Mixed Blood

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Chapter 7- Tomorrow may never come

Kara gripped the white bed sheet close to her body trying to keep her warmth as she stepped outside. The moon was high and bright, it illuminated the village with its soft grey light. She took a deep breath, the freshness of the air calming her erratic heart. Feeling the need to move she headed for the forest behind the house.

She noticed her headache was gone and the soreness of her muscles had subdued a bit, but she still felt tired. Tired and perturbed. Her feet slowly carried her into the forest, careful not to trip.

What was that dream? Kara thought raking a hand through her long black hair. It felt so... real. He died, why would I dream of his death, of all that death? A field covered in corpses, werewolf and human alike, so much blood. She closed her eyes trying to get the images out of her head.

“What are you doing here?” A deep voice said from behind her.

Kara slowly turned to see Marko standing a few meters away from her. The grey light of the moon gave him an ethereal look, which made his eyes shine even brighter than usual. He wore a white long sleeve cotton shirt and black pants. His shoulder length hair fell loosely around his face. She noticed he had small stubble of a beard growing, which made him look rugged like a mysterious beast.

Fear gripped her as he started to make his way toward her. I need to get away from him, he will die. Kara thought as she took a few steps away.

“Kara, please talk to me, yell if you have to, but don’t run away.” He said stopping about ten feet from her. “What’s wrong? You shouldn’t be out here.”

“I think it is safe to say that I can protect myself, I just wanted to go for a walk.” She said eyeing him, “What are you doing here?”

“I was checking the perimeter,” he said a bit too fast. “You haven’t answered... what’s wrong?”

“You kissed me,” she said looking away.

He hung his head down. “And that made you hate me?” He looked at her from under his lashes.

She looked back at him. “I could not hate you, Marko. Even though I do not completely approve of that kiss or the context in which it occurred, I understand why you did it and I should have thanked you for it. I might have overreacted to your actions.” She gave him a small smile. “But none of that matters now, does it?”

“What do you mean? Do you regret it, the kiss I mean?” He said taking a step forward.

She shook her head frowning. “What I mean to say is that tomorrow you leave... and so will I.”

“You are leaving? Why? Where are you going?” There was fear in his voice.

“Will you stop worrying about me and questioning everything? I am leaving because I am a monster. That’s why I was so mad at you, because you saw what I did in the forest when I lost control. I basically massacred those vampires. And you still look at me as if I were innocent and blameless,” she said as a tear fell from her eye, lately that’s all she seemed to be doing, shedding tears.

“You are not a monster, if anyone here is a monster it would be me. Did you not see me rip their hearts out and their heads off like they were nothing?” He looked at her expectantly. “Because it was nothing, I feel no remorse in killing rogue vampires.” He stepped closer, making her back up. “But you.” He chuckled. “You feel that remorse, I could see that you genuinely hated them, but what you did shocked you. Yes, you lost control but that can change. Yenive can help, Kendra can help, and even I can help you control it.” Marko took a deep breath looking intently into her blue doe eyes. “Come with me.”

She had to blink twice to make sure this was all real. Did Marko really ask her to leave with him?

“Leave with me tomorrow. There is no need for you to live alone in worry of losing control,” he said taking a step towards her.

“Why can you not understand that I’m trying to protect you?” She said loudly, as the wind picked up speed. She looked around, this was not her doing; the snowstorm Marko had predicted a few days back must be arriving.

He laughed deeply. “Do you not understand that you cannot hurt me with your magic,” he said slowly walking towards her. “The only way you could hurt me is by running away.”

“I have a feeling you will follow,” she whispered taking another step back.

“Yes, I will, but you won’t see me, I would protect you from the shadows. I would be your silent guardian,” he said. “I would never leave you.”

The words made her heart flutter and her stomach do flips. Any other person would have been scared of the idea of someone following them, but not Kara. She knew that what he was saying was a pledge of protection. What made her step back in fear was his last statement. She could only see him covered in blood dying in her arms, all for what, to protect her?

“Stop,” she said putting her hand out, her voice was weak, but he didn’t stop walking. “Please.” Snow started to fall softly. “You have to let me go.” Tears streamed down her face.

“Never,” he growled at her.

“I will not let you play with me like this,” Kara said shaking her head as she continued to step back until she collided with a tree.

