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Billionaire's series ~ 1 Kara Wilson is your average twenty years old college student, striving to make herself and her family proud while currently studying Economics in the prestigious private University, Premiere University in Sicily, Italy. She gets along fine with everyone, well everyone except her mother's cold boss who she'd discovered likes glaring at her and treating her coldly for no reason. Stephano Alfonsi is a twenty five years old billionaire from a famous family of businessmen and public figures. He's had his eyes on a certain beauty, Kara Sofia Wilson, his cook's daughter since she was at a very young age, having watched her grow from a teenager into a ripe, mature lady and when Stephano discovers Kara is in her third year in university and might bring a man home anytime soon, he realizes he'll have to act fast. And act fast he did, the only way he knew how to get a woman. He claimed her. Made her know she belonged to him. ........ Started: 03"09"2018 Ended: 23"08"2019

Romance / Drama
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“Is that all?”

“Yes sir. So, what do you think about the proposals?” Andre asked me, his eyes observing the paper in his hand as he carefully studied it.

We were finalizing the proposals for this month and had gone through all of them, remaining the part I had to crosscheck before the final conclusions would be made later at the meeting, with my board of directors present.

Leaning into my swivel chair, I adjusted myself and took a deep breath.

It was going to be a tough evening for me whenever I would finally decide to start sorting them out at home but the earlier those files were dealt with, the better.

Getting tired of his anticipating stare as he awaited my response, I took a calm exhale. “Email me the details and I’ll deal with them once I get home. Have them finalized.”

Andre nodded in understanding. Being my personal assistant for over five years, he knew what needed to be done.

I was a busy man and intentionally decided to never have a female personal secretary because they were a great distraction and my father’s personal secretary had succeeded in destroying my parent’s relationship many years ago, one that had been so hard to fix. There was no way I would subject myself to such now. No, I was far too young for any woman’s drama.

“Alright. Have a good night.” Andre finally spoke.

He got up, took care of the needed files on the table and arranged the rest in a neat stack.

It had been a long day.

“You too.” I replied after some seconds of gazing out into the city before us like it had an interesting story to tell.

I stared out through the glass that separated me from the world, pleased the glasses were tinted. The building itself had thirty six floors altogether and this was just the headquarters for the Alfonsi’s group of companies in Italy.

I was a man who preferred brooding, staying on my own and I didn’t like unnecessary attention. That was why it was hard for even stalkers to get any juicy information on my personal life.

Since my breakup years ago, I hadn’t really been with any other woman and I wasn’t ready to be with one. I had so many people around me and that was what an average man needed at some point in their lives.

My mind drifted off to so many things that could be happening out there, in other parts of the world. So many people were obviously laughing giddily, couples were making out with heated passion and some others were celebrating a milestone in their lives.

A glance at the watch told me it was time to head home.

Taking my suit, I donned it and took a deep breath.

I exited my office, grunting in response several times as I walked past some of my workers, who all parted ways for me to leave and greeted me along the way.

I tapped my foot impatiently throughout the elevator ride, wishing I was already home.

James, my driver was quick to collect my suitcase when I finally exited the plushy wide reception. “Where to, sir?”

“Home. Straight ahead.” I responded with my jaws subconsciously clenching as I remember the work that awaited me.

“How was work Sir?” James questioned.

“Hmm. The usual.” That was all he needed, to know I wasn’t ready to converse further with him.

My mind drifted to the seminars I had been invited to in the following weeks to come.

They were much and almost suffocating.

I had started my own business at an early age, going into so many fields immediately I finished my high school.

My parents were influential and that easily paved way for me but I didn’t rely on the opportunity. I never relied on their money but on my hard work day and night.

That got me where I was today and I ensured my head was always held high.

Parking right before my house, I alighted my car and strode in, feeling my muscles flex in my suit with each step I took as the suit clamped firmly on my shoulders. I couldn’t wait to take them off.

“Welcome.” A smiling Natalia greeted as she approached me from the kitchen, her rosy cheeks sparkling in the brightly illuminated hall of my mansion.

I hummed as usual but stood to hear what she had to say. Regardless of how busy I was, I always made time for her because she was more or less the grandma figure in my life. She could never be ignored.

She had been my nanny while I was growing up and had taken care of me and my siblings over the years, tending to us whenever my parents had their usual business meetings in any part of the world.

She was a short, round woman who loved humming with a gracious smile while running around the house; also the only one apart from my parents that ever scolded me and got away with it.

But being a billionaire who had so many responsibilities to handle, I couldn’t keep calling her my nanny, so I just called her my cook.

Even my parents hadn’t brought me up with an iron hand like Natalie had done.

“How was work?”

“It was stressful but rewarding as usual.”

“Kara will prepare your bath soon then. Go change and relax Sir.” She spoke softly.

She ran to the kitchen in all her round glory and I knew she would immediately start preparing dinner, that was if she hadn’t started.

I didn’t give a response as I left for the stairs, already eager to take off my suit.

I changed my office attires into sweatpants and wife-beater immediately I entered my room. I always took my bath after completing my work so I would just have dinner before resting a bit and going to bed.

Walking to my study, I started on my paperwork and was on it for two solid hours. When I was almost through, I doubled the pace, checking through the files quickly and signing forms for whichever needed my signature.

The soft click of the door caught my attention some minutes later but I still didn’t raise my head up.

“Welcome sir.” A feminine voice spoke so softly that I almost didn’t hear her.

“Yes?” I grunted.

Looking up from my paper work though, my lips parted and I reflexively sucked in a fresh air.

I didn’t know it was the beautiful Kara, my Cook’s daughter that had been speaking.

This girl in particular, Kara, Natalia’s daughter, was a shining star in a gloomy land. Her presence alone lighted up the vicinity.

It was a pity she steered clear of me whenever I was around. She in particular.

I knew she had just returned from the university hostel because I always kept tabs on all of my employees. Well, her mostly.

“Yes?” I spoke more clearly, surprising myself.

I hadn’t really spoken so interestingly to anyone, with so much life in my tone throughout today, apart from with Andre and Natalia. Everyone that got a response at all got a kind of grunt or the other.

My expression was nonchalant nonetheless, so hard that I could see the slight nervousness in her eyes.

Her obliviousness nature to my lustful desires over her did things to me. She was beautiful in a way that compelled me to just show her what she meant to me but I couldn’t.

With five ft three height and a frame which made her look anything but pompous, Kara would make a man proud someday.

The thought alone made me seethe with an unfamiliar feeling that tugged at my chest painfully. I stared at her in a way she didn’t realize I was checking her out, slowly trailing my eyes from her face to her rosy lips.

They moved to her rich, attractive looking chest and flat stomach; also staring at where I knew her most intimate part down south would be situated, then down to her short legs.

I didn’t like short girls.

For her bubbly personality and the likeness I felt towards her, she was short and thick but there was something that drew her to me. Her smell, her innocence and her smile. Her beauty.

My groin twitched in a painful way when my eyes zoned on her hands. Those hands would be my undoing someday and there was nothing I wouldn’t do at her request, if she had me under her hold.

I was under her spell and I was sure of it.

“Speak.” I commanded.

“Your bath is ready.” She gasped quickly, her chest heaving slightly but I noticed the slight jiggle of those girls on her chest. I subdued a groan.

Opening the door, my Kara shut it rapidly behind her as she practically ran out.

One thing remained. How long would she keep running?

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