The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 15


The surprise and disbelief in Silvic’s face was evident. His eyes widened and for a moment I thought he was in a state of panic.

“How?” He whispered, blinking his eyes rapidly.

I was already confused and my confusion skyrocketed when I saw everyone’s face. They all had the same expression as Silvic’s glued to their face.

“What?” I asked bluntly. I was not trying to be rude but all these were affecting my brain. I couldn’t think straight with all of these dramas following me.

I heard Silvic sighing and he looked down, taking a few steps backwards. He turned away from me, “Take her to my room.” He ordered to someone I couldn’t notice. My eyes flickered around the room I was in and that was when I noticed how beautiful the place was.

Portraits and paintings were visibly hanging against the wall. Flower pots were kept on the corner. Furnitures surrounded the room.

“No, take me to my house. My mom will be worried.” I protested. I didn’t want my mom to get worried. Knowing her, she would probably be pacing around the room and blowing my phone with messages.

My eyes widened and I immediately searched my jeans’ pocket trying to find my phone. “Where is my phone? I need to contact my mom.” I was literally in a state of over panic knowing very well that my mother was going to grind me into pieces when she will see me.

“Don’t worry. We have told your mom that you are sleeping over.”

“With whom?”

“Beatrice. Your mother seemed to like her very much.”

Of course, my mother knew her well enough and she was probably happy that I was making friends instead of roaming the earth alone.

“And now-” I whispered before looking into his eyes, “What should I do?” I wanted him to help me. He did turn into a wolf and he probably had many tricks like that up his sleeves.

“You sleep.”

I gave him a blank look. He sighed, “Now you sleep. Tomorrow, we discuss. Everything.”

I wanted to protest but my body protested against my idea first; giving out a yawn, I nodded my head, “Okay. Sounds good.”

“Roger, take her to my room-” Silvic, then, turned towards me, “And you take rest there. I have something to do. Sleep well.” And before anyone could say anything he leaned towards me and pressed his lips against my cheek.

My body stilled and I kid you not, I actually felt my body tremble at his touch. I kept my lips closed and just nodded my head avoiding eye contact with him.

I was sure that if he would have seen my eyes, he could sense the effect he had on me.

“See you.”

As Roger and I walked through the stairs, I felt my need to sleep increasing but luckily the painting against the wall of the stairs were keeping me distracted.

Wolves. Wolves. That was what I saw on the paintings.

“Obviously, they are half wolves.” I muttered to myself.

“Werewolves.” Roger told me, glancing at me.

I nodded my head slowly, “Yeah. I know. ”

My pace slowed down when I saw him slowing down his walk, ultimately he stopped walking.

He turned towards me, “This is Alp-, I mean your room.” He gave me a smile before saying, “Do you need anything?”

I shook my head, “No. Thank you.”

He nodded and walked away. I turned my body and entered his room. My eyes travelled to each and every corner, searching for anything that would seem suspicious and truly enough my eyes fell on a painting.

Painting of the girl that seemed to haunt me everywhere I go.

I gulped and stayed staring at the painting for some seconds. My hands were in a fist by this time, I didn’t want my emotions control me. Because very often, it is because of our emotions that we fall in trouble. Our anger, our pride leads us to trouble and we had to be wise to not let it control us or else we definitely would not be doing any thing worthy.

I needed to solve everything. Everything that was happening near me was definitely something that would make most people go crazy.

I learned that there were humans who were not exactly fully human. They could transform and what came as a shock to me was that I wasn’t even surprised. I mean, of course, I was bewildered but that was it.

I saw a freaking human turn into a wolf and all I could think was: okay, they too exist.

It was like deep down I knew all along that something like this was going to happen.

And the girl, Chandra or whoever the fuck she was, was freaking driving me crazy. It felt like that the girl was controlling me.

I shook away my thoughts. All these things were making my head throb.

I took a deep breath and walked towards the king sized bed in the middle of the room.

The moment my body touched the bed, a yawn escaped. “Sleep, Phoebe. Sleep.” I muttered to myself.

So I slept. With my jeans on. And I didn’t even regret it.

“Wake up, Phoebe.”

“Uhh. Get lost.”


Whoever was calling me was very persistent in waking me up. He continued to shout my name but I was too stubborn. I didn’t want to wake up and if I don’t want to be disturbed that no one should disturb me. End of discussion.

“Go fuck yourself.” I screamed angrily, still not moving my body.

“Your mother called, Phoebe.”

All my sleepiness flew away and I lifted my body up immediately, my eyes widening.

And I was more shock to see Silvic standing in front of me.

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