Wolf's Treasure

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Full Moon Part 2

There are some things that irritate me the most in the world. The first being arrogant assholes. Second, is my mother.

I've left early from school like the rest of the senior class getting ready for prom. Thankfully, our school lets us out early for the big night.

"I feel like there needs to be more volume in her hair," my mother says for the umpteenth time to the poor stylist.

I notice her tense smile through the mirror as she tries to add even more volume into my hair.

Not even wanting to stand in my mother's way, I just flip through Instagram for the tenth time in a row. Exhausted from my lack of sleep, I can barely function all the madness around me. Who cares if my hair has to look like Olivia Pope's at the Emmys? It's almost an hour before I have to be at Charlotte's house for pre-prom pics, and I have not done my makeup at all.

Checking the clock one more time, I know that I have to interject now, or I'll never be able to make it to prom.

"Mom, there's enough volume here for a bird to nest three generations of her family," I give her a pointed look, "My hair looks beautiful."

The hairstylist gives me a look of relief as I save her from my mother's clutches.

"I was just trying to make you look beautiful for your senior prom," mother pouts.

"Yes, I appreciate your efforts, but we only have one more hour to get the entire hairdo and makeup done."

"Oh dear me," she stares at her watch. "You are in fact right Cassandra."

I wince at my full name. I really hate it.

The hairstylist finishes my hair in a record time, and my mother compliments the style as if she wasn't criticizing the hairstylist for the past hour.

The makeup artist finally comes to do my makeup.

The makeup artist walks on gracefully like a faerie with her huge makeup bag. She reminds me of Val and Mrs. Von Adalwulf. Now, that I think about it, my best friend and Benji's guardian are extremely similar.

There's a nagging feeling in my chest as Benji once again fills my thoughts.

The dream has spooked me to no ends, and I was even tempted to speak to him for the first time since we had our fight.

"How should I do your makeup today?" The makeup fairy asks me friendly.

"I was think," my mother once again injects her opinion. "Her dress is going to be a cobalt blue with silver crystals, so-"

"Excuse me ma'am," the makeup fairy interrupts. "I asked your daughter for her opinion" she smiles as if she just didn't tel me mother to shut up.

The makeup fairy stares at me expecting my response.

"Uh..." I say dumbfounded.

"How would you like me to do your makeup today?" She repeats the question once again.

"Well, I don't mind anything, but I just want my dark circles covered," I answer honestly.

"Okay," she says and starts getting straight to work.

"I have a mask that will be so good for your skin, but also allow your makeup to stay on all night," she says and proceeds to massage the mask into my face.

I immediately feel the effects of the mask. For the first time in forever, I could feel my eyes drifting to sleep...

"Cass-" someone says in the distance.

"Five more minutes," I mumble.

"Cassandra," I hear my mother bring me back to reality.

I wake up to see my face with perfect makeup on through the mirror. She made me look like a Hollywood actress ready for the red carpet. But, most importantly, I feel so refreshed. It was like I had my necklace again but even better.

"Thank you," I tell her breathlessly and stare at my reflection through the mirror.

I turn around to see that the makeup fairy has already left as if she were not even there in the first place.

My mother and I walk over to the front desk to pay for the hair and makeup.

"Who was the delightful makeup artist who did my daughter's makeup?" My mother asks the front desk lady who has a red lipstick stain on her teeth.

"Did you get her name?" The lady asks us.

"Well, we didn't get her name but she was a short with shiny long red hair," my mother tries to describe the makeup artist.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have any makeup artist with that description," she gives us a strange look.

This prompts my mother to go into a huge tirade about how her precious daughter's makeup was done by a stranger. In the end, our makeup was done with no charge at all.

I quickly put on my dress to finally go to Charlotte's house for pre-prom.

"Oh my god!" Jane screams as she sees me enter the side door to Charlotte's beautiful backyard. Charlotte has a gorgeous waterfall that leads to the huge pool surrounded by a forest. Her house has a natural fence that leads to the forest that surrounds the entire town.

"You look amazing!" She screams.

"Thanks," I smile and twirl around in my long flowing dress.

I go through the motions of taking pictures with everyone, while my mother mingles with the other parents and my father plays the loyal photographer.

"Forest," I hear Jason's voice behind me. He's wearing an electric blue tie that matches with my dress with my corsage in his one hand. "You look beautiful."

Thank god I have so much makeup on my face that he can't see my cheeks turn bright pink at his complement.

