Phoenix Dai

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Subjected by the laws and traditions of his family, he has to undergo several tests until he proves that he is able to defend himself. Every member of the Dai family completed their education at Arris Academy. Next in line to rule after his brother Mikail, he has to do the same. This is the life changing experience of Phoenix Dai.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

3 years ago

“All arise!!! The Cherries are coming, the cherries are coming,” Sidney screams and shouts down the hall. “Good Morning Young Master”. I’m not even awake. Lying down is what I do best. It’s a pleasure of mine so I do not take lightly to this disruption. Sidney better have had a good reason for waking me out of my peaceful slumber.

“Young Master Dai”


“Do you know what today is?” he asks smiling at me. “I haven’t the faintest clue,” I reply looking at his suspicious smile.

I get out of bed and begin to exit my bedroom. Arriving in my bathroom, I try to look in the mirror. Apparently height wasn’t a part of the genetic branch that I was given. My siblings stood like giants while I was the odd one out in the family. I was average height but in a family where 5ft 9 was average, 5ft 1 meant that I didn’t make the cut. I stood proudly struggling with my 5ft 1 inch height. I’ve told my parents countless times to adjust the looking device but they won’t budge. You’ll grow into it is what they say. I jumped until I could hit the desired button. It made life much easier for me. With a press of the button, a stool immediately appeared from our trap door.

I stood on it and begin my morning routine. A touch to the hair and then I looked at my face. A breather for a couple minutes and then my usual morning thinking. Next comes the brushing of my teeth and the shedding of my clothes. Sidney’s word struck in my head. If today was important, I wouldn’t have time for brushing, eating and then bathing later on. I’d have to do it all at once to avoid keeping my parents waiting. After finishing, I exited the room to find Sidney waiting patiently at the door. “Ready young master?” I wasn’t going to respond. It should have been clear by my attire that I was in fact ready. I didn’t have time for Sidney’s pestering. “Well then, shall we get on with it.” I didn’t speak in a condescending manner. Sidney had known me from childbirth so he knew enough to understand that I really loved my sleep and if I was taken away from it, I would be quite displeasured which showed in my foul mood.

“Certainly Young Master,” he said with an all too well knowing smile.

After descending the stairs of my floor of the house, Sidney and I ended up on the floor where most of my family was gathered for the important business meeting. If this wasn’t urgent they could’ve sent me a text or called. Everyone was seated. As we arrived, they began to turn their heads to the sound of our presence. All I saw was giants staring at me, even smiling too. I stared and they stared.

“Sit Young Master”. I listened to Sidney figuring that the sooner I participated, the quicker whatever this was would be over, and then I’d be free to dream again. “Phoenix”! At the sound of my name I turned in the direction of my father. The head of the house and one of the most influential men in today’s society. “Close your eyes.”

I complied. This could be considered sleeping as my eyes weren’t open and I could just let my subconscious take me away. Slowly fading into oblivion, I heard my name again. It became a continuous repeat that soon turned into chants. When all my family combined their voices together, it definitely woke me out of my peaceful slumber. Oddly enough, the room looked different. When I first came in, I saw chestnut walls, and boarded floors. Now, it was all stripped away and the walls were cladded with posters filled with my pictures and the sign Happy Birthday.

“Happy Birthday Phoenix!,” they all shouted

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