was still on, but moments later it was turned off.

I sighed and closed my eyes. How could one girl effect my life so much. I couldn’t even picture what I would be like if I never met Sophia, and frankly I was too scared to ever find out.

From now on I’ll do anything to keep this girl in my life, and keep her happy too, because when she’s happy, I’m happy.

God I sound like such a girl, but right now I don’t care. I’m probably just overtired and thinking nonsense anyways.

Soon after that I drifted into a heavy sleep, and spent the night dreaming of what life would be like without Sophia.

The next morning I woke with a start.

To say my dreams were unpleasant would be the understatement of the year. I’m a loser times a million without Soph in the picture, it was terrifying.

I looked over at my clock, 10:30, that’s a decent time I guess.

I was too lazy to get up until a thought struck me. I’m taking Sophia out in an hour, I have to get ready!

I hopped out of bed and took a quick shower, then I stood in front of my closet contemplating what I was going to wear for my date.

We’re not going anywhere fancy so I didn’t need to really dress up, but I wanted to look good.

But then again, I always look good. So I decided to wear a semi tight fitted black t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans.

Then I messed up my hair and spiked it up a bit in that way that girls find sexy. And for my final touch I sprayed some axe on myself and I was good to go.

I checked the time and a still had a half an hour to blow before I had to pick up Soph so I went and packed our lunch and put it in the fridge until I had to go.

By then I still had ten minuets and that’s when the nerves hit me.

This had to be perfect, I had to win her over so she’d go on other dates with me and eventually become my girlfriend, that way I could protect her and make her happy again.

I hope she likes where we’re going. Most girls would throw a fit because its not expensive or somewhere people usually go on dates, but I have a feeling Soph will be different.

Then a thought hit me like a ton of bricks, what if the date when perfectly well but she just doesn’t like me like that. I mean I know I’m good looking but Soph doesn’t care too much about that. She’s more of a personality kind of girl, if you don’t have a great personality and a connection with her, you don’t stand a chance.

I have a pretty good personality, right? I am the most popular guy in school, so I must be likeable.

And as for a connection between us, I think we do, we wouldn’t have become friends after such a long time of hating each other if we didn’t have some kind of connection.

And when we kissed, wow. The sparks were crazy and I’m sure she felt it too. I’ve never felt that before, ever.

Okay I have to stop thinking and leave, if I don’t go now I’ll be late and that’s defiantly not a good way to start off our date.

I gave myself one last look over to make sure I looked good, before exiting my house and walking to hers.

I think it’s pretty convenient that she lives right beside me, maybe even fate?

I use to hate that we lived so close to each other when we hated each other, who wants to live beside their enemy? Certainly not me. But now I think it’s awesome.

Once I was standing in front of her door I took one last calming breath and knocked on the door.

This is it, I’m taking my enemy out on a date.

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