We all mingle and laugh with anticipation for the night. While taking the cliche big prom photo with the entire group, I notice a strange shadow stalking over behind everyone.

"Cassandra dear smile!" My mother yells from the other side of the pool where the other parents are taking pictures. Everyone in the prom party laughs at my mother's comment.

I shake the strange feeling of suspicion and smile for the pictures. But, even with all that I see a pair of glowing yellow eyes that are hiding within the bushes. They're just like the ones that wolf had in my nightmares. The wolf is watching directly at me with the intention of pouncing on its prey.

"Oh my god! There's a wolf in the bushes!" I scream.

Everyone starts screaming and running in a frenzy. Heather's dad who is sitting dangerously on the diving board falls into the pool with his expensive HD camera.

After the frenzy died down, Animal Control came to scan the area to see if the wolf was still there. Everyone else his inside the house in anticipation.

The big hulking Animal Control officer walks in and said, "The wolf doesn't seem to be in the area, but we did see fresh paw prints where you told us the wolf was. I would recommend staying indoors for the remainder of the time in case it decides to come back."

"Well, there goes pictures," Charlotte pouts.

"It's already time that you kids should start leaving anyways," my mother says.

"Yeah, we should get going," Val says, and everyone leaves Charlotte's house, while saying their goodbyes.

"Oh my god, what did the wolf look like?" Charlotte asks me once we all get cozy in the limo.

"At first, I thought I saw something weird in the trees, by then I saw these huge yellow eyes staring at us," I lie.

Everyone starts their own theories about the recent wolf airings around town and how this one came to Charlotte's house.

"You don't think the wolf came looking for you, right?" Jason whispers into my ear.

I jump in surprise.

"Oh my god, you scared me." I put my hand on my beating chest.

"What's with your reaction, Forest?" He chuckles at my reaction.

"Well, it's cause I've been on edge with wolves lately," I sigh.

"Do you have a phobia of them?" He asks me concerned.

"I didn't before, but lately I've been having these nightmares with this wolf. That's why I've been falling asleep during class," I explain to him.

"Shit," he says. "Sounds rough, but if there's anything I could do," he holds my hand in support. "I'll be here to save you from any wolf," he says seriously.

I look straight into his eyes to see if there's any hint of sarcasm in order to mock me, but he seems genuine with his words as he started straight into my eyes.

"Thanks, Jason," I tell him slightly uncomfortable with his support.

We arrive at he hotel before he could say anything else, and we walk with everyone else to the ballroom where there's a picture stand and everyone's mingling for coke-tail hour.

We see our favorite teachers and ask them to take pictures with us outside on the beautiful patio that over looks a fountain and the forest that seems to surround our town.

As I smile for the picture with Jason I see Benji looking at us from the distance. We all move for the next group to take picture at the gazebo, but I can't help but stare at what seems to be Benji.

What is he doing here?

There's no way that I could mistake that tall figure in the distance for anyone else.

Is he following me?

Anger overpowers me at the thought of him being a brooding idiot who doesn't talk to me for weeks but instead decides to stalk me like a weirdo.

"I'm going to the bathroom," I tell Jason as he talks with his baseball friends.

"Okay," he says but I'm already far away from him.

I walk away from the hotel and towards the forest to talk some sense into the boy.

My heels sink into the grass as j March straight up to him, so I take off my heels and decide to walk barefoot up to him.

Once at the edge of the forest, I yell, "Benjamin von Adalwulf! You better not be playing hide and seek with me!"

Just like that, I enter the forest just like my dreams to look for the stupid German boy. I see his silhouette moving in a certain direction, so I follow him just like Alice and the White Rabbit.

"Benji! Where are you going?" I call for him, but he just keeps going.

I keep following him until i walk straight into a clearing within the forest.

"Benji!" I call for him one more time. I look around for him like a princess lost in an enchanted forest looking for her prince.

"Why are you with him?" I hear his voice from behind me.

I gasp and spin around to see Benji without the familiar friendly smile, but a wild look in his eyes. His whole body is tense as the moonlight shines down upon him.

"I should be asking you that," I tell him, while a red flag goes off in my head.

I shake off the feeling because I didn't want my stupid nightmares to take over even my reality.

"Why are you with him?" He asks me again.

"What? Jason?"

He growls at the name like a feral dog.

"He's my date to prom."

"You asked him to prom?" He asks me like a jealous boyfriend.

