The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 33


It’s been two weeks since Damon and I became officially in a relationship, and maybe a week and a half since we told the whole school.

It was total chaos for the first week after we told everyone, but everything has calmed down now.

And if you’re wondering, Damon and I are doing amazing. Everything has stayed the same between us, but at the same time it feels like everything is completely different.

My feelings for him are stronger than ever, and I’ve admitted to myself that I’m in love with him, so maybe that’s why it feels different between us.

There’s a weight on my shoulders, the weight of telling the person you love just what you feel for them. But I’m too scared to tell him. I just can’t bring myself to say it, because there’s always the chance that he doesn’t love me back.

Then on the other hand I’m also scared because he’s the first person I’ve romantically loved since him. And even though I know Damon would never do what he did to me, I still can’t fully shake the feeling that once I tell Damon how I feel, all hell will break loose.

So maybe I’ll just keep my feelings to myself for a while, and only tell Damon how I feel if he tells me first.

Speaking of Damon, I have to meet up with him now because he texted me last period saying he wanted to talk to me alone during lunch.

Maybe I’ll get this weight off my shoulders a lot sooner than I though, if Damon had to tell me what I hope he has to tell me.

I know it’s not the most romantic place to tell your girlfriend you love her, but when has Damon been a very romantic guy?

But are we moving to fast? Usually couples wait a while before they bring out the big L word, right?

Even though Damon and I have a special kind of relationship, what if we really are moving too fast. I don’t want us to be that couple that everyone secretly talks about and makes fun of because we’ve only been in a relationship for a couple weeks, and already using the L word.

You know what? I just need to calm down. Who cares what everyone else thinks? This is between Damon and I, and its no one else’s business what we say and how we feel about each other.

“Hey Dam Dam.” I greeted my boyfriend when I found him outside the cafeteria.

Boyfriend. It’s still so crazy that Damon Blake is my boyfriend.

“Hey Soph.” he replied, not calling me by his special nickname, much to my disappointment.

“We need to talk.” We blurted out at the same time.

I shook my head and smiled, while Damon just looked nervous.

“You go first.” He offered.

Everything I though on the way here, about letting him tell me how he feels first, ya I’m just going to forget I never though that up. This is my chance to tell Damon that I love him, even if it is too early to say it.

“Okay um. I-I, I am.” I am in love with you Damon Blake.

I couldn’t say it. I’m a coward and I couldn’t say it and I already hate myself for it.

“I know what you’re trying to say.” He whispered.

I let out a big sigh of relief, he didn’t sound mad. Thank god he understood me!

“You’re cheating on me.” He finished, his gentle tone getting cold and harsh.

“I knew you would under- wait what!” I said, halfway through my sentence realizing what he just accused me of.

How dare he say I’m cheating on him!

“I know you’re cheating on me with Garrett.” He accused, his tone matter-of-fact.

“I’m not cheating on you with Garrett!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

I would never do that to Damon, and with Garrett? C’mon, he’s my best friend, and he’s not even interested in my gender! If anyone would cheat with Garrett in this relationship it would be Damon!

“It makes sense. When we weren’t in a relationship your focus was fully on me, but now that you have what you want, my appeal is gone. You’re bored of me and need a change, so you went to Garrett.” Damon rambled, using absurd hand gestures because he was angry.

“That doesn’t make any sense, Garrett is my best friend, and I’d never cheat on you!” I yelled, and for the first time looked at our surroundings, thankful that somehow during our argument we had migrated away from the cafeteria and into an empty hallway.

“Why have you spent so much time with Garrett since we got together than, huh? And why have you cancelled on me multiple times to be with him?” Damon questioned harshly.

“I missed hanging out with my best friend, so we were playing catchup.” I explained, making my voice as calm as possible because I didn’t want to make this scene any worse.

“I don’t believe you. And also, Candy told me she saw you kissing him.” Damon said smugly.

Of course Candy would tell Damon that, she’s obsessed with him, and wants him all to herself.

“I don’t like Garrett like that and he most certainly doesn’t have any romantic interest in me, I can assure you of that.” I replied, in hopes that Damon would just drop it and move on. But if there’s one thing about Damon that I know, it’s that he almost never just drops it.

“How do you know he’s not interested in you? You’re beautiful, smart, funny, kind. Everything a guy wants in a girl.” He shot, still very angry.

In any other situation I would have blushed, but not now.

I didn’t want to have to tell you his Damon. Sorry Garrett, please forgive me.

“I’m going to tell you something, and you have to promise not to tell anyone.” I said quietly, grabbing Damon’s arm and dragging him close to me so that if there was anyone around that we didn’t notice, they wouldn’t hear what I was about to say next.

Damon ripped his arm out of my grasp and took a step away from me, “Why should I listen to you, you’re a lying cheate-”

“Garrett’s gay.” I blurted, louder than I should have, interrupting that mean things Damon was saying.

“He’s gay?” Damon asked in disbelief, standing there with a dazed look on his face.

“Yes, but you can’t tell anyone that. It’ll ruin his school life and he’ll hate me forever.” I told Damon, giving him a serious, and a little bit threatening, look.

“So you really didn’t cheat on me.” He whispered, relief and guilt washing over his face.

“I told you I didn’t.” I mumbled, feeling hurt for the first time since he accused me of cheating. The anger I previously had, not protecting me anymore.

“Sweetheart I’m so sorry. I promise that’ll never happen again, and I won’t tell anyone about Garrett.” Damon apologized, and wrapped me in a comforting hug and whispering ‘sorry’ over and over into me ear.

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