Wolf's Treasure

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Full Moon Part 1

The cold air nips on my skin waking me into the same scenery all over again. Long ominously white aspens in the same forest surround me. I look around my surroundings to see no wildlife or sound of any living creature within the trees.

And then, I bolt across the forest as fast as my legs can get me and pray to God that the wolf doesn't catch me anytime soon. I run and run through the scenery that never changes passing from tree to tree. The unfamiliar feeling of hope reignites in my heart.

Maybe I'll get out of this godforsaken forest.

Step after step, I feel my pace slow down as no predator chases after me.

That's weird. It should be here by now.

My long fast strides slow down to a slow and and smaller pace.

Where is the Wolf?

I walk in the same direction that I was running hoping that I'll eventually find a way out of these woods.

After what seems like hours, I finally notice that there are less and less trees. My heart beats quickly against my chest. If I get out of here, maybe this nightmare will be over. In my excitement, I quicken my reaction to get out of here as quick as possible.



The light outside of the forest blinds me as I make a sudden halt right at the outside of the forest. My eyes adjust to the new light as I catch my breath. I cover my eyes to see the full moon shine eerily above the cliff in front of me.

"It's a cliff! It's a dead end!" My instincts scream at me telling me to turn the other way and return back into the forest.

But, I ignore all the red flags going off in my head and take a hesitant step forward to the cliff. Curiosity takes over me as I walk up to the top of the cliff. The only sound I can hear is that of my deep breathing as my body gets ready for any sudden attack. The familiar figure of the large Wolf stands on the cliff overlooking the grand landscape before it.

As if expecting me, the Wolf turns around and stares at me with his golden eyes. Taken aback, I slowly take a step backwards. The Wolf matches my move with a step forward. Not again.


The adrenaline in my blood kicks in and my slow backward steps turn into a full sprint back into the forest to run away.

I don't turn around to see what the Wolf does. After so many dream experiences, I've learned all to well that looking backwards will only freak me out and slow me down.

The spine chilling sound of the Wolf's howl echoes between the trees.

He's coming!

I have to run faster!

I have to run harder!

Please don't let this be real.

Please don't let this be real.


The Wolf jumps me from behind like so many other times in the past. The air rushes out of my lungs at the impact.

I struggle against the Wolf's clutches over me.

There's got to be a way out of here. I'm not going to let it end this way.

I look over to my right to see that there is a sharp branch lying on the ground.

If only there's a way to get that branch. I punch and kick at the Wolf's large body to get to my one chance of survival. The Wolf raises its paw in order to attack, but I quickly dodge his blow and roll from under him. I grab the branch and hold it defensively, ready for attack.

The Wolf circles me, while I observe the Wolf carefully getting ready for his next attack. I don't dare to make the first move.

We both hear a rustling in the forest, which prompts the Wolf to jump and make his next move. I brace myself for the worst and close my eyes to make the final attack. I jab the branch straightforward. When I feel no impact, I open my eyes to see that I've stabbed the Wolf. I quickly walk away from it as it limps to the ground.

Is this it?

Am I finally free from this nightmare?

When I see no sudden movements, I slowly walk over to the Wolf to see the creature haunting my nights. Blood is running from the wound as the Wolf lies helplessly on the ground. I hear a whimper come out from the great beast's mouth.

"Ca…" the Wolf tries to say something with its last dying breath.

"Casey," I hear it call my name.

I feel as if ice-cold water has been thrown on me. That voice… it sounds just like…

The Wolf transforms before my eyes to take the form of Benji.

"Oh my god," I gasp.

"Casey…" Benji moans as blood trickles down his mouth. "Why?"

"Benji!" I say in horror as I've killed not only the Wolf, but also him in the process.

His limp body gets up just like a vengeful spirit, and he quickly has his arms around my neck before I could even react.

"How could you Casey?" he asks through his lifeless eyes. As I desperately fight to breathe.


I gasp for breath as I wake up from the worst nightmare I've had so far. I feel the sweat falling down my forehead as my parents stand over me with worry etched in their faces.

"Honey, are you okay?" my mother asks me.

Like a trained professional, my father checks my pulse.

"Have you taken your sleeping medication?" he asks me.

"Yes," I answer with a hoarse voice.

"These should be working," my father examines the pills and rubs his chin deep in thought. "Let's go see Dr. Hanes again tomorrow."

"But, prom is tomorrow," I tell him as I finally calm down.

"Prom can wait. You should go see the doctor."

"I haven't been able to sleep for weeks now. I think I can handle one more day," I put on my best smile.

"But," my father says to rebut, but I interrupt him.

"I can go see him after prom," I tell him.

"Fine. We'll go see Dr. Hanes after your prom," my father gives in.

"Thank you," I tell him.

"Just try to rest, dear," My mother tries to tuck me into bed again before they both walk out of my bedroom.

I hold tightly onto my blankets as I try to comfort myself.

It's just a dream. Nothing like in real life. Just think about prom and will be one of the most memorable moments of you life.

It's just a dream.

It's just a dream, I tell myself.

But, then why did it feel so real?

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