The Opposite Of Attraction

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Chapter 9


Why the hell did I do that?

Why did I punch my best friend?

And for the girl I hate?

I’m so stupid! So damn stupid.

Ever since I dropped Sophia off at her house I’ve been beating myself up over what I did.

What’s gotten into me? For some reason I was just so infuriated when Soph told me what Dylan did.

I don’t care if he was drunk, he shouldn’t have done that to her.

They’ve been dating for what? Two or three days? He shouldn’t be pressuring her like that, and forcing himself on her.

No guy should ever do that to a girl, ever.

I should really call and apologize, but it’s only the morning after the party now so he’s probably still sleeping, and when he does wake up he’ll have a major hangover. So maybe I’ll wait until Monday and just apologize face to face.

I just hope he doesn’t hate me, it would kill me if I lost my best friend for defending the one person I hate most.

That would ridiculous.

I really need to get some more sleep, its 6:00 a.m and I haven’t got an ounce of sleep all night.

Instead I stayed up thinking about what happened at the party.

I flopped onto bed and pulled the covers over my head, finally falling asleep.

“Wake up Damon, you know you’re not allowed to sleep in until noon!” Mom shouted from somewhere downstairs, probably the kitchen.

She just loves to cook, which makes her the best mom ever. For the most part, if she let me sleep in past noon, she’d be best mom in the whole world and then some.

Okay let’s stop thinking about mom, I sound like a mamas boy, which I most certainly am not.

I groaned and dragged myself out of bed and into my bathroom so I could take a quick shower to fully wake me up.

Once I was done I threw on a pair of dark jeans and a white t-shirt. Damn I look sexy.

I ruffled my dark hair so it looked messy but still styled, for some reason girls go crazy over my hair.

Feeling more awake now, I rushed downstairs and into the kitchen where, of course, mom was.

“Good afternoon sweetie.” She greeted me.

I rolled my eyes and sighed “How many times do I have to tell you, don’t call me sweetie!”

“How many times have I told you to get up at a normal time instead of noon?” She shot back playfully, chuckling.

I cracked a smile, she always knew how get me laughing and in a good mood.

“What do you plan to do today?” She asked, placing a sandwich on a plate and handing it to me.

I shrugged and took a bite out of the delicious piece of art that was my sandwich, before replying “Just chilling at home.”

“Ugh, don’t talk with your mouth full! I raised you better than that.” She scolded, slapping my arm softly.

I have her a sheepish smile and went back to eating, but not before seeing an adoring smile stretch across her face.

After I was done I decided to go for a run, a guys gotta keep in shape right? Don’t want these abs of steel to fade away. Ladies love them.

I went up to my room to change into some jogging pants and strip off my shirt. It’s too hot out to wear a shirt while running. I don’t know how girls do it, always wearing a shirt.

If it was up to me I’d let them go around topless all the time, and most of the male population would agree.

I again rushed down the stairs and quickly made my way outside. I was excited for my run, I haven’t had one in a week or so and it’s just what I need to sort and gather my thoughts.

I started jogging down the road and around a random corner, my mind drifting off to the events of last night.

Sophia crashing into me and bawling her eyes out. The concern I felt when I saw her like that was disturbing, and the need to comfort her was unreal.

Why did I suddenly feel all those things towards her? I make girls cry all the time and I’ve never felt sorry for them. But that might be because I make them cry by turning them down, and I’m not even rude about it so why should I feel bad?

And then all of a sudden Sophia comes crashing into me, tears streaming down her beautiful face and BAM, I feel things I’ve never felt before.

Wait, did I describe her face as beautiful!? Oh hell no! She’s not beautiful, she’s gross, nasty! I’ve been with girls way better than her!

Get it together Damon! You hate Sophia! You absolutely despise her!

But if I hate her so much why did I make it my mission to make her smile? I went as far as embarrassing myself by dancing like an idiot just to make her laugh? What the hell is wrong with me?

God dammit! This run wasn’t doing me any justice, It was just making me more confused than when I started.

Maybe I’ll just stop thinking about it, and pretend like it never happened. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me.

Since I was so lost in thought, I didn’t really realize where I was going, so when I bumped into something, or more accurately someone, I was quite surprised.

“Crap, I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, looking down at the blonde girl I knocked over.

I stuck out my hand to help her up, but she didn’t take it. Instead she stood up and turned to face me.

I froze when I finally saw her face.

Sophia freaking Mackenzie. The girl that’s been on my mind since last night.

“You should really watch where you’re going.” She teased, rising a perfect golden brow.

The thing that shocked me the most was the playfulness in her tone instead of the pure venom and hate that was usually present.

“Yeah, I should probably work on that.” I replied stupidly, scratching the back of my head awkwardly.

“Oh my god, is the great Damon Blake at a loss for insults?” She yet again teased, shooting a smug grin my way.

What’s with the good mood?

“Why are you being sorta nice?” I asked, ignoring her teasing.

She looked me in the eye, growing serious. “I just thought that I could be nice for a day since you were nice last night. I never got to thank you for all that, so thanks.”

The sincerity in her tone and eyes was shocking. Who knew she could be nice?

“It was nothing.” I told her, shrugging off her thanks.

“Well uh, I should get going.” She said awkwardly, point with her thumb over her shoulder for some reason.

“Yeah, me too. See you around.” And with that I jogged away in the opposite direction she was heading.

That was strange. I don’t know what happened back there, but one thing I knew for sure was that if she kept acting like that, I wouldn’t mind her company so much.

And that was scary.

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