The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 12


My feet moved on its own accord. It felt like I was not the one controlling my body but I was aware of what I was doing and I didn’t resist it.

I walked, stumbled towards the area I came from minutes ago. My whole body was shaking with fear but successful in ignoring all of it.

It was not like I could save Silvic from that big wolf, heck I would probably kill both of us if I tried to help but there was this feeling inside my chest pushing me towards him.

That force wanted to help him.

I had no idea why I was feeling that way I felt and if it was any other day that I probably would have happily ran towards my house, call the police; tell them about the wolves and get labelled as a mad person.

But oh, that was that day and not any particular day.

I could hear the low growls and thumping of the feet of the animals and the more I grew closer, the more the noise got intensified.

And strangely, I was not scared. I felt like that nothing was going to happen. That it was not the day I was going to die.

Dear God, forgive my sins and let me live this day.

My foot step was barely audible as compared to the noise of the both of the wolves but when I walked towards them, they both stopped fighting each other and paused, turning their heads toward me.

The green eyed wolf let out a loud howl, his brown coat was layered with blood and his body almost looked exhausted but his eyes. It was his eyes that scared me. It held so much hatred.


The brown wolf struggled, trying to get out of Slivic’s grip.

That seemed like a bad idea now, whatever force was controlling me at that time, went away from my mind and how I was going to get killed seeped into my mind.

Goodbye, earth. My time in here was short but I did travel to many beautiful places. Tell my mother that I love her and whoever was supposed to be husband, tell him--

“Alpha!” An unfamiliar voice cut me off my thoughts. The voice had an perplexed tone and my mind immediately started to get worried.

Who was he calling Alpha?

Silvic or...?

“Yes, Alpha.”

What, who was he talking to? I turned around to look at him and saw a blonde hair guy. But what surprised me was that he was only wearing a boxer.

Uhh.. Is it only me but something is really wrong with these people?

He gave a bow and then his eyes fell on me, “Luna.” His head slightly bow down in front of me, leaving me dumbfounded.

Was I really a Luna or something?

I sighed internally.

“Come with me, please. Alpha’s order.”

When he said Alpha, my mind instantly went towards Silvic. People called him the Alpha.

The alpha is the leader of the pack...... Their mate are called Luna, kind of like thequeen’ of the pack if the Alphas are the king.

The words seeped into my mind and my mind went still.

Alpha and Luna.

No, this was not possible. It was ridiculous. And I had to remind myself that it was Google. I got the answers from Google and it was not Wikipedia. It was some random page.

It was probably someone’s imagination and I was stressing out over nothing.


I blinked my eyes and focused on my surroundings and then realized that I zoned out on his face.

“I’m so-” When a loud howl came from behind, I paused and started walking on my own.

Damn it. Damn everything.

That green eyed wolf scared the crap out of me and I had no intention of meeting that wolf anytime soon. I would kill myself, thank you very much. It was much less painful.

“Luna!” The blonde guy exclaimed but I didn’t stop. I kept on walking, “You are going the wrong way.”


“I’m tired, Alex.” I voiced out. We both had been walking from like three minutes but I was already exhausted. I didn’t have the power to walk anymore. I just needed to sleep, “What is time, by the way?”

“It is probably around 12.”

I paused and gave him an Are-you-kidding look.

“What?” The blonde guy looked at me weirdly. His eyes widened at me and his lips made an uneven shape.

“Alex, take me home.”

His expression changed and gave me an apologetic look, “I’m so sorry, Luna but I have to listen to the Alpha.”

I ignored the word Luna like I had been doing for the past few minutes. Boy, this boy can really create any sentence with the word Luna.

“Please, I rea--”

Wow. My voice trailed of when I saw what was in front of us. It was a giant tree with its branches touching the ground. The roots climbed up till the ground and made the surface uneven.

But what was most ethereal about the tree was that it was surrounded by fireflies. The fireflies nearly lightened up the whole area.


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Alex asked me, I could sense the smile in his voice and the adoration.

“Yes. How did.. I mean, who?”


My head snapped towards him and I looked at him in confusion, “What?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. My tongue slipped.”

I didn’t buy his excuse but said nothing to him. My eyes again turned towards the tree.

I took a step towards it. And I almost felt a weird feeling inside my stomach.

I felt like I knew this place. I blinked.

Second step.

The surroundings blurred and I gasped in shock.

Third step.

A series of pictures ran through my mind.

Slivic. Dead body. Graveyard.


I fell down immediately on my knees. My body felt like it just got electrocuted. I couldn’t move.

What the fuck?

“Luna, are you okay?” A hand was placed on my shoulder. Alex asked my something but I couldn’t concentrate.

I only had one thing running through my mind.

What was wrong with me?

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