"Why does it matter Benji? It's not like we're going out. Plus, I'm perfectly fine making my own decisions," I shout at him.

"No, you're mein schatzi," he growls.

"I'm not you're anything Benjamin Von Adalwulf! I'm just your tutor." I feel the danger of the situation finally hit me. I slowly try to create the furthest distance between us.

One step.

He takes one step.

"No!" He denies desperately. I take another step, which he matches. "You're not just that. You're more," he tries to explain.

"I'm not," I tell him strongly. "You are just a kid that I tutor and that's it."

"No!" He shouts, and his voice echoes in the forest. "We're more than that," he says frantically. "You're my mate."

"Excuse me?" I ask him and take two steps back.

"You're my mate, Casey," he explains.

"Okay, Benji," I try to placate what seems to be his obsessive feelings towards me. "We are not mate just friends, remember?"

"No. We're not," he says.

"Benji, you're sounding crazy," I tell him scared.

"Haven't you noticed the connection we have?" he suddenly appears right in front of me.

I flinch in surprise.

"Didn't you feel it the first day we met?" he asks me desperately. "The day I first met you, I felt like a part of me was finally complete. You were the one. Didn't you feel that too?"

"No," I tell him.

"I'll make you see how it is," his voice changes to something deeper, and he develops something that looks like canines.

"Benji?" I say fearfully as this supernatural event unfolds in front of me.

"I'll prove it to you," he pants as his body seems to be ripping from his clothes, and his bones crack into a new form. "I'll show you," he says his last words and transforms into my worst nightmare.

Just like the horror movies, Benji transforms under the blessing of the full moon. HIs body contorts as his bones and muscles change to a canine form. HIs clothes rip as Benji takes form into something else. Hair grows all over his body and shines under the moonlight as he transforms into the monster before me.

Benji turns into the wolf that's been haunting me for the past month.

Benjamin Von Adalwulf is a werewolf.

At a loss for words, I carefully watch the monster in front of me. After what seems to be his transformation, the wolf get on his feet and looks straight at me with the yellow eyes that instill so much fear within me.

Before the wolf has any time to do anything I do the thing that I've been doing every night in my nightmares.


I lift my dress as far as it could go and run as far away as possible. My shoes are no where to be seen as I run for my life barefoot on the hard branches and dried leaves on the forest floor.

"Help!" I scream for anyone to come help me.

I run through the forest like a damsel in distress until like déjà vu, the wolf pounces on me.

The wolf stares down at me as if asserting his dominance.

"Get off me!" I scream at the beast.

Just as the wolf tries to attack, and an arrow hits it on the side.

"Get up!" I hear a familiar voice command me as the beast howls in pain.

I run to my savior only to find that it was Jason. He didn't have his usual nonchalant friendliness as he was staring carefully at the wolf in front of us.

"What! How?" I try to make sense of the situation.

"No time to explain," he says tensely and gets ready to shoot another arrow. "You need to run!"

"What?" I ask him flabbergasted. What the hell is going on? And, when did Jason know how to use a bow and arrow?

"Run!" He yells at me one more time as we notice the wolf recovering from Jason's attack.

"What about you?" I ask him.

"Don't worry about me, Forest. You get to safety," he tries to reassure me.

"I'm not leaving without you," I tell him stubbornly.

"Look Casey," he looks me straight into the eyes and grasps my shoulders. "You're being chased by a werewolf, and I'm the only one that could stop that German monster."

"What? How?" I ask him again stupidly, while glancing nervously at the werewolf.

"I'm a Hunter, and this wolf has been roaming these forests for too long," he reassured me with his familiar smile. Jason quickly pulls his bow and aims for the wolf once again, but he misses this time.

"Go!" He yells at me.

I didn't need to be told twice this time. I hold to the bottom of my dress and run for help. I can't just leave Jason by himself.

As I see the hotel finally come into view, I start screaming help. There's gotta be someone here to assist Jason.

I run so quickly that I don't notice the person and collide straight into them.

Recovering from my collision, I realize that I'm right on top of Ms. von Adalwulf.

"Cassandra dear, what in heavens name is going on?" She asks me as we both try to get up from the ground.

I probably look like a madwoman with dirt stains on my dress with the odd stick and leaf sticking out from my hair. My dress is ripped at the seams from running through the forest, while my hair is falling out from odd ends.

"Ms. von Adalwulf," I gasp for breath. "Benji..."

