The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 16


“What are you doing here?” I asked him but then decided the question was not important, “What did my mom say?” The most important question was that.

“She asked if you were going school. Your friend told that the school was closed which is the truth anyway.”

I narrowed my eyes at him not believing his response but the sighed and nodded my head, “Okay, whatever.”

I actually needed a day off. I was so tired. Physically and mentally, both and at this rate I would be tired spiritually too. I needed a day where I could sleep and pretend that I don’t have any problems like a wolf chasing me or a girl haunting my ass.

A day where I could just be with my own self and just talk with an expert myself. Of course, I was wise. I just needed to think for a solution. If I think with all my energy then probably I would be able to fine a good answer.

But at this moment; running away, changing my hair color, identify seemed like a much better idea.

All I needed was money. I could easily get it from a bank. Without their consent.

I laughed aloud. I laughed at my own thoughts. I laughed at how hilarious I was. And I probably laughed because I was clueless. I had no idea what was going on. I could be dying for God’s sake and here I was, on a Stranger’s bedroom, with morning breath and laughing.

God bless me.

“What’s so funny?” Silvic’s eyes flashed with curiosity. His eyes trying to read my face.

“Everything.” I stated and it was true. Everything that was happening was funny. Any person would laugh at what was happening to me.

His expression suddenly hardened and he pursed his lips, nodding his head, “I understand. It is probably hard for you-” I cut him mid-sentence and narrowed my eyes at him, “Hard for me? Yes. It is but you don’t understand me. If you would have, then by now I would known what the heck was going on.”

He acted like he knew everything and as if he had the answers to everything but in reality he was just someone who thought highly of himself but there wasn’t any reason for him to think that he was great.

I mean, who does he think he was?

“I’m an alpha.” I heard him sigh. I looked up at him, “Pardon?”

He strode towards me and sat on the side of the bed, facing me, “You wanted to know everything. Now listen without disturbing me.”

I nodded my head silently.

“I’m a werewolf.” He stated, pausing to see my reaction.

I sighed in annoyance, “Really? I didn’t even know that?” My hands dramatically went to my mouth and I gasped loudly. Sarcasm was evident in my tone.

“Now tell me something I really don’t know.” I said looking directly into his eyes.

His face showed amusement and he let out a chuckle, murmuring something under his breath, “And I’m the alpha of the pack.”

“Like the leader?” I questioned, both my eyebrows rising.

He nodded his head, “Yes. Leader, head of the pack or whatever you say. Anyway, we werewolves have mates.”

I felt like I knew where this conversation was heading to, “They are called the Lunas.” He continued, his eyes never once looked away from mine.

I folded my hands, “Go on.” I whispered.

“And you are my mate.” He whispered the last word but his eyes glazed with so many emotions that was about to make me cry.

No one ever looked at me like that; with much adoration and appreciation.

I gulped, “I don’t think so.” I muttered, looking away from his eyes. His eyes were hypnotising me.

“No. It is true. I can feel it.”

“But I can’t.” And it was true. I didn’t feel anything. Yes, I did find him strangely attractive for some reason but that’s it. I don’t think that just because I was attracted to someone; they happend to be my mate.

And to be honest, most of the time his personality irritated me for no reason. I felt like I wanted to punch his face.

He held my face with his hand and made me look into his eyes, “Are you sure?”

I was taken aback at how close I was to him; his legs were pressed to my thighs.

Without my consent, my eyes travelled to his lips.


His lips curved up into a smirk and only then did I realize what I did, I blinked and immediately looked back to his eyes.

“What?” I wanted the word to come out as harsh but I cringed in embarrassment when I heard how out of breath I sounded.

He glanced at my lips for a few seconds before looking back into my eyes, leaning towards me.

I blinked rapidly and my toes curled up and my hands gripped the bedsheets tightly.

Damn, he wasn’t even kissing me and I was already affected.

My eyes closed automatically and I gulped.

Did I really want this?

Suddenly, in front of my eyes a scene flashed.

A scene where, Silvic was kissing another girl.

My eyes flew open and I pushed him without knowingly and to my surprise he actually fell to the floor.

He looked up at me in shock, “What the..?”

I was surprised too, how the hell did I became so powerful?

I gulped and tried to slow down my breathing. I closed my eyes tiredly and that was when I felt like somebody else was controlling my body.

My eyes flew open and I looked directly into Silvic’s eyes, “Silvic.”

Two voices. One mine and the other I couldn’t recognize spoke through me. His eyes widened and he looked at me unbelievably.

“Leave me alone.”

That was what I could say before I fell down on the bed.

My head started throbbing badly and all I wanted to do was cry.

“I don’t understand, Chandra?” I heard Silvic muttering.

“Who is she, Silvic? Why the fuck is she bothering?” I asked.

His face became emotionless, “She is you, Phoebe.”

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