The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 10


I shakily turned around and for a moment, disbelief subsided my fear but then again my fear returned with twice the force it was before.

A black wolf stood in front of me, its piercing brown eyes stared down at me, never once flickering.

How did--?

I thought I heard Silvic’s voice and even if I didn’t want to let out a sigh of relief; I did. The fear was still inside of me but Silvic was much better then any other murderers or rapists. But the moment I turned around, I felt the temperature of my body rising.

The hair on my arms stood up and my eyes widened on its own.

My eyes met its brown eyes.

I shivered and my toes curled up.

The wolf’s whole gaze was engulfing me in and my heart rate became fast.

A freaking wolf was in front of me and I had no one near me. I was alone and practically my body was useless. Even if I try, I knew I would not be able to outrun a wolf.

The wolf took a step forward and I could feel the anxiety and fear building inside of me.

My body moved back on its own.

The wolf again took a step towards me and when I moved away from it, its eyes narrowed and then it let out a howl.

My body stiffened and then it froze.
I’d act like I’m dead and maybe then the wolf would go away.

The idea suddenly popped into my head and it seemed like a wonderful idea inside my head but the moment I carried it out, doubts crept in.

I laid my body down and then closed my eyes, holding in my breaths and prayed to God for the best.

I was expecting that the wolf would go away or even pounce at me but I was not expecting for the wolf to smell me.

A cold thing touched my arm and when the wolf sniffed, I understood that it was the wolf’s nose.

I internally cringed when the wolf licked my arm.


The wolf probably ate humans for breakfast and now it was licking me. I, officially, now had to bath in holy water.

I was still in my position, occasionally letting in air but besides that I was still was a statue and maybe that was why after sometime, I could feel nothing near me.

The wolf’s tongue or its nose or ear was not torturing me and I hope that I was free to move but just because I wanted to be safe, I didn’t move and kept lying on the ground.

Maybe the wolf might return and if it sees me moving, I was definitely sure it was going to eat me up.

My body was still and was lying in one place but my mind was restless. I was now running out possibilities to happen.

Maybe I should end up sleeping here for the whole night.

Or, maybe I should really die.

Both the idea seemed appealing for me with the first idea getting support from all my body parts.

I was too lazy to even die.

“You should get up.”

That was great ide--

What the fuck?!

I immediately opened my eyes and I saw the dark sky of the night. It seemed like it was going to rain. I couldn’t see any stars.

I lifted my upper body and saw Slivic dressed only in a boxers.

“Where did the wolf go?” I asked. I looked around my surroundings and found no one besides him an me.

The corner of his lips tug up, “The wolf didn’t go anywhere.” The glimmer in his eyes made me shiver.

I stood up slowly eyeing him carefully, “What do you mean?”

He cocked his eyebrow, “What do you think?”

I scrunched up my face in confusion. What did he mean?

And then a word entered my mind: Alpha.

My eyes widened and my heart bear accelerated, “You-you-,” he cut me off with his wide grin.

I turned around and took one step and was about to start running but a hand grabbed my waist; keeping me in my place.

“And you are coming with me, Luna.”

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