"Take me to him," she says seriously.

"Shouldn't be we..." I try to get more assistance.

"No," she says adamantly. "There's no time. Please lead me to where Benjamin is."

I nod and lead her back into the forest even though my instincts tell me not to return.

"...it's all your fault," I hear Benji growling. The two boys are staring each other down waiting for the other to make the next move. Benji stands comfortable in his own skin as he glares at Jason without any clothes on.

My stomach drops with dread. Why did I agree to come back with her?

"May be, but I did get to expose you for he monster you are," I hear Jason sneer.

With the recent events happening, it is safe to say that not a lot could shock me. For gods sake, I saw a teenage boy turn into a wolf before my eyes! But, I've never heard Jason be this malicious before.

"You hunters always go on about calling us monsters when you are the true monsters for hunting us like game."

"Because you are game. In fact, I've been waiting so patiently for this moment."

"What moment?" As we get closer to the clearing, I see Benji hunched over from his bleeding and severe wounds. Jason on the other hand is talking to Benji with the air of an evil villain.

"You stupid wolves forced my family to sign that stupid treaty in order to live peacefully with humans, but isn't it funny? Dogs pretending to play house?" Jason laughs maniacally.

Who is this person? This is not the same Jason whom I've known for years. He's not the same sweet guy that would help me out if I'm carrying too many things in my arms, or the one who would invite me to go eat some Subway after class.

"I should've known you wanted to mate with a human," he continues. "I should've killed he bitch when I had the chance."


"Did you think that you could just waltz in to my town like you own the place and just find your mate?"

"This not just your land, Hunter. The von Adalwulf family has owned this land as long as yours has."

"My family was destroyed due to one of you trying to find his mate!" Jason roars in rage.

What is going on?

"Enough Hunter!" Ms. von Adalwulf makes our presence known.

Both of them spin their heads around to see a very startled and confused me and a very furious Mrs. von Adalwulf.

"You know that it was your sister's choice to be a mate," she says.

"Don't insult me Witch," he spits. "Show me your real form."

And before my very eyes, Mrs. von Adalwulf transforms into the makeup fairy that I met just today but with a dress made of roses.

"Hunter, stand down," she commands more powerfully.

"You have no power over me Witch," Jason examines his sharp arrow as if it's the most interesting object he's ever seen.

"What is going on here?" I finally gain the courage to speak my mind.

"Casey," it was extremely weird to hear my name from Mrs. von Adalwulf who apparently not all who she is. "It's going to be okay. We're having a little situation. That's all," she tries to placate me.

"Situation? You call this a little situation? The guy that I've been tutoring for the past year turns into a werewolf! The guy I've known forever seems to be Robin Hood the killer Hunter, and you've," I point to her, "just pulled a Benjamin Button! Save the bull crap excuses and tell me what the hell is going on!"

"Casey, it's not what you think," Benji tried to desperately try to explain to me. "The Hunters and my family have been battling for centuries."

"Oh, spare her the history lesson mutt," Jason says disinterestedly. "You've done your part Casey," he pulls his bow and aims his arrow straight at me.

"Goodbye Forest," he gives me the familiar grin that would melt my heart just months ago. "Sorry that you didn't get to finish prom," he says and shoots.

I brace myself for the arrow to pierce right through me, but the pain never comes. I open my eyes to see that Benji has caught the arrow in his hand.

"I think I've been patient with you long enough," Benji says menacingly to Jason with the intent to kill. "The treaty's over."

"Young Alpha, you cannot call of what's been maintaining the peace for the last three centuries," the Witch advises him.

"Enough peace!" Benji shuts her advice down. "I'm here for blood."

"I've been waiting for you to say that," Jason says with an evil grin.

Benji shifts into his wolf form much quicker than before and pounces on Jason. Jason shoots multiple arrows before Benji could fully attack him.

"Get down!" the Witch yells at me and she pushes the both of us to the ground in cover.

We both get up from the ground once we hear that the commotion is over.

"What is going on?" I demand an explanation from her.

"There's no time for an explanation," she tries to go looking for the two.

"No!" I grab her arm and spin her back to me. "I deserve an explanation."

"Fine, but come with me," I stare at her retreating figure.

Should I follow her or should I not? I could just walk away and join everyone else at prom. My life would just go back to being normal, and I would forget everything about this night even happening…

I follow the Witch before she blends into the rest of the forest.

