Mixed Blood

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Chapter 5- The fury inside

Yenive’s dark red blood trailed down her hand and Kara yelled her name, panic evident in her composure. The pain in Yenive’s shoulder was intense, but she could feel her skin trying to heal around the still embedded arrow. That could only mean that it was not a silver arrow, if it had been she would be rolling in the ground screaming in pain until she passed out or died. This was nothing compared to that.

A gasp erupted from Kara, as she saw the shine of another arrow cutting through the air towards them. Yenive fell forward grabbing the drawing book from Kara’s hands. Swiftly she held it in front of them catching the arrow before it hit Kara in the chest. She threw it aside just as the horses came running out of the forest behind them.

“We need to leave, now!” Yenive roared the order in a voice under-laid with that of the wolf inside her.

The dapple-grey horse whined at Kara to get on her feet, she did quickly dragging Yenive on hers. Kara was helping Yenive onto her palomino horse when she felt another arrow coming her way, instinctively her hands raised in its direction. She let her magic flow around her, just as the water flowed down the stream towards the south. The arrow moved fast but came to a halt just a few feet away from them. With the first came several others, all of which failed to hit their mark, Her.

Why the hell am I being targeted? She thought as her panic mixed with anger at the knowledge that someone was aiming to kill her. No, these people were not aiming at me, if so they would not have hit Yenive. They don’t have the decency of making a clean kill. Instead they hurt my newfound friend. “No one hurts my friends!” She yelled and her magic released the arrows back in the direction they had come from, a man’s pained yell was heard coming from the other side of the stream. “If you are trying to kill me take a better shot!” She felt like her body was on fire, magic racing through her veins asking for another release. It was a beast scratching at the walls, like an animal begging to be unleashed. “Kara!” She could hear Yenive’s voice calling her, but it seemed distant and unimportant compared to doing something to protect her.

She directed her hand towards the stream, focusing on the water. A wall of steam started to materialize around them and it was so thick that they couldn’t see two feet ahead of them in the direction of the stream. Kara felt a warm hand shake her by shoulder. Kara turned her head with a dazed look in her eyes.

“Kara, snap out of it we need to go. Now. I promised Marko I would protect you. So get on the damn horse now!”

The name rang out in Kara’s ears.

Kara shook her head regaining control over her power. She looked for Froy, who was standing impatiently beside the boulder she had used earlier as a step. She swiftly got on him and without even taking hold of the rains the horse bolted into the shadow of the forest heading directly for the camp. Kara looked behind her to see Yenive was right on her tail. She saw a sword materialize in Yenive’s left hand as if it had been made by the wind.

Kara looked back in front of her, hoping the campsite would be around the next tree or hill, but that was a false hope. They had at least a twenty-minute gallop to get there. She looked back at Yenive assessing the severity of her wound. It was bleeding heavily but the look in Yenive’s grey eyes told her that she had experienced worse pain.

“Stop looking back I’m fine,” Yenive yelled as the sound of a shrieking beast erupted through the shadowy forest. “Rogues,” she hissed as she looked to her side. “Kara you have to keep going. Marko is on his way as we speak. He probably sensed your panic and anger.”

He sensed my panic and anger? How in the world could he possibly do that? Kara wondered just as Yenive veered to the left heading directly to where the vampires had been heard. She could see the palomino horse riding parallel to Froy almost fifteen meters away.

A rogue vampire lunged at Yenive trying to take her down from the horse. She expertly flung her sword in a circular motion, severing its arms and head so fast that not even a drop of its gum-like blood stuck to the blade. Yenive looked around for more targets and she found them. Ten rogue vampires dropped from the trees, four went for Yenive and six for Kara. Yenive adjusted her trajectory returning to help Kara.

“Only four? I feel Insulted!” The werewolf said as her sword cut a rogue’s head off, slicing it right through the mouth. Its fang covered mouth seemed to shatter under the impact of the ghostly sword, sending blood and teeth flying in every direction. She cut down another one as it stupidly tried to bite her horse on the neck.

A vampire lunged at Kara, its fangs and talons ready for a kill. Before it could get two feet closer Yenive threw her sword burying it through the rogue’s heart. The vampire crumbled to the forest floor grabbing at the sword. Kara looked at Yenive and saw another vampire coming for her; she wielded her magic around her hand and tossed it at the attacker. The unsuspecting vampire suddenly found himself flying backwards and being impaled on a broken branch, the wood protruded from where his heart should have been.

