The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 14


The look on Silvic’s face was hilarious. He looked as if he wanted to laugh but at the same time wanted to be serious.

“You are..- what!?” He finally asked me.

So, you see we humans are weird creatures. When we are scared, in love or even excited we say things that do seem pretty good in our head but once it comes out of your mouth: you realize how stupid it heards.

So that was happening to me at that moment. I did say whatever shit came to my mind but you know what? It sounded freaking ridiculous.

“Nn- nothing.” I simply whispered and looked down at my toes.

I wasn’t wearing any shoes or sandals and just as I realized that, my feet started to pain.

“Fuck!” I said aloud.

“Now, what happened?” Silvic asked, narrowing his eyes. His tone held annoyance. I ignored his question and whispered to myself, “I’m never going to get out of my house again. I need to buy a new pair of shoes. New clothes and probably a new life.”

I heard Silvic let out a breath of annoyance and I gritted my teeth.

Ignore him, Phoebe. Ignore.

“Listen, you aren’t going anywhere. You are coming with me.”

“After I die.” I snapped narrowing my eyes at him.

He growled. He literally made a sound that could be classified as a growl. I moved back in fear. Of course, he was a psycho too; he wasn’t even human and arguing him was probably not the right thing to do at this moment.

Alone. With no one to help me beside the fireflies.

And even I claimed that I wanted to die. I didn’t actually. No same person actually wants to die but we all claim that we want to.

Yes, humans are nasty liers.

“Stop it. You are coming with me.”

My eyes widened in fear and I frantically nodded my head, “Yes.”

He let out a deep breath and I relaxed when I saw his shoulders slackening. His composure was normal again. He slightly smirked, “Good. Now follow me.”

He turned towards my left, “Follow me.”

I quickly followed him. It wasn’t like I could get out of this place alone.

The fact that I realized I wasn’t wearing any shoes wasn’t helping at all. I could feel the Earth’s surface and let me tell you; it wasn’t soft.

I would rather run wearing heels than to ever walk barefeet.

“Fucking stones.” I cursed lowly; making sure no one heard my meaningless words. My head was towards the floor and I was making sure that no poisonous insects was lurking around me.

When I felt something on my waist, I immediately let out a gasp and my reflexes were acting on its own. My hands were the first one trying to protect my body. My hands caught hold of the object only to find that it was actually a living thing.

Silvic’s hand.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, looking up at his face. The embarrassment was clear in my face. I was relieved that it was only his hand and not any other object. But the fact that I got scared easily was embarssing me and also Silvic’s face had amusement written all over his face and it was not helping me at all.

“Helping you out.”

I blinked for a moment trying to figure out what he meant, “Wha---- Aaah! Put me down!”

Silvic took a hold of my legs and my waist and carried me.

Like a freaking toddler that doesn’t know how to walk. What was left of him was to freaking breastfeed me.

I struggled on his grip trying to make his hold weak.

“Silvic. I can walk.”

I heard him snort, “I beg to differ.”

If he wants to be stubborn let him be. I should probably use this opportunity. With that thought in my mind, I let out a yawn, “Whatever you say.”

At least my legs will be feeling okay because of this.

I actually had no clue when I slept on his arms.

While he was freaking carrying me. All I knew was that I was trying not to feel guilty as he carried me and the next moment I woke up to some murmurings.

“Is she okay, Uncle?”

“Yes. Don’t worry.”

“Let me see her.”

“No. No. Let me go.”

At that time I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. Many pair of eyes were focused on my face.

I blinked at everyone trying to remember if I knew anyone.

I struggled in Silvic’s grasp trying to stand by myself.

Oh God! It is so embarrassing.

“Let me go.” I whispered, ignoring everyone’s stares.


I resisted in rolling my eyes and tried to avoid eye contact with everyone.

And that was when I saw a painting.

Slim figure. Long hair. Flawless skin.

A word immediately came out of my mouth, “Chandra.”

I heard everyone gasping.

And at that time I came out from whatever trance I was in. I lifted my head towards Silvic, “Okay. Please help me. I’m definitely possessed.”

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