"As you witnessed, Benjamin is a werewolf. He's the next in line to take over for his family's pack back in Germany. He came to America in order to find his mate, you."

"I'm not his mate," I deny.

"Cassandra," she tells me as if I'm an ignorant child, "There are many forces at play. Even more than you've witnessed today. To werewolves, mates are sacred. They symbolize love, family, and the future. Mates are sacred and destined for them."

"I think he's got the wrong girl."

"He doesn't." I trip on one of the branches with my dress and fall to the floor.

All the stress from tonight's events catch up to me as tears flow down my eyes. What has my life come down to? She puts a supportive hand on my shoulder.

"How are you and him so sure?" I ask her.

"Mates are two souls that are destined for each other before birth."

"Come on," she offers me a hand to help me up.

I take it.

"Do you need me to help you with that?" she points at my long and tattered dress. My mother's gonna have a cow when she finds out that I've ruined the expensive prom dress.

"Please," I groan.

She takes a branch from the ground and traces the dress right above my knee. As she traces around my dress, I hear ripping sounds as the fabric falls to the ground. My long gown has now transformed into a short cocktail dress.

"There," the Witch admires her handiwork.

"Who are you?" I ask her curiously.

"I am the Rose Witch, I've been serving the von Adalwulf family for the past centuries."

"Centuries?" I say in disbelief.

"I've been helping the first Wolf and all of his descendants find their mates."

"You've got to be kidding me," I say in disbelief.

"I am the Witch of Love, and I've been keeping a close eye on the young Alpha's new mate."


"Benjamin is the next in line to take over the von Adalwulf pack. He's the next Alpha."

This sounds like something out of a Twilight novel.

"What?" I ask her exasperatedly.

"He's next in line to rule the biggest wolf pack in Europe."

I just angered what seems like the Prince Harry of all werewolves.

"Okay." I say dumbfounded.

"I knew that his mate was in America, so I've been here trying to get to know you more."

"How? You've just been the president of the Board of Education."

"I've also been you friend," she says as she transforms into Val.

"What the fuck?" I scream in shock.

"I guess the cat's out of the bag," the Witch says in Val's familiar voice, face, body, and who am I kidding? She is Valerifffffff

"You people, humans…" I try to find the right words to say, "beings have been here just messing with me the entire time, haven't you?" I say hysterically.

"Casey," Val changes back into the Witch's original form. "You need to calm down," she says as I enter a panic attack.

"Don't," I breath heavily as she helps me up. "Tell me to the calm down."

The witch chants a spell in a language that I can't understand that helps me to catch my breath and find peace.

"What did you do?" I ask her.

"Just a little spell," she explains. "Come. We've been distracted enough. I feel that we're close to them."

"How are we even going to stop them?" I ask while we walk through the forest once more.

"I don't know," she says honestly, "but we have to try. We cannot destroy a treaty because of the rage of a misguided adolescent."

"What could I possibly do to help?"

"Just be there to calm the Young Alpha down," she explains simply and we hear the howling of a wolf in the distance.

We both run to the source of the sound to see that Benji has Jason pinned down to the ground in his wolf form.

"Young Alpha!" the Witch yells and catches Benji's attention. "Stop! You cannot kill the young Hunter."

Wolf Benji ignores her and goes in to attack a defenseless Jason.

"Stop!" I scream at Benji, which gets his attention.

"BenjI! You can't do this. You can't just kill Jason like this," I approach Benji closer to calm him down.

"Please," I say one more time, and Benji finally gets off of Jason.

I let out a big sigh of relief. I didn't even realize that I was holding my breath in.

Benji switches into his human form. I try to stare only at his face and not look at anything else in embarrassment. He walk over to me with hunched shoulders like a predator who just came back from hunting.

"You're an idiot you know that?" I tell him to break the ice.

"I'm you idiot," the comment hits me straight through the heart. How do I even react?

"We have a lot to talk about," I tell him seriously.

"We do," he says, but I look behind him to seen Jason going in to stab Benji behind his back with a dagger. Acting on instinct, I push Benji away from the blade and feel extreme pain going through my chest. I look down at the blade, surprised to see something sticking out of my chest like that. I feel my warm blood seeping out and onto my dress, staining the sparkling crystals a crimson red.

I hear Benji crying my name out in horror. But, my vision starts becoming hazy with black spots as sounds become softer.

"Idiots," I mutter before blacking out.

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