The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 31


“Why do you always get the cute guys?” Garrett wined when I got back to the living room after saying goodbye to Damon.

“What are you talking about, the last boyfriend I had ended up being a douche, so that takes away all his cuteness.” I told him.

“He’s still incredibly hot even if he is a big jerk.” Garrett argued, rolling his eyes.

“The only reason he dated me was because of a bet!” I exclaimed.

“Dylan is still one of the best looking guys in school.” Garrett declared, and I didn’t comment because despite Dylan’s personality, he still was hot.

“Anyways, any new boyfriends I need to know about?” I asked, changing the subject.

Garrett shook his head, “No, it’s so hard to find a good looking guy who’s gay! I could even say that it’s impossible!” He exclaimed dramatically.

“One day you’ll find someone smoking hot, and gay.” I tell him reassuringly.

“Maybe.” he said skeptically.

I rolled my eyes at that, “You’re a total hotty, no gay guy could resist you, even the really hot ones.”

“Sure, sure.” he said, laughing.

After that eventful conversation we watched two more episodes of Teen Wolf one of my all time favourite t.v shows, but who couldn’t love the show? There’s tons of hot shirtless guys, and then there’s adorable loveable Stiles. I just love him so much! And lucky for me there’s a marathon on today.

So as we watched the show, Garrett and I drooled over the hot guys and gossiped about people at school, like middle school girls.

I seriously missed spending quality time with my best friend.

But of corse, my enemy had to ruin that.

How did Damon become such a big part of my life so fast anyways? I mean, ya I always hated him, so I spent lots of down time plotting how to ruin his life, but it was never like this.

Now I practically depend on him. He’s my shoulder to cry on, I told him my whole story. And I also have a big crush on him too.

I just can’t believe I’m dating my enemy.

But who wouldn’t fall for his charms? He’s gorgeous, with his soft black hair, vibrant green eyes, and of course amazing abs.

“My mom just called while you were lost in Damon la la land, she needs me back home.” Garrett told me, breaking me out of my reverie.

“Okay, but we need to hang out again really soon, just the two of us.” I say as I got up to walk him to the door.

“Sounds good.” he agrees.

Once we’re at the front door I hug him goodbye, and just as I’m about to close the door I yell “And I wasn’t in Damon la la land!” even though I most certainly was.

Garrett just laughed and rolled his eyes, before getting in his car and driving away.

I defiantly need to hang out with him at least once before Saturday when we hang out as a group with Damon and Alex.

Speaking of which, I really hope that goes well. If my best friend got along well with Damon’s best friend that would be amazing.

And I hope Garrett likes Damon because Garrett’s opinion means a lot to me, and if he doesn’t approve of the guy I’m dating, I’ll break up with him, or stop dating him or whatever. No relationship is more important than my friendship with Garrett.

And of corse I hope Alex likes me. I don’t know if Damon would stop seeing me because of his best friend but even if he wouldn’t, I still want Alex to like me.

Only when a loud truck passed by, was I brought back to reality.

I looked around me, realizing that I was really lost in my thoughts again, and to my surprise I was still at the door, with the door wide open.

All the neighbours probably think I’m a retarded creep or something.

Feeling embarrassed, I quickly shut the door and rushed to my room.

I must have been lost in though for a really long time because it was already getting dark outside.

Once I was in my room I looked around and was immediately bored. I have problems with boredom.

It should be illegal for someone to be bored as often as I am. But wouldn’t I get arrested since I’m always so bored?

Ya never mind then.

I opened my window wide and looked around, for some reason looking outside for something to do, and luckily for me I did find something to do.

There was a bit of roof right outside my window that I could sit on, its the perfect place to read actually, because despite the darkening sky, the light from my room is just strong enough to read outside my window.

I grabbed my copy of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and clambered out my window.

I was about half way done it already and I can’t even explain how amazing it is. John Green is seriously my hero. And while I’m at it, where can I buy an Augustus Waters?

I opened up my book to the page I left off on and started to read it, but about half way through the page I gave up.

There was this song in my head that I just couldn’t get out, and it was distracting me from reading.

" ’Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

I sang quietly in hopes that the song will get out of my head.

I don’t even know what it’s called or who sings it! All I know is that it’s amazing and catchy.

" Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

A slightly raspy, but beautifully perfect voice sang, startling me.

I looked over towards Damon’s window, which was now open and had Damon climbing through.

He too sat down on the little roof outside his window, and we were so close, if I reached forward and he reached forward, our hands would be touching.

I looked at him and he looked back at me, and then as if on que, we sung in unison;

" ’Cause I give you all of me

And you’ll give me all of you, oh

Then we stopped, both not knowing the rest, and just smiled at each other.

It’s crazy how good we sound together, our harmony is perfect.

“We’re good together.” Damon finally spoke, as if reading my mind.

