Wolf's Treasure

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Dozing Off

What is the first law of thermodynamics?

What is the first law of thermodynamics? Personally, Benji did not give a damn about any law of thermodynamics. How would it help him in the long run? Will it help his family's business? Would it help with the protection of his family's pack?

His inner wolf itches to go outside in the wild rather than staying under this stuffy basement pondering life's scientific questions. But, it was one of the only times he could spend with his destined mate. He felt it the first time he walked through the halls of the new American high school he transferred to. When he saw Casey sitting there for their first tutoring session, her scent hit him like a ton of brinks, and he knew he had to have her.

Benji finishes writing the last sentences of his homework and asks "Casey, can you look over this for me?"

Benji looks over to see that Casey has fallen asleep on the chair with the textbook on her lap. His chest tightens with the pang of guilt. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't be under that hunter's enchantment right now.

Quietly, he picks the textbook from her lap and gently moves her head to a more comfortable position on the chair. Not satisfied with her sleeping position, Benji decides that it's best to transfer her to the sofa on the basement. She might as well try to get some sleep. He lightly maneuvers his arms to lift her from the chair without disturbing her. Benji can't help but smile at being able to carry Casey so easily. As he carries her over to the sofa, Casey starts fidgeting.

"No," she moans in her sleep as she scrunches her eyebrows in fear. She cries louder in her sleep and thrashes in his arms. Benji holds her down more tightly in order not to drop her as he now quickly walks over to the sofa. But, his grip actually causes her to lash out more fiercely till she lets out a scream. Casey wakes with sweat falling down her face and gasping for breath.

"Benji?" she gasps for breath and frantically looks around her surroundings before letting out a sigh of relief.

"Casey, are you okay? Is it your dreams again?" Benji asks her concernedly. Inwardly, Benji is fuming with anger all towards Jason. Because of his enchantment, Casey is plagued with insomnia.

"I—I," Casey says trying to process what is going on right now.

"What is going on? Is everything okay?" Ms. von Adalwulf walks downstairs to check what is going on after hearing the screaming.

"I'm okay," Casey says meekly.

"Cassandra, you look as pale as a ghost. Are you sure you're okay?" she asks one more time.

Casey opens her mouth to answer that she's fine, but Benji interrupts her. "I think it's time for her to go back."

"I'm fine. Really. I just fell asleep," Casey says to alleviate their worries.

"Casey. You are not fine. You need to go back home and try to get some rest." Benji can't believe that she wants to continue on with this tutoring session while she's clearly exhausted.

"I can take care of myself," Casey snaps at him with a glare.

"You sure Cassandra? I really do think it's best for you to stop the session here," Ms. Von Adalwulf says.

"No, I'm fine," Casey answers Benji's guardian with a polite tone and a fake smile. "I just dozed off a little, which is completely my fault." Casey gets up from the sofa and walk over to the desk to start the session once again.

"Well, if you say you're alright. I'll make some tea for you two," Mrs. von Adalwulf says and walks upstairs.

Benji begrudgingly walks over to his desk again and glares at Casey.

"What? If you stare any longer there will be holes through my head," Casey remarks.

"Why can't you just listen and go home to rest?" Benji asks her frustrated.

"You can't tell me what to do Benji von Adalwulf. I fell asleep while working, and I have to take responsibilities for my actions. Now, did you finish your chemistry homework?" she asks to change the subject and looks over the sheet to see if all the answers are right.

"Don't change the subject," Benji snatches back the paper from her against her complaints. "You are not feeling well and should really go home to rest?"

"To what? Sleep?" Casey's voice gets louder as she vents out her frustrations to the startled wolf boy. "You already know that I can barely get some decent sleep with these nightmares? What's the point in me trying to sleep when I'll wake up scared and paranoid? I'd rather finish what I have to do here away from my dreams than going crazy back at home." Her face is flushed with anger and her eyes glisten with tears unwilling to be shed.

Against his own better judgment, Benji realizes that maybe it is better for her to stay with him rather than facing the enchantment by herself. "Fine," Benji says calmly when he hears his guardian enter back downstairs quietly with the tea. "We'll continue," he says quietly.

Benji knew better than to be angry with her, but he couldn't help but feel helpless in this situation. How could he help his poor mate?

Casey takes a sip from the hot tea and looks instantly refreshed from seconds before. "Mm…" she purrs contently, and they both continue the rest of the hour without any more arguments.