“This is not a game, Kara.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because you are perhaps the most important woman in my life, and I cannot bare to see you in pain any longer.” He neared her. Her heart ached at his soft words.

“Please, do not touch me,” she whispered.

“Why?” He asked coming to stand only half a foot from her.

She looked up at him with her large eyes. “If you do I will never be able to say no...I will give you my blood and fall prey to your intentions.”

He frowned and raised his hands to her face, but he didn’t touch her, he simply let them hover as if he were cupping her cheek.

“You will always be able to say no. Why do you think I have waited this long to ask you to leave with me? I wanted you to know about me. I wanted you to make your own judgment.”

She could feel the inhuman warmth of his hand hovering near her skin. She wanted to take hold of his hands and press them to her face, to feel their roughness against her.

“I have hurt you and for that I am sorry, but this has gone on long enough.”

“You need my blood, to make it stop, right? You have been hurting too, perhaps it is not pain but you are weaker.” She looked into his eyes; she softly took hold of one of his hands pressing it to her face and holding the sheet to her body with the other. His warmth engulfed her senses and inhibitions. “Then take it, if it will stop this pain we both suffer from. Take it.”

“You do understand that there is no going back from this, right? This will not be a one-time thing. You are my mate, and I yours” Her eyes widened a mix of surprise and worry. “And I intend to be good to you, and make you happy, but you need to understand that, a blood bond is irreversible. Even if we were to forget about each other, we would still feel incomplete.”

Kara’s head began to spin around with the meaning of his words. Mate? She looked into his eyes looking for any sign that he was lying to her. There was none.

Her hold on his hand tightened.

Is this the reason why my magic cannot harm him? Why my heart races every time I’m near him, every time he touches me? Is this why I cannot bear the thought of him injured? Why he was able to stop my rampaging power? Was it simply because he was... mine?

“My blood cannot affect what you feel towards me, Kara, none of it. Not your anger, not your lust, not your blushes, not your sincere laughter, that is all you,” he said leaning down to her eye level. “Now the question remains...will you accept me as your mate?” She looked at him perplexed. “You do not have to answer today,” he said moving his hand to brush an unruly hair behind her ear.

She blinked at him “But I do, if not today, tomorrow may never come.” That said she slowly leaned forward her lips coming in contact with his.

He blinked in surprise, not expecting her to make the first move. The kiss was gentle, much like the first they had shared. But this was different, the context in which they were kissing was different. He was not kissing her to calm her raging power. No. This time it was her who was leading the way. She did not know if she would really accept him as a mate, but she was certain of one thing. She would see to it that he fed. That was all she wanted at the moment. That and the warmth of his lips against hers.

It gave her a burning sensation to be this close to Marko. She pushed forward wanting to press her lips harder to his. A soft growl left Marko’s throat and a gasp left her as he pushed her back against the tree with a hand to her waist. He pulled her closer to his body, the tenderness with which the kiss started quickly turned heated.

Her hold on the bed sheet loosened letting it fall on the now damp ground, now only her gown protected her from the cold wind. Regardless of the wind the heat of his large body merged with her own, keeping her warm if not burning. She let her arms cradle around his neck, a hand raking the back of his head indulging in the softness of his hair and the other caressing the light stubble on his face. She pulled him closer as he nipped at her lower lip.

Every touch and caress sent electric butterflies across their skin. He broke the kiss only to trail small kisses down her jaw line to her neck. He could feel his wolf pushing at the walls of his mind, telling him, demanding, that he sink his canines into her soft neck and claim her blood. He growled as he inhaled her sweet scent. As he did this he could hear her heart beat even faster, if that were possible. He could smell her fear and excitement.

“You’re afraid,” he said, his rough breathing feathering across her skin.

It was not a question but she still answered. “I am.” Her tremulous yet husky voice, made him pull back slightly so he could look at her in the eyes. Looking into his stardust eyes she grabbed hold of his shirt pulling him back in so his lips were only a centimeter from hers. She could see his wolf begin to come out demanding his blood lust be satiated. “Do not run away from me, Marko. I may not know what will happen next, but I am certain that this will happen now.” She turned her head to the side letting him have full view of her neck. “Go ahead,” she said.

“You are sure about this?”

