The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 13


“What.... What was that?” My mind glimmered with fear. I swallowed.

Was I really seeing things? And hearing whispers.

“Are you okay?” I could hear the panic in Alex’s voice and it did nothing to soothe my anxiety instead my heart rate accelerated.

I ignored his question.

My wide eyes met his concerned one, “Graveyard. Alex, I saw a dead body.” I whispered lightly.

I distinctly remember what flashed in front of me.

A body lying on Silvic’s lap. I saw his shoulders shaking. I heard the wordChandra.′

I felt his emotion rolling off him.

Alex grew pale and I swear I heard him swore under his breathe, his eyes flickering towards the tree but the moment his eyes rested on me, his expression changed.

He gave me a warm smile, “I’m sure that was nothing.”

I shook my head instantly, denying his statement.

I knew what I saw and I wasn’t going to act like I haven’t, “But Alex--,”

“What are you guys still doing here?” His voice made me pause mid statement.

“Oh! I am just going from here.” I replied, without meeting his eyes.

I had no idea why but I suddenly wanted to kill Silvic. It surprised me because just a few moments ago; I was ready to die just to save his precious ass.

Maybe something was really wrong with me. No one can shift their mood like the way I did.

It was just impossible.

“You are coming with me, Phoebe. And put on a shirt for God’s sake, Alex. ” Silvic gave a glare to Alex. He looked down sheepishly, “Sorry, Alpha.”

“No, I’m going. Thank you very much.” I finally met his eyes and instantly wished that I hadn’t. It felt like various different emotions collided inside of me.

My heart felt heavy and I literally felt like I could not breathe.

I took a few deep breaths.

I saw his eyes flickering towards my chest before it again fell on my face. I blushed because I knew where his eyes went.

“You are not.” He took a step towards me, never leaving eye contact, “And that was very dumb of you.”

My eyes narrowed at him. My anger and irritation suddenly doubled just after looking at his face. He irritates me without out any reason. I had no idea why I was feeling all this different types of emotions within me.

What the hell is happening?

“What do you mean? ” I asked through gritted teeth.

His face showed clear annoyance and he bend down to reach my face’s level, “If you don’t want to die, then you need to listen to me or you aren’t going to survive here even for one day. ”

From my peripheral vision, I saw Alex walking away from us. I saw him walking towards the tree and my mind was focused on him until I could no longer see him.

I held his gaze, “I don’t even want to be here. Take me home.”

Who the hell did he think he was? I didn’t even want to be a part of whatever this secret cult was.

“But darling, you already are a part of it. It doesn’t matter if you want it or not.”

“What do you mean?”

“Some things are just meant to be.” His voice was almost soft when he utter those words and his eyes had a strange glow.

I looked away from his eyes. I almost felt like he could read what was on my mind.

“Just. Take. Me. Home.” I uttered each word slowly and clearly for him to hear.

I don’t think I could be stable of I stay near him. He made me feel too many things. Most of the time, I wanted to strangle him and the force was so powerful that I might actually kill him. And I actually don’t want to be sent behind the bars.


I blinked and the next second I snapped, my hands reached for his neck and I leaned closer to his face with the help of my toes, of course.

“Don’t try to play with me. You better do what I say. I don’t fucking want to see your face again, Silvic.” The word Silvic felt like was said by two voices. And the emotions it held nearly made me collapse.

His eyes widened and he looked around the surroundings frantically trying to see if someone was near us but I knew that the voice had come from inside of me.

I looked at him and uttered the first theory that came to my mind, “I think I’m possessed.”

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