Ms. von Adalwulf escorts a newly refreshed looking Casey to the door after the eventful tutoring session with Benji. After asking about the tea, Casey takes a bag of tealeaves that Benji's guardian gave her. After waving her goodbye, Mrs. von Adalwulf finally closes the door to the house.

"Rose Witch, show me your true form," Benji calls her in his native German. Her outward appearance melts off of her like liquid into a beautiful young woman with sparkling red hair decorated with intricate ornaments of pearls. Her crisp navy blue suit changes into an ethereal dress made of rose petals of all shades of red and pinks that hug her figure like a lover's embrace. She walks over to Benji with the grace and lithe of a ballerina.

"Yes, young alpha," she bows to him respectfully as they converse in their native German.

"I need your help. Is there any way to block enchanted dreams?" Benji asks her. Today has been the last straw. He has been racking his brain for anything to stop Casey's dream. But, each time, he couldn't stop the hunter's enchantment. Benji's never been good with sorcery. He could never get the hang of the laws and spells that always seemed to regulate magic.

"Enchanted dreams?" she asks him curiously.

"Yes, that hunter casted an enchanted dream over Casey causing her to have these nightmares about werewolves," Benji explains with his eyebrows scrunched in frustration. "I've looked through all the texts in your library about enchanted dreams, but I couldn't find anything remotely to stop them."

"Dreams," the witch ponders. "Dreams, they are very particular things to work with. Very tricky," she says.

"How do I stop one though?" Benji asks one more time.

"No one can stop an enchanted dream other than the enchanter."

"I guess I'll have to use force," Benji says darkly and bares his fangs in threat.

"No. You can't," the witch says, "You cannot hurt a human while you stay here looking for your mate. That's the agreement."

"A hunter is not an innocent human," Benji argues.

"But, a human nonetheless," she reminds him. "Remember, you are here to find your mate, not to commit murder."

"He's hurting my mate," Benji says angrily.

"You must be reminded young alpha," she emphasizes. "You do not want to go in leading the pack with blood on your hands. You are also only in this country in order to find your mate and to claim her."

"Then, what do you think I should do?" he asks impatiently.

"You cannot stop an enchanted dream, but you can morph it," she says with a sly smile.

"What do you mean?" he asks curiously.

"You can change the nightmare into a beautiful dream," she explains and walks towards her room. Benji follows her into her bedroom filled with books of different sizes. There are different herbs that lay hanging on the walls for brewing potions and an extravagant bed with deep red silk sheets.

"Let me see," she says and searches through her chest for a magical item. "Here it is!" she says and pulls out a necklace with a golden chain that held the pendant of crystallized amber that contained a flower inside.

"What is that?" Benji asks curiously.

"This is a dream charm. It contains a white poppy that will change nightmares into peaceful dreams. It should stop the nightmare from haunting her sleep, but be careful. The poppy flower in the pendant will only put her to deep enough sleep so that she cannot have any dreams. If she ever takes off that necklace, her nightmares will return even more powerful," she explains and hand the necklace over to him.

"All she has to do is wear it?" he asks and takes the necklace while examining it.

"Yes, this is only a temporary solution though young alpha. You need to find a peaceful solution with the hunter in order to truly stop the nightmares."

"You just told me that I shouldn't approach him," he says frustrated at the witch's explanation.

"It's because you are too impulsive! You need to think carefully before you approach this hunter. He's the last descendant of the strongest hunter family in this country, and he's a smart on. Right now that boy is itching for you to break the treaty that I have worked so hard on so many years ago."

"What are you trying to say, witch?" his annoyance teetering on to anger.

"Do not think with your gut, but with your mind," the Rose Witch emphasizes one last time in hopes that he will listen to her.

"Fine," Benji says begrudgingly. He'll go with her plan for now just because he acknowledges that this hunter is coming out to be more powerful than he thought.

The witch lets out a sigh of relief. At least he has acknowledges what she has said. Usually, he would storm off and do what he sees fit.

"The tea," Benji says while still examining the necklace. "You added something to her tea, didn't you?"

"Oh, I just added a little something to help soothe and refresh her. It's a temporary solution to the main problem, but I thought it would help her for the rest of the time she was here."

"Well, thank you," He mumbles.

The witch smiles at the young alpha's bashfulness. Trying to lighten the mood, she asks him, "So, how are you going to give her that necklace?"

"Well, she owes me a date," he winks and leaves her room to plan how to give Casey the necklace.

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