“No, not really, but I want us to do this.” She straitened her head to look at him with a playful smile. “If you have changed your mind I can just leave, I mean it is not like we-”

He growled sending shivers down her spine. He leaned forward putting his prickly cheek against hers so that his mouth was by her ear. “I will never change my mind about you, Kara.” His soft-spoken words warmed her heart. He leaned down to her neck again. “This will hurt at first, then it will be bearable,” he warned as he pulled down the top of her gown so that her shoulder was exposed.

She whined out loud as Marko bit down on the crook of her neck. The bite seemed to burn through her body like wildfire, making every muscle in her body tighten. Her hands grabbed at his arms trying to pull them away from her, to make him let go of her. She pulled so much that she even drew blood, but he didn’t budge, he held her close pressing her tight against the tree. His feverish body felt hard against her.

Her blood hitting the back of Marko’s throat was the most sating feeling he had ever experience. A feeling that would have been better if she was not hurting. Her blood was smooth and warm, and unlike anything he had ever tasted. She was definitely no human. No human blood could taste so good; no human could have absolutely no iron in them, either. He could taste something else in her blood, something of old power.

A gasp erupted through Kara as Marko tapped into that power in her blood and before she knew what she was doing she was bit his neck drawing blood and lapping at it. Marko growled at her for the unexpected bite. A moan escaped her as the taste of his blood consumed her, like an explosion of flavor it swiped through her body, making her tight muscles relax.

They could feel something slowly changing inside them, like a flower opening on a spring day, like the lazy fall of the snow around them. Marko slowly raised his head retrieving his mouth from her skin, making her do the same. He looked at her, surprised that she had actually bitten him and drank his blood. He could see it in the haunting yellow behind the azure of her eyes. He now understood that taste of old power in her blood, it was vampire blood.

He was puzzled by her very existence.

That didn’t bother him though, because he was certain of what he felt for this brave and witty woman. It seemed illogical but he knew he was meant to spend the rest of his days at her side. She was his, “Mine,” he said his grey eyes turning pale blue.

“Mine,” she whispered, but her voice seemed different almost airy.

“Kara?” There worry in his voice. He took hold of her chin cleaning blood from her lips with his thumb.

She took hold of his wrist and looked at it intently. She could feel his strong pulse under her fingers, his blood rushing through him like water in a river. It was like a part of her had started to awake the moment he had given her his blood that day in the forest. And now that he had drank from her it was completely awake. A power that was as old as the magic her father had given her at birth had risen from slumber.

She felt strong, alive. She felt a thirst like never before, and it wanted him, nothing else, just him.

“You are mine,” she said looking at him with yellow eyes, pushing off the tree making them fall onto the snow-covered ground. She straddled him and quickly leaned down to bite his neck as she pinned him down by the chest.

He gasped as her nails dug into the flesh of his chest and her mouth sucked at his neck. The sensation was undeniably seductive, but he knew something was different with her.

She was being consumed by blood lust.

He growled taking hold of her hands and rolled them over so that he was over her. He held her hands over her head making sure not to crush her with his weight. She snarled at him and he growled louder, almost a roar.

She narrowed her eyes at him and tried to bite him, but he was just out of reach.

“Stop it Kara,” he ordered her.

She gave him a devilish grin and arched her body against his; enticing his wolf to claim her like he wanted. After all blood bonding was not the only way mattings were done.

“I am yours,” she said in that same airy voice.

He closed his eyes taking control of his body’s reaction, as much as his wolf wanted to accept her invitation, he knew she was not herself at the moment.

“I said stop!” He roared in her face.

Pouting she lowered her body and looked away from him.

“Look at me, Kara,” he said gently taking hold of her chin. Slowly turning her head to stare into her unnatural yellow eyes. “You do not want this, you must control the blood lust.”

“But I want yours,” she whined reaching for his neck again.

“No, you have to control it. NOW.” The order was so full of power that even she had to flinch.

She blinked at him as if coming out of a daze. The yellow hue in her eyes disappeared, the blue came back. Kara looked up at him confused and scared.

“What in the hell just happened?” She asked in a trembling voice “I bit you.” he let go of her hands and rolled to lie beside her. She touched her blood covered lips with her fingers and turned to Marko. “What happened? Did I hurt you?”

He chuckled at her. “No you didn’t hurt me, sweetheart. It would take more than you ravaging me to hurt me,” Marko said with a tentative smile. “We learned something though, you like my blood, a lot and ... you’re part vampire.”

She sat up and looking down at him with a shocked expression. “What?”

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