“Nice one!” Yenive yelled as her sword reappeared in her hand from what seemed like swirling wind. “Marko should be here any moment”

“We still have six more,” Kara said noticing the paleness of her friend’s face. She didn’t think Yenive could go on much longer, she was using magic to fight, riding for her life, swinging a sword with one hand, and on top of that she had an arrow sticking out of her shoulder. Yenive was tired and they couldn’t keep going at this pace without removing that arrow for her to regain her strength or removing the threat. “Get in front of me!” Kara told her. Once she was Kara clapped her hands together and rubbed them letting her power vibrate with the friction. Gently she leaned forward and pressed her palms on the horse’s neck. The animal gave a loud whine tossing its head back as her magic made its way to his hooves. Then with every powerful step Froy took the ground shook and erupted into the air, flying directly at the vampires that trailed close behind. The power did not make the horse go faster, but it made every stride matter.

The flying rocks hit the trailing vampires knocking most of them to the ground. The sound of breaking bones resonated in through the air as the rocks collided with the rogues bodies. They screeched and yelled with their raged cannibal voices. The sound made every hair on Kara’s arm erect with terror.

The sound seemed to transport her back in time, when she was but a child. She still had her mother and her father back then, but that would only last a few more hours. Soon the town would be overrun by Rogue vampires, soon they would be eaten alive before her very eyes. She would see it all without being able to stop it, to help her parents, to save them. She was weak, powerless, and useless.

She closed her eyes blinking hard, in front of her she saw that a group of horsemen were coming in at full speed, at the lead was Marko. He had a look on his face that could make any experienced warrior shake in their boots. She noticed that Froy had no intention of stopping his race for the camp, his mission was set on getting her to safety. But what would that prove? That she was weak and powerless? No, she was no longer that small child.

“I am no longer useless,” she said jumping off of Froy’s back. She used her magic to soften her landing on her feet. As she did so Froy’s destructive path stopped making the horse whine and turn around.

“Kara!” Yenive and Marko both yelled. Yenive turned her horse around coming to stop beside Marko.

They were ten meters away when fifteen more Rogues Vampires appeared alongside the ones that had been hindered by the dirt.

“I am not weak anymore, I will stop you all,” she said as her power began to burn her insides, it was an overwhelming feeling of wildness. She let the fire consume her entire being, let it swirl around her and caress her skin. “It’s time the dead stay dead,” she whispered to them with a cold deadliness in her voice.

She looked at the first five vampires and let her magic wrap around them like a blue hue of power. With the flick of a dismissive finger she tossed them high into the sky, way past the top canopy. The strong rays of the afternoon sun immediately converted them into dust.

She looked at the reaming group as if asking them if they really wished to continue. The rogues looked at each other for a moment, then at her. They spread out in to a semicircle just as Marko dismounted the brown horse he had once called slowly. Kara looked at Marko and traced an imaginary line with her index finger in the air. A real line traced itself on the ground just a few meters from her. Marko raced to the line but found himself slamming against an invisible force.

“Kara let me through!” He yelled hitting the wall.

“They are mine to kill,” she said looking back at him with anger evident in her eyes. He noticed something peculiar about those eyes, they had lost their normal azure blue and had been replaced by a bright yellow, a very uncommon color among magical creatures. She turned her attention back to the vampires.

“Kara you are not well,” he said as she twisted her wrist in the air making the ground beneath six of the vampires open and swallow them, leaving only their heads exposed above ground. She opened her hand them slowly began to close it. The trapped vampires gave a wrenching sound that made the other rogues stop in their tracks, self-preservation stopping them from nearing her. “Kara,” Marko called again pushing against the barrier; he kept pushing forward until he seemed to be walking under an invisible force that weighed him down. Other werewolves tried to do the same but the wall kept rejecting them tossing them back a few feet away like they were stuffed with feathers.

Kara looked at Marko and pushed more magic at him, but nothing happened, he kept his steady march towards her. She stared at him in shock. There was no way that he could be standing after the energy she sent his way. It was meant to knock him back onto the ground; instead he moved with relative ease. The only time she had ever seen or heard something like that happen was with her parents. Her father’s magic could never harm her mother. But why would that also happen with him?

