The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 11


“No, no, no. Let me go. I’m not Luna or a freaking Luna.” I struggled in his arms and tried pushing his hands away from me.

“You aren’t going anywhere.” His hand on my waist was steadfast, not letting go anywhere. I had to say, his body was a distraction to me. All I wanted to do was lean against him and rest.

But I was too stubborn. I, cannot just trust a man that I had met only twice or thrice and that too totally by chance and whenever I had met him, he had given me weird vibes.

“Let go of me! I swear to God, you are going to end up in jail.” I shouted with all my energy I could muster.

I was tired of all this. What was really happening? Who were all this people suddenly popping into my life out of nowhere?

Literally, you are the one who popped into their life.

Shut up!

My thoughts successfully managed to made me angry.

“Calm down, come with me and I’ll explain everything to you. ”

I slightly turned my head so that he could see my narrowed my eyes. Was he crazy enough to think that I’d be going with him?

“Explain as in murdering me with an axe? I’m sorry but I don’t trust people who transform into a giant ass wolf.” The words felt foreign on my mouth. Surely, if someone would have heard me saying all this would have taken me for a crazy person.

But it was the truth.

“You haven’t changed, have you?” He asked me, adoration laced his voice and I gave him a perplexed look, “What?”

What was he talking about?

Change? Me?

His composure went stiff and for a moment I saw desperation flashing in his eyes but it was gone before I could take a second look to it. He shook his head, “No, nothing. I request you to come with me. Don’t you want to know what is happening near you? The wolves and all? I have all the answer.”

He was tempting me to go with him now. That was not fair. He probably knew that I wanted to know everything that was going on.

He could definitely sense the inner war going inside of my head, he sighed. “I swear I have no intention of hurting you. Believe me, you would have been dead by now if I wanted you to.”

I let out a snort, “Whatever.”

“Now will you come with me, princess?” I would have been offended by his tone but I was too busy becoming a statue. My eyes met a pair of green eyes and I was frozen in my place.

What. The. Fuck.

I wanted to shout out loud but my voice seemed to get lost somewhere. My ears were becoming warm and I could feel myself shaking slightly.

Silvic’s hand on my waist stiffened and he softly whispered in his breath, ”Rogue.”

The word seemed familiar to me and when it clicked me where I had heard that word, my fear worsened.

I heard that word during the party. Everybody seemed to be scared of it.

And now Slivic too was scared of him.

This is my end. I was totally going to die.

Slivic let go of my waist and took a step back. I gripped his hand, stopping his from going any further.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” He said, softly and I nodded slowly and let go of his hand.

“You might want to look away.”

I gave him a confused look but when he crouched down and I saw his body shaking, I understood and looked away.

A loud howl pierced through the silence and the same exact wolf stood beside me.

I blinked when I saw how big he actually was. I was panicking the last time and didn’t pay heed to how beautiful and big he looked.

When I jump into him, you run. Understand?

I jumped back in fear, “What the..?” I looked at the wolf in fear, “Was it you--?”

Shh, stay silent. Just do what I say, okay?

“Yes.” I spoke aloud and gave him a small nod.

The green eyed animal stepped out of the darkness and I shrank back in fear.

He was not as big as Silvic but was big nonetheless and could snap me in a minute.

I had no idea how I was holding back my emotions. I wanted to scream out aloud but held myself back and fisted my hands.

Silvic’s head... Well..err.. Silvic’s wolf’s head turned to me and gave me a little nod.

The next thing I saw was Slivic lunging towards the green eyed wolf and I ran my ass to save my ass.

But I had this feeling that whatever I did was not right and that something bad was going to happen.

So I did what I never I though I would be doing anytime soon.

I slowed down my pace till I was no longer walking.

I turned around and again ran but this time towards Silvic.

And I had no idea why I was doing that.

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