I just nodded in agreement because I felt like if I opened my mouth to say something, I’d just embarrass myself and ruin the moment.

We sat in a comfortable silence for a while until I guess Damon got bored because he got up and went back into his room.

I actually felt kinda hurt when he left me, he didn’t even say goodbye or anything.

Just as I was about to get up and go pout in my room, Damon came back through his window, but instead of sitting on his side, he came and sat beside me.

“I was hungry.” He explained after seeing my confused expression.

I nodded in understanding and watched as he took a big bite out of a blueberry muffin.

That thing looks so good, blueberry is my favourite kind of muffin. My mouth was watering at just the sight of one, and Damon must have saw me looking longingly at his muffin because he smirked and handed me a new one, that I hadn’t see before.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I exclaimed and gave him a side hug before taking an enormous bite out of the heavenly food.

I quietly moaned at the delicious explosion of flavour on my tongue and saw Damon tense up beside me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked when I swallowed my mouthful of muffin.

He just shook his head and took another bite of his muffin.

I rolled my eyes at him and went back to my delicious treat without another word.

Once we were both done our muffins, Damon turned to me with a determined yet almost shy look on his face.

“So when’s our next date?” he asked nonchalantly, but his eyes told me that he was nervous for my answer.

“You’re the guy, you tell me.” I joked, thankfully putting him at ease. A nervous Damon was a weird Damon.

He chuckled and replied “Well since we’re hanging out with our friends on Saturday, how about Sunday?”

I though for a minute, making sure I didn’t have any plans, but also making him squirm in anticipation for my answer.

“Sounds good. But just so you know, you better make this date just as amazing as the others.” I warned him playfully.

“As you wish, sweetheart.” he replied, chucking and making me blush at the use of his nickname for me.

Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m blushing! Get it together Sophia!

It’s a good thing there wasn’t too much light out here because I’m sure if Damon saw me blushing, he would hold it against me forever.

“Well I should go so I can plan our date.” he said after a couple minutes of silence, getting up and brushing off the muffin crumbs on his jeans.

“You better not disappoint me.” I told him as sternly as I could, but I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

“I won’t.” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Well in that case, goodnight then.” I muttered, slightly disappointed that he was really leaving.

“Night sweetheart, dream of me.” He whispered in my ear as he leaned down to kiss my cheek, then he straightened up and shot me a wink before sliding back into his room, leaving me a blushing mess on my roof.

Damn, what is this boy doing to me? A guy has never effected me as much as Damon does.

But in all honesty, it doesn’t bug me one bit. I’m glad Damon is the guy I like so much.

He’s funny, caring, and nice. He has a soft side for kids, he’s musically talented but terrible at bowling, and he’s a walking god in the looks department.

To me he’s kind of perfect.

And just what I need to get by.

I sighed and climbed through my window, falling on my butt into my room.

Damon is also very graceful, unlike me.

I should really stop thinking about him, it can’t be healthy for someone to think about another person so much.

But how can I not think about him? He’s done so much for me in such a short amount of time, more than anyone’s ever done for me in my entire life.

He’s listened to me when I needed to talk to someone, he’s understood me when no one else did, he’s supported me when no one would, and he makes me feel wanted.

I’m so grateful for him.

And speaking of people that listen to me, I need to water Antonio!

I haven’t payed much attention to him and I feel bad, Damon and I could fail this project if I don’t start taking care of our tree.

I quickly got a glass of water and then poured it in Antonio’s pot as I apologized to him over and over.

Yes I know he can’t hear me or understand me or reply to me, but I still feel like I have to do it anyways.

After I was done watering him I made sure my window was closed before kneeling down next to him so I could pour my hear out to him.

I told him about my fear for Tori’s health, and my fear of my crazy ex coming back for me, and then I told him all about Damon and I.

In a way I kinda felt like I was a mom telling her son about how me and his father met or something, and I don’t know whether I like that feeling or not.

I’m not ready to have another kid, Tori was enough for me, even if no one except for my parents and Damon knew that she’s mine.

Even if Damon would be the father of my next child, I didn’t want to have one for a long time.

What would our baby look like though?

I want a baby boy this time, and he’d be a replica of Damon, with soft black hair and stunning green eyes, but of course he’d have my personality.

Oh my god what am I thinking? I’m such a creep, thinking about what mine and Damon’s baby would be like if we ever had one.

What’s wrong with me?

Now I was ranting to Antonio about my sudden thoughts, and blaming him for putting those ideas in my head, even though that’s impossible. He is a tree after all.

And that’s how I fell asleep, kneeling by the windowsill and leaning against the wall. Not one of the most comfortable places in the world to sleep, but I was exhausted so I could sleep anywhere at the moment.

And thank god for that because all night I dreamt about Damon and I in the future with a beautiful baby boy that was a replica of Damon.

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