Two of the free vampires stared to make their way towards Marko as he came out from under the wall. The vampires lunged at him before he had enough time to ready his canines and claws. The first one tackled him to the ground and another went for his right leg. A roar left Marko and fear consumed Kara, a fear that bordered physical pain. “No!”She yelled and the vampires in the ground screeched again as the ground around them tightened like a constricting snake, and this one intended to kill. Her fist closed and the rogues were crushed, their blood shot up in the air and rained down like a thick warm shower. The bile like blood clung to her blue gown staining it with dark red. She hastily walked towards Marko as he kicked off the Vampire on his leg and jammed his hand through the chest of his attacker, in one motion removing his heart. He quickly got up crouching like an animal about to pounce, he bared his teeth at the second vampire and a moment later he was standing over its body with its severed head in his hands.

He looked her over assessing her yellow eyes and her blood splattered face, he was glad to notice none of it was hers. He would have smelled it already. Marko looked at the ten remaining rogues with a cold and angry stare and tossed them the head he was holding.

The vampires looked at it for a second, and Kara feared they would not heed the warning. Her magic started to flow faster around her becoming even more violent by the second. The ground shook and the wind got unnaturally warm. The invisible wall crumbled as her concentration broke; she looked at her blood-covered hands and back at the remaining vampires who instinctively they stepped back. Were they afraid of her? Afraid of her? The thought almost made her laugh, but not of happiness, it was simply anger.

“How dare you step back?” She yelled at them “You kill out of pleasure, making every creature fear your blood lust. You decimated villages and innocent people.” She took a step forward making the ground vibrate. “You have taken everything, everyone I once cared for. Not even the great Roldemir could stand your numbers.”

The name, Roldemir sounded familiar to Marko but he kept observing Kara in shock as she unleashed her fury.

“So don’t you dare run from me. Don’t you dare be afraid of me when you were able to take down my father,” she said her power lashing out, splitting nearby boulders and trees. Some even flew to the few rogues that were still standing against the wind.

“Kara, stop!” Marko ordered using as much Alpha power as he could summon. Fighting the violent wind he came to stand behind her and put a firm hand on her slender shoulder. He roughly turned her around to face him and saw her eyes shifting back and forth from blue to that unnatural yellow. Tears streamed down her face mixing with the blood that covered it here and there.

“I can’t,” her voice but a whisper, she started to turn her head back to the vampires but he cupped her cheek making her face him. She looked at him, trapped by that dancing stardust in his grey eyes.

“Yes you can, you did enough. My men will take care of the rest,” he said in a soothing voice filled with worry.

“No, I- I can’t stop it, it’s too much power. I don’t know what’s happening, it has never been this bad,” Kara said, her shaky hand rising to grasp his. “You need to get away from me Marko,” she whispered “It wants to come out and it will hurt you.” The raging wind blew harder whipping her black hair around her face. The colorful autumn leaves spun around them like a fiery vortex of reds and yellows.

“You won’t, and you can’t.” With his other hand he pushed her wild hair behind her ear. “I will never leave you”

“You will, everyone leaves, everyone dies,” she said taking a half step away from him as another boulder exploded.

“No,” he growled deeply as he neared her again. He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips, it was a tender kiss, one that held power and restrained impulse. She stood still as he slowly kissed her, unable to think of anything other than the sweet sensation of his caresses. Slowly her lips started to react as if the heat from his were reviving hers. He was holding back, she could tell by the way his hands pulled her closer to his body, but his lips stayed gentle.

She put her hands on his chest memorizing the beat of his erratic heart. She wanted to do that, to be able to make his heart go crazy with need, to feel his lips on hers every day.

To be happy.

At the thought of happiness she broke away from the kiss. Kara looked into Marko’s eyes and was amazed by how soft they looked, almost serene, yet filled with a fire that made her weak at the knees. She had never imagined being in the arms of a man could ever feel so peaceful, like nothing else mattered because nothing else existed.

They stayed like that for a moment until Marko’s gaze broke away from hers to look around them.

“See you can,” he said looking back down at her.

Kara looked up to see that the orange autumn leaves that had been madly spinning around them had stopped. It was like they were frozen in place, turning on an invisible axis. The sight was so beautiful it made her smile. Tentatively she reached up to grab a leaf, but the moment she touched it all her energy left her body, making the leaves fall as she fell into darkness.

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