The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 3


“No way! You are the luckiest girl in the world!” Candy screeched.

I had just told the table what happened in Environmental Awareness class.

Most of them were shocked that Mr. Devil would put Damon and I together for a year, but some people, like Candy, were ecstatic.

“Maybe he could even sit with us at lunch, so you guys could work on your project of course.” Candy rambled on.

“That isn’t possible, they’re fighting for most popular, which means that they have to sit at different tables.” Kyle interjected.

“Well it’s obvious that Damon will win, so why doesn’t he sit at our table?” Candy reasoned in that sickly sweet voice of hers.

Even when she insulted you it sounded like a compliment. It was a gift for her and a curse for everyone else.

“Actually, so far Soph is in the lead.” Garrett, captain of the swimming team and my all time best friend, defended me.

I shot him a thankful smile in return.

I would have stood up for myself and pointed out that I was winning, but I didn’t want to sound rude and cocky.

The reason I’m popular is because I was so nice and friendly. If I was rude to someone, people would start to think I was fake and I would end up losing.

I couldn’t let that happen and Garrett knew it. He was usually my voice for these kinds of situations.

“Whatever Garrett, you’re just saying that because you’re in love with her.” Candy shot back.

If there’s one thing I knew about Candy, it was that she hated being wrong.

“I love her as a best friend, but I’m not in love with her.” Garrett replied calmly.

This was a daily thing for us. Just because we were always hanging out, everyone just assumed we were together.

What they don’t know is that Garrett’s gay. I was the only one that knew and he made me swear on my mother’s grave that I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Candy just rolled her eyes and went back to picking at her uneaten salad while she gossiped with the other cheerleaders.

“Why can’t a guy and a girl be best friends without everyone thinking that they’re together?” I asked rhetorically.

“I hear ya sista.” Garrett replied.

I rolled my eyes at his failed gangster talk and took a bite out of my pizza slice.

“Are we hanging out today after school?” Garrett asked.

I swallowed my mouthful and replied “Yup, and we’ll visit Tori, she misses you.”

Garrett nodded and went back to eating.

Suddenly the cafeteria went silent.

I looked around to see why everyone stopped what they were doing.

After a moment my eyes finally fell on what everyone else was already staring at.

There, at the entrance of the cafeteria, stood someone I hadn’t seen since grade ten.

There he stood, in all his glory - Dylan Russo.

Although he still had his shaggy blonde hair and bright green eyes, he’s definitely changed. Gone were his braces and skinny limbs, and in their place were perfect white teeth, and muscles that any guy would kill for. They weren’t too big and bulgy but they weren’t non-existent either. They were just perfect.

He was just perfect.

And it didn’t help that I’d had a crush on him since the fourth grade.

When he moved away I was crushed, and I cried myself to sleep the night I found out.

But now he’s back, and he has a decision to make; either sit with me, or Damon.

It was a fifty-fifty chance since Dylan was best friends with both Damon and I.

That’s another thing we use to argue about; who Dylan liked best. And whenever Dylan would hang out with Damon and not me, or vise-versa, we would become jealous and lash out at each other.

Everyone was shocked when Dylan finally chose where to sit. Instead of choosing between Damon and I, he just sat at a table filled with outcasts and misfits. I had to respect him for that.

“Is that who I think it is?” Candy whispered to our table.

“Isn’t that...” Garrett started, and I finished off his sentence.

“Dylan Russo.”

“Mind if I sit here?” A voice asked from my right side.

“Sure.” I answered, not bothering to look up and see who it was.

I was in the library doing homework and really didn’t feel like talking to anyone, I needed to finish this review.

“Thanks Fia.” the person said.

I froze, there’s only one person that called me that. My head snapped up to look at the person now sitting beside me.


He was grinning goofily at me like he used to, and I instantly felt comfortable.

Since his looks had changed so much and he was suddenly super hot, I thought things would get awkward, fast. On my part anyway. But he was still the same old Dylan, just hotter.

“Long time no see huh?” He said, breaking the silence that surrounded us.

I let out a quiet laugh. “It’s been way too long.” I told him in a playful manner, but what I said was true. I missed him more than I should have.

I’d had a crush on him for so long. So when he left it sucked, but the worst part was he was also my best friend.

No more than half a year later Garrett transferred to my school and we instantly became friends, but it was Dylan that I shared all my memories with.

I’d known Dylan since grade four. Our parents were high school friends that reconnected that year. So obviously Dylan and I spent all our time together due to our parents.

They used to think that Dylan and I would end up getting married one day.

“God I’ve missed you so much Fia.” Dylan admitted, giving me a sad look.

“C’mon Lan, don’t make me sad” I told him, my voice cracking. If we didn’t change the topic I would surely cry.

He rolled his eyes and pulled me into a hug, “You’re still the same old emotional Sophia.”

I laughed into his chest, “And you’re still dorky Dylan.”

“Stay away from Dylan.” Was the first thing I heard from Damon since Environmental Awareness.

I slammed my locker shut with more force than necessary and spun around to face him.

“Do you really think you have a say in who I talk to?” I asked, venom dripping from every word.

He winced slightly at my fury but didn’t back down.

“You’re not going to steal my best friend away from me again.” Damon shot back.

“Watch me.” I spat as I stepped around him and toward the school doors.

Before driving home, I texted Garrett to make sure he remembered we were hanging out today.

Once I was home I waited outside for Garrett to arrive so we could leave right away.

Damon’s cheap Toyota pulled into his driveway and out stepped the devil himself. But what I wasn’t expecting was for Dylan to step out of the passenger side.

I stood there staring at them in shock and disbelief while Damon smirked at me and Dylan waved.

Garrett, being the lifesaver he was, pulled into my driveway just as Damon was about to make one of his stupid comments.

I quickly hopped into his car and instructed him to get me away from there as